How long has it been since I updated this blog?? Way too long! I have been inactive from SecondLife for a long time, busy with work, maintaining a home, and dealing with two cats now. I miss SecondLife, the whimsy, the exploring, the shopping.

Since my last post, which was AGES ago, I moved in with the RL Jeffry, we now have our own apartment, and I've been living here for almost 2 years now. We are looking towards the future by planning a RL family at this point, but I've been really craving SL for the past few months.

So, I've decided to make a little comeback. I've come back to SL to do what I love, shop, raise breedable kitties, and explore beautiful locations. So much has changed since I left in 2011. Mesh, mainly. Who knew that I could have almost an entire bedroom set for less than 10 land impact?! What is this sorcery?!

I've worked on updating my avatar to mesh lately. Shoes, clothing, hair, updated eyes, skin, mesh hands and feet. It's been an adventure, having to learn what appliers are, and trying to pick out a skin that works well with them. Whew! Once that was all updated, I'm free to run around on the grid freely!

First place I went to explore, was this place called Moonlight Teahouse, Tuli (141, 246, 32). Japanese sims and locations have a soft spot in my heart, considering that I joined SL originally to learn about the culture and religions.

It's basically and small tradional teahouse, with a really great garden. Garden is filled with flowers and trees, fantastic for photo taking.

It's not all that huge of a parcel, either. Pretty neat place though. Good place to bring me back and remind me of why I came to SL in the first place.

SLURL: Moonlight Teahouse, Tuli (141, 246, 32)