This morning I logged in to see an IM from the Azure guy handling the sim changes. He told me that they confiscated my land to combine parcels, and is now ready to be sold back to me. So, I went there, and bought my land back for the price of $0L. So, this meant... it was finally time to drop the new build down.

I decided to keep it facing the way it was for a while, until the ugliness migrates to Glenn. When that happens, I can just flip the build and be done with it. ... I think. So, I spent this morning getting things ready and laying down the new store.


It was more difficult than I thought, and I definitely learned a few things. For example: Land needs to be terraformed before putting in a building with a basement with Rez-Faux. XD The second story did not go into the ground as I hoped. Blah. Next time, I will know. I had one nightmare of a mess during this time, and tried to fix it as fast as I was able to ^^


And.... terraforming sucks. XD I've never had to terraform this much before, and it looks horrible below the floors. Oh. And don't tell the neighbors that half their land under their stores are messed up now. What they don't know, can't hurt them.... right? XD


But, the build looks pretty nice, actually. I am impressed with how it turned out, and I actually think I like it very much. A lot still needs to be done, and it will be in a constant state of fixing for the next few weeks, but - I am pleased with it, and think it will look good when it is finished.


After a few hours of terraforming, rotating and moving - I needed a break, so I set out to trying to get my new fireworks display working. This thing... is freaking cool. It has sounds, lighting, and the best looking fireworks I've seen in SL. I do plan on setting these off on Independence Day... probably alone. O.o;; If thats the case, I'll probably amuse myself by taking a machinima of them.. or something ^^