Gaw! I am amazed at the interest people are showing in the AO I finally released yesterday! From what I seen, right after I sent the notice to my group members, the sim had 55 people in it, only one of which was not in my store! :O I have honestly NEVER seen my store that busy before, which was totally shocking.

Though, I did have a mess up. When I put the wall of $1L items, I totally forgot to reset the scripts! So, they still said the original prices when the person went to buy them. I had like 5 people IM me all at once about it, and I ran as fast as I could to fix it. I apologized until I was purple. Gawd~ I felt soooooo terrible! I just KNEW I was forgetting to do something, but I couldn't place what it was TT_TT

But, I fixed the problem right away, and am now seeing fantastic mentions in blogs about my store. I've seen one here, here, here, and even in Fricka's blog here. I am sooooo glad people are taking an interest in the AO I created, and even taking time to thank me in-world. It really gives me inspiration to continue on what I do. :D


It appears there really might be some interest in my silly little candle things I made for my home. I've recieved a few IMs, asking me for them. So, I did stick a color change script in them, and dropped them on the people who requested them. :D Seriously, if you want them - poke me and I'll send you the set ^^

Also - If you read my blog often, you probably know that my DSL internet is a royal pain in the rear, and disconnects me often. I've been dealing with this annoying issue for a few months, and finally switched internet providers today. So, now I am on cable. I don't really know what the differences is between DSL and Cable, but - I really hope this fixes my connection problems. :D

And lastly - I should mention some of the new projects I've taken on. I was contacted the other day to make a AO for the larger shaped girls out there, which - I have gladly taken on the challenge. So, I'm working on that this week. I do plan on offering this AO for free as well, right next to my Casual Girl AO, when I finish it. :D Oh - it has come to my attention that - I retired all my normal clothing modeling poses in my last sale! :O So, I was also inspired by a certain Victoria's Secret catalog - to do some more normal poses. ^^


So, yesterday - I mentioned I was moving from my Otherland home. I decided this for 2 reasons. One, and the main one, was because when I moved there, there was only on other island being lived in, and there was no lag. Now, with all 4 islands in the sim being lived in, the lag is sooooo terrible, and really irritates me. I took scripts out of my windows and everything I could, but for every one script I took out, two more appeared somewhere else on the sim. It was annoying.

Second, the "Maldive" theme never really matched my style. I am more of a "modern" type of person, who prefers lots of metal, hardwood floors, and giant windows. I am not allowed to have this kind of home in Otherland. So, with those two issues I had, I kept wanting to move. It wouldn't have been a problem to just move - however, it wasn't just -my- home anymore. I also share it with Kagic. So, I waited for him to log on, told him I wasn't happy with living on Faridhoo anymore, and I wanted to move.

I showed him around 4 prospective places, and decided on 1. I paid the rental box, and then Kagic pointed out to me that - this is our first home we picked out together. Which is true, because he just kinda moved in with me at my existing Faridhoo home before. So, we quickly went to The Loft to pick out a bed together, came home, set it up, and he logged off..... Then I went shopping to finish up furnishing our new home. :D This will be an image heavy post, btw. Please don't kill me.


I think it turned out pretty nice, and I actually love our new house. I think it fits us better, and - its so huge! I had a total blast decorating the whole house as well. And - if you notice - the entire house is furnished almost exclusively by things from The Loft. But anyway - this is the rear view of the house, and also the buying point for me. :D


This house had several rooms we didn't know what to do with, and this was one of them. In RL, this probably would have been a kitchen, but Kagic didn't really want a kitchen, so we made it into a little tea room. It's pretty and quite serene looking. :D


This was the second room I didn't know what to do with, but I decided to make this some kind of TV room. I put a couch and a prop TV down. BTW - I am looking for a good TV. Preferably one that can play YouTube, Flickr, and regular channels. It needs to be able to be be deeded to group as well. Prims really aren't an issue - anyone have any suggestions? :D


This was confusing room number 3. However, I drew inspiration from Quaintly and her piano hunt for this. I've always found pianos to be beautiful, but never had any logical space for one in any of my SL homes. Well, now I do and I think it looks great here in this room. (BTW - If anyone wants this beautiful sculpted piano, send me an IM and I'll send it to you). :D


Our new bedroom. We picked out the bed together, and I just kinda worked around it, adding matching pictures and random things. I think it turned out pretty well, and I just loooove that it has a ledge, leading to a little sitting area. This was probably the only room I knew right away what I wanted to do with it.


Our living room area. I love love love this couch, so I really wanted to use it again. I also added my favorite rug and table to this room. And - I loooooove fireplaces, so I just HAD to have one in this room ^^ I think it really meshes well with the rest of the living room.


We have a hot tub! I've never had a SL hot tub before, so this thing is fun. Of course, last night, the first poses we set down were in this thing. :D It has particle bubbles, steam and the water level lowers and rises. I put the candles and towels down as a cute touch :D


Both outdoor sets. I couldn't decide whether I liked the new set I was given, or the set that I bought earlier. So, I put both sets out. :D


And - you know I can't resist a pretty picture. I seen this, and just HAD to snap a pic. ^^ I love the view, I love the furnishing, and I love this house. As Kagic said - I think we will have lots of good memories in this house.

Oh! I also made all the candles in this house. I think they turned out totally fantastic. I think I might add color change scripts to them and hand them out to my group members. (Or you can send me a comment or In-World IM, and I'll send them to you) :D


So, yesterday - I decided it was time to move from my Otherland Openspace sim. I'll be doing a post about this tomorrow, so I won't really go into details why yet, but for now, I want to tell about something else that happened last night. :D When Kagic logged off last night, I used furniture from my previous homes, and put them all together to see what ideas I could come up with for furnishing our new home. I suddenly had a vision, and needed a few more furniture pieces to complete it. Off I went to my favorite furniture store, The Loft.

I tp'ed in, and immediately seen Colleen Desmoulins, the amazing talent behind The Loft. I was taken off guard because she was barefoot, and in a bathing suit - right in front of the tp point. O.o; In my insane fangirling moment - I sent an IM through the Ch'Know group and Cobe, who had no idea who she was, told me to tp him. Me, being totally easily embarrassed, refused - because I had no idea what he was going to do.

I went on, looking and drooling at all the pretty furniture, then suddenly. Cobe appeared on radar. T_T I ran back to protect Colleen from the weird Cobe, but she was apparently AFK. When she came back, omg - I took off running. I'm extremely shy, especially around such people I admire so much, so I didn't really want to be caught staring... or something.

Apparently, she talked to Cobe in IM (what he said to her, I will probably never really know for sure), but the next thing I knew, she was tp'ing us to her workspace in the sky. :O Now, I really love to see how people work, the environment they work in, and what they are working on. So, to see something like this, from one of my favorite designers - has always been a freakish dream of mine.

We got to see a beautiful outdoor set she was working on, and I looooooooved it. Apparently, she wasn't happy with how it looked... which was mind boggling to me. It was the best looking outdoor set I've ever seen. O.O I had no idea what I did, but suddenly, she sent me the set. Omg.

We chatted for a bit, with me glossy eyed and drooling all over the place, and she took us to see a bed she was working on. It was apparently made for an apartment on Minnu's sim, and not to be sold. It was one of the best looking beds I've ever seen, and I swear I almost drowned all 3 of us in my river of drool. :P And suddenly - she gave this amazing piece of work to me! */me dies and goes to a beautiful furniture heaven.*

We chatted some more, and she showed us some projects she's been working on - including a fantastic looking kitchen! OMG. It was soooooooo pretty. And! Bathrooms~ These were the two things I've always wished The Loft would come out with - and, I'm extremely excited she's been working on them! :D

Unfortunately, she had to attend to RL for a bit, and left... leaving me still pinching myself. O.o I finished shopping for the chair and fireplace I originally went for (and ended up with several more impulse buys), and went home to admire everything I got and purchased.


I have put the outdoor set out on our patio area, and I totally love it. Its a little prim heavy at 65 prims for the set, but - its gorgeous. While we were there - she told us that she may change these by the time she decides to release them, but she might leave them as is. So, I could possibly have a special set :D


Bed perfection. OMG. The second I went into the room where this was, I swear, my jaw hit the desk. I adore this bed, but I'm really not sure how Kagic would feel about it. We had actually went and picked out a bed together right before he logged off (actually, this bed, only in a different pattern, and in red), so I'll have to rez this for him to see how he likes it.

I was reminded that designers are goofy peoples too! :D I'm also so terrified of designers and bloggers, because I look up to them so much, and I never want to become a bother to them. Some of them are sooooo busy all the time! O.O But, Colleen was sweet, funny, adorable, and totally nice. I wanted to give her a fangirl glomp, but that might have gotten me banned for life :P

So, thanks to Cobe for letting me meet one of my idols last night :D


Casandra pointed out to me in my last post that eventually, people will move on to new favorite skins in a few months, which puts my mind at ease a little. However... I'll be a clone until then T_T

I did manage to pick up some Detour demos while I was there looking at their shoes though. I poked through each demo (gawd! Stop with the $1L demos already! TT_TT) and picked out a few to post here.


I actually kinda like the top two. I think they look very cute, and something I could live with. The bottom left one is very pretty, and I love the tone - however, it seems to have something wrong with the upper lip. It looks a little pinched on one side. O.o; The bottom right - looks a bit creepy to me. XD

And, because I felt weird today, I decided to have a little fun with one of the demos. ^^


I actually really love the Utter Black eyes from Miriel, but never really wore them. They are fun, creepy and picture-worthy all at once. O.o; Perhaps this means I've been playing too much Fatal Frame? T_T


I seen one of MiaSnow's dalmatian skins on Free*Style today, and pouted. I've always loved the dalmatian skins, but could never bring myself to buy one because I knew I'd only want to take a picture of them once, then they'd be stuffed in my inventory forevermore. But, then as I was skimming though, I seen that one of them was available in the lucky chair! Zomg. I TP'ed there as quick as I could. I was also totally glad that the chair was only 5 minutes long too. OMG. *huggles MiaSnow* :D


I think I actually like this skin more than I probably should. I traded my elf ears for the night for some cute inu gear from Hybrid, to really go all out. ^^I really like the dalmatian skin, with little bits of human-ization in there. I am looking forward to doing a few silly Inu poses as well ^^

Now, I'm going to say something here that I've been really mulling over for the past few days. It seems everyone and their mom is now wearing Gala skins with elf ears. I love, love, love, love my Gala skin - but, I really don't want to look like a clone of other people. Gala's skins are beautiful, and she should definitely get the love she needs for creating them... but, I think I'll be poking around various different skin stores and checking out some lesser-known designers. So, I could maintain a little bit of originality. Am I selfish for thinking this way? Most likely. But, its how I feel. Shoot me with hatemail if you'd like. :D

Today, I seen some gorgeous skins by MinaJunk on the feed, and I totally loved them. I never really considered MinaJunk before because.... well, I'm not really sure. But, I think these might be an option for a new skin for me.


I absolutely love the top left skin. However, I reaaaaaaalllllly wish the eyebrows were black (or at least tintable), and the tone a bit darker. I think MinaJunk is definitely on my to-watch list. And omg - the CSR gift! I'm totally going to be participating in the Creator's Stamp Rally, just so I can grab that beautiful skin (...and the pink maid outfit, and the gun, and the french bulldog... O.o;) ^^


And then Kagic logged in, and we went to Midsomer to dance. He's been gone all weekend, so I was glad to be able to glomp him again. :P We went home shortly after and I showed him my dalmatian skin and ears. :D Oh, and did I ever mention that I finally invited him to my land group? I think this was the big step for me, because it said: "Kagic lives here with Sai and is totally off the market". :P

Oh! A bit of RL for a minute - the fourth book in my favorite book series is coming on on August 2nd! OMG, I'm so excited because I've been waiting FOREVER for it! AND! Its being made into a movie, set to be released to theaters on December 12, 2008! *dies of happiness* Series information here, Breaking Dawn information here, Twilight Movie information here, trailers here. :D *bounces off walls* XD


OMG. I've been sooooo busy since yesterday. Right after I finished the new ad template, I set to work on actually making the ads. I am totally excited because - I finished the ads for the mega-release on Wednesday! :D And, I think I want to share a few preview ads with you guys. ^^

Sorry, I branded both images with a giant "Preview" word across them, because I don't really want people to skim through and get confused that I'm releasing them, when I'm really not ready yet. XD


I am very happy with how this AO turned out. As I've said before, my goal with this was to create something natural, and I created this, based on how I stand IRL. I had actually gotten up out of my desk chair several times while making these, and copied how I stood. O.o; They might be boring to some people, but its really not dramatic at all. ^^ I hope this will help a few newbies out, in the long run.


The long awaited sword poses! I know several people have been waiting for these, and I apologize to them. TT_TT This was actually the last ad I completed, because I had no clue what to wear for the pictures! I wanted to wear a hakama, or some kind of kimono, but because they all had system skirts, that wasn't an option for me (I hate all system skirts!). So, I settled on this funky harem outfit thing I bought at an Analise sale a while ago. It looks more like a warrior outfit to me, than a harem thing. XD

Also, I have to say: I am extremely happy with my new template. I love the updated look, the background, the letters, the colored permissions, the gray scale look... its really the look I've been going for :D When I created the last template, my theme was to be "Silly", but as IE grew, I wanted a more, serious, elegant feel to it. This template, I think, says a lot to me. ^^

I felt utterly drained from making templates, ads, and finishing pose sets all night/morning - I kinda needed to do a little bit of exploring. I actually became fond of this outfit while taking sword pictures with it, so I wanted to go take pictures in the environment in was meant for. Which, I believe would be a Gor sim. However, I really didn't want to go into a random RP sim, and end up being collared against my will.

With the help of Cen, I was able to find a great no-RP Gor sim to tour around in, and snap a few pictures. And, I also learned a bit about Gor, as I hounded her with silly questions. XD


I was happy to have found this place - it was fun to tour around, and look at the Gor lifestyle, without having to worry about becoming someone's slave... or something. They have a few beautiful things, like bridges... but my favorite was this area here. Its pretty, with whirlpools and really nice looking waves. :D


Shipwrecks seem to be common in this Gor sim. It seems everywhere I turned, there was a shipwreck. XD I think it adds to the photo opportunities as well. :D Curious in checking out some Gor-themed scenery without the RP? Check it out here: Thassa (249, 128, 23).

BTW - Since when did Deviant Kitties retexture their hairs? I loooooved their black color, now it seems really light. I had to darken the one I wore to the Gor sim and in the katana ad by A LOT to get it to look black. I'm really depressed about this, because they used to have my favorite black hair texture.

I need some non-ad making relaxation, and I just bought Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly, so I'm off for some terrifying PS2 playing! T_T


Ok, so I stayed up most of the night last night, obsessed with finishing the ad template. I actually think I'm quite proud of it. :D


I wanted something similar, but updated. I think the font on this one really makes it look much better to me. I also wanted to color code the permissions checkmarks and x, after someone told me she thought she was buying something full permissions, when it wasn't. Now, there really shouldn't be and doubt. I mean, how much more obvious can I make it? O.o; Now, all I have to do is retake all pictures, and log in Nuai, so I can get some of the couple's poses done as well.

Since I don't want to bore you with only IE things, I also want to post about something I've been meaning to write about for a while. Tiny Empires :D


I started playing a loooooong time ago, stopped for several months, then came back to it. There are several bloggers who are into it, I noticed as well. But, I'll write a little more on it. What it is: its a game that attaches to the HUD, which you play while doing other things. There is a turn every 3 minutes or so, where you get options of things you can do, such as: buy land, sell land, change leiges, etc. The goal of the game is to work your way up the ranks to Queen or King, and manage your own kingdom. You have trials throughout the way, like other players sabotaging your land, and you also have help with things like loyalty rewards and trader deals.

It sounds weird and not fun, but it really is addicting. :D If you want more information on it, you can go to the website here, or IM me in-world for a free trial copy. ^^


Hiiiiii all! Thank you all for your kind words to me while I was going through PeeCee issues - the whole situation really sucked, and hearing people cared made things a little easier. And to QueenKellee, who offered the best assistance one could over blog comments. :P

The update: PeeCee is up and running again, with the sacrifice of Windows Vista, and all my files. I decided not to get professional help with my computer for a few reasons, actually.

  1. I really don't trust my PC with strangers. PeeCee is my life, and having people go through and violate it is a very strange feeling to me.
  2. With Fall semester coming up, I really don't have the finances to afford a $140USD computer repair bill.
  3. Once it got down to it, the only REAL reason I wanted that hard drive saved was because of those Ad templates. That was the only thing of real value on there to me. But, after thinking about it - those templates were old, outdated, and just not my style anymore.
So, that said, I took the courage and restored PeeCee to the way it was when I brought it home. I am now running Windows XP Media Center, as I did before Christmas (which was when I upgraded to Vista, and my various problems started). My PC is running fast, smooth, and problem free again. :D

Gah. The templates. It killed me to reformat my drive, just because of them. I put so much work into them, and they were the whole thing Imperial Elegance ran off of. I enjoy the concept of them, but there were a few things that were bothering me. I wanted the permissions color-coded, for example, and the font drove me nuts. So, I'll be redoing the pose ads over the next few weeks - once I get the templates ready and pretty. Because of this - the big pose release I had planned will need to be pushed back a bit. TT_TT

The other items? I think I'm going to send them all off to retirement, and having a $1L sale on all random items (other than the furnitures - I'm still proud of them) I've created through the months. I want to focus on poses, because that seems to be what I do best.


Anyway - when I logged in on my computer - the first thing I did was take pictures! I Love taking pictures, and it killed me when I couldn't on the spare. *huggles PeeCee* ohhhh, how I missed yooooous!


I had actually completed the Bare Rose Scarlet Yarn hunt on the spare PC - through much client lag and slideshow viewing, but I reeeeealllllly wanted this outfit! XD Its a bit weird, and probably nothing I'd wear outside of my land... but, I find it amusing :D I love hunts, I love Bare Rose - and, I was able to meet June Dion again during the hunt. So, it was a great way to spend the morning. Also, the story that came with this outfit is soooo cute :D I totally can't wait for the next hunt June is putting on next month!


My PC took a crap on me yesterday afternoon. I turned it on in the morning, and it took like 30 minutes to start up, and was freezing all throughout the day. I ran SpyBot, and restarted. Well, then - PeeCee said "Windows failed to start." Told me that a system config file was missing, and to run my windows installation CD and repair it. Did that, didn't work. T_T

My PC is totally unusable right now, and I have no clue what I can do. Right now, I am on my crappy laptop I use for classes, and I can log in to SL, and view it as a slideshow.

I'm extremely pissed off, for several reasons. First, I was planning a huge release tomorrow with my free AO, and 3 pose sets. Can't do that. Second, if my PC is doomed, I have lost all my ad templates, and all my backup poses, and EVERYTHING. I'm totally ticked, and I can't do anything about it.

I will probably be spending lot of time logged into RL, and I'm sure me and Final Fantasy: Crisis Core will become best friends again. I can't move around in SL on this laptop, so I really can't do anything. I can't build, can't walk, can't shop... really, what is there to do? I can probably try to organize inventory, but... blech.

I will still be logging in in the evenings, to see Kagic - but I think that really might be it. I felt so bad for Kagic last night, I can't go anywhere, so he had to stay home with me. XD *Sigh* Sorry Kagic, we might be staying home quite often for the near future T_T

BTW. If anyone wants the free AO I was going to release, send me an IM or notecard, or something, and Ill send it to you... since I can't release it like I wanted to. TT_TT


oooo! Zomg. I've finished handbag poses and the sword poses! I watched Shutter last night, and was totally freaked out. And of course, unable to sleep. So, I worked on a few AO poses. Yay for teaser previews!


I am actually pleased with the way they are turning out. I have a few things I don't want this AO to do, for example: look un-natural, stand on tip toes, look newbish, and look absolutely retarded. I don't plan on animating them, but I did make the heads movable, and a lower priority, so the typing animation and such will still show. I've also made the Ease In/Out easier too, so unlike the modeling poses, these should not be choppy going from one pose to another. They should like, ease into each other. ^^

I am extremely pleased with how this is turning out - its so much easier than I expected. I've also made a sitting pose, along with my two stands. I really hope these stands and sit is somewhat natural, considering they are how I stand in RL. XD I think I do plan on adding a total of 5 stands, a sit, and a ground sit. I don't think I'll be including swimming or flying animations. I hate flying and swimming in SL, so I think making those poses would make me want to rip my hair out. :D


First, let me say: I've been a busy little Sai these past couple days! I have finished my handbag poses, and am almost done with the sword poses! Here's a small preview of two I just finished:


I have 11 poses, and need 1 more pose idea (if anyone has any ideas for the last pose, shoot them at me, and you'll get the entire set for free if I use the idea!). Gah~ posing with a sword is a lot more difficult to find pictures for than I originally thought it would be! Oh, I'm also working on my Despair pose set, and I should definitely finish them all by the end of the weekend. :D

I also decided to make a free AO. I don't really plan on making it anything fancy, but just a few stands and maybe a freebie walk. I also don't really think I will animate the stands, it will probably be just a few static stands (low priority and loose head movement), until I can get better at animating. :D

Yep, thats what I've been doing lately :D I'll definitely be making a 3 pose set release (and probably free AO) for Imperial Elegance this week ^^

Ah! I will also be switching my lucky chair out for one of those funky lucky board things. It has less prims, looks better to me, and all you have to do it click it to receive your prize. And, I have taken away the Extra gunslinger Poses and the fight pose that has been up in the store for far too long, and have put them up as prizes. That should be landing in the store this week too ^^


I love Gala skins. I bought one at the skin fair a few months ago, and have been wearing them ever since. I've recently bought skins direct from her, when I wanted new makeups. She's opened a new sim, and have now put her beautiful skins back up for sale. I do plan on writing a post about it on my fashion blog tomorrow, but something happened tonight, and I'm so excited - I can't hold it in :D

Well... I received a package from Rita that included the freebies that was sent to the Gala/Rita group, asking if I would blog them. And, of course, I did, because omg - group Gala Phoenix skin. It's just THAT awesome. So, I was totally excited that I can finally see the newness that Gala was working on tomorrow, when the sim opened for members.

I received an IM from Rita, inviting me to come check out the sim tonight, before it was opened to the group members tomorrow at noon - and offered review copies for anything I wanted. Of course... I *HAD* to go check it out.


The build is freaking beautiful. OMG, I have never seen anything like this in a while. I'm not really sure exactly why it appeals to me though - perhaps it looks like a fairy tale castle that I always dreamed about living in, when I was a little girl? Or it has a mysterious aura around it? Or it kinda looks like it could be old and haunted?


I looooooooooved walking around the build, marveling at everything. I swear, when I become rich... I'm going to build me a house, JUST like this one! :D

So, I looked around a bit, and fell absolutely in love with 2 skins from Gala, and a hair from Rita. I get soooooo nervious in asking for review copies - which is why I rarely do it. I've only done it once before, because I feel soooooo weird about it. I'm extremely anti-social and was always raised to NEVER ask for anything at all... so, asking for review items has always been difficult to me. But, tonight, I did the unthinkable: I asked for review items not once - but TWICE. First, I requested hair... and Rita was totally sweet *huggles*

But then... I was in a crisis on whether or not to send a review copy request to Gala. In the few times I've talked to her, she was totally sweet.... but, omg. I wanted the Scene makeup and Nocturnal makeups in the Luster tone, and I had right clicked them and hovered over the Buy choice soooooo many times.


I decided to go walk the grounds one last time, before deciding - and I came to a decision. Just do it. Really, the worst that could happen was that she would think I'm some kind of greedy bitch, boycott my blog, and tell all the blogosphere how horrible I am, right? O.o; Well, ok - that might be an overstatement. But still, it could happen... no?

Well. I wrote out a notecard (I swear I reread that thing enough times to memorize it word for word, looking for imperfections), listing the two particular skins I was interested in, that I planned on blogging them tomorrow, and how much I lubbbbed her. :P I have never, ever, ever, been so nervous about sending a notecard as I was then XD But, immediately, the folders started coming in. OMG. She gave me all 12 of her newest makeups in all tones. I freaked out, and almost fell out of my chair.


I'm sooooo excited to blog these, can't you tell? :D AND! I have to say: the freckles on the new skins - are sooooo cute! Like, they don't just cover the face... no, they have freckles covering the ENTIRE body! :D

Side note - as I was photographing my these skins for my blog pictures, I noticed someone on my radar. My photosphere is 600 meters in the sky above my store, and its almost annoying to have a nosy person wandering around. And - it just so happens that this person was the people who rented the store next to mine - a Adimu side store, I guess. Shouldn't these people have respect for my private room in the sky? So, I hunted down a security orb. Found one for $25L. :D We will see it if works ^^


I can't sleep. At all. So, I think I am going to do a post of a few things I've been hoarding. :D First Onigokko videos!

I swear, onigokko NEVER gets old, no matter how much I see it. Fraps won't let me record sound from SL, so I had to come up with music from my own collection. I tried to find the goofiest songs to go with these videos XD But anyway, a few of us from the Ch'Know group TP'ed in to grab the Onigokko V.2 from the store - and before we knew it, we were running in circles. XD


And, it wasn't long before it looked like this. The highlight was when Meara pulled out the big, giant puffy avatar. And - it was freaking hilarious when she did onigokko in that. OMG, I laughed so hard. ^^

Moi doing onigokko on meh beach! I do this quite often - just running around, being stupid... heh. :D It just cracks me up every single time I do it. XD


My Kagic is going away again for a few days~ He logged in a bit late last night, but I gave him a tour of my store (because he's never seen it before), and took him to Africa. It's a really neat sim there, but I love these particular poseballs and I think they would look perfect on our beach. I'll have to go pick them up sometime this weekend :D


After our trip to Africa, we came home for some more... personal time in front of the fire before he logged off. I am not really sure why Kagic puts up with me. I'm constantly like: "Oh! Lets go [insert weird sim here]" and then 2 seconds later "Ah! Lets go [insert weirder place here]". And every time... he always says: "Ok, sure." O.o; Perhaps because I'm cute, that he's putting up with my freakish ADD? :P

And yes. I am STILL wearing that tiny skirt. I absolutely LOVE it. However, when I went to go buy more skirts like this, I found that they are only sold with complete outfits. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I'm super cheap lately, and I have issues with paying over $250L for an outfit I only want the skirt for. I REALLY wish Stellar Designs would sell their skirts in separate packs TT_TT


I've been working on finishing up some pose sets I have going, and I think I'm pretty happy with how the Handbag poses are coming. I never, ever wear purses of any kind IRL, so I have no idea how to hold them or anything. So, I've had to rely on pictures from websites to make these. But, it seems to be working :D

Handbag Poses - Preview

Here are three of my favorite poses from this set. I've made 10 poses total so far, and I am determined to finish the last 2 today. Then, I can finish up some other sets I've been hoarding. I also hope to have the sword poses finished by tomorrow night, and the despair poses done by the end of the weekend. ^^

And, I just have to say: I love that skirt. OMG. I picked it up in a freebie box from Stellar Designs during the fashion expo, and just put it on this morning. I *HAVE* to run down to her store later today and see if she makes other patterned skirts as separates. Its just so short, flexi, and adorable. :D


I'm going to make a house! I'm really excited about the idea - its really something I've wanted to do ever since I got my own land for my store. I just never had the skill to tackle it. But, now I have more skill in prims and dealing with textures, so I think I have the courage to attempt it. :D

I found some really cute textures for floors, walls, railings, and even found a neat little script that controls locking doors, lighting and even window tint. I'm excited to finally be making the first steps to creating houses. I think it would be incredibly rewarding to have made the place that a person lives in. I know that my SL home is my sanctuary, a place to escape from things, and if someone purchases a house I make, I would feel incredibly honored to have created their sanctuary.

... Or perhaps I am just thinking about it to much. But, I did work on it a bit today - and I have... the stairway entrance. XD


My idea here is to just do the entire house in white prims, texture, and align positioning and textures with Prim.Docker. This home probably won't be small enough for like, a 1024 plot, but something more like my store area.

So far though, its coming along pretty well. :D


OMG - I bought a SL car. My original intentions with it was to run over Laleeta when I seen her again, as payback for running me over with her Aston Martin, but I found myself quite amused with it. I don't really have enough land space on my island to really play with this vehicle, so I took it to my most favorite sandbox to play with it. :D And you guessed it - machinima happened. XD

Ok, yeah, I am a crazy driver. But - it was my first time EVER driving a SL car, in my year I've been here. XD Oh. and, its also good to note that this was only in FIRST gear, before I realized I could go faster. And omg. When I switched gears, the car went soooooooo out of control, I had suddenly found myself in the middle of the next sim over. O.o; Oops.


Seems its better just to look at than drive it. I took it to a racetrack so I could get a picture of it, and was suddenly hit with an inspiration. This picture just *screams* "I need a sexah woman to pose next to me!" So, poses with cars will be coming. This pose idea should be extremely easy to do for me. I have been to more car shows than I can count, and have several years worth of Import Tuner and Hot Rod magazines. Most of which - feature beautiful women posing provocatively near a tricked out car. XD


After I wrecked my pretty Chevy Corvette, Kagic logged on, and I went to give him a tour of some beautiful ballrooms. I love getting dressed up in pretty formals, so I took this opportunity to dress in my favorite gown. ^^ We visited the beautiful Paradise Falls, the elegant Avilion Grove ballroom, and the very golden Tempura Island ballroom. All of which are my favorite places to dance now (aside from my own home), for some quiet dancing time with him :D I gave him a fashion show of my newest lingerie that I purchased from the Beachwear/Lingerie Expo, and he logged off shortly after ^^


Then, a few Ch'Know girls met up at the Viper Pit. What started off as anger and tension (I won't go into anything other than that, in respect to those involved), we ended it being our total, goofy selves. XD Someone passed around this weird thing called an onigokko_shippo - and once you wore it, you ran around in circles with arms failing around and all. OMG, with a bunch of us doing it together, it was absolutely hilarious. This was probably the first time in SL that I actually laughed until I cried. Next time we all get together and do this, I'm totally grabbing a machinima of it. You really have to watch it to really laugh XD

Though, I have to admit, I was extremely depressed when I got home and tried it out by myself for some extra laughs, I couldn't get it to work. I have no idea how to work the thing XD


Do you ever have those people who you *JUST* don't get along with, no matter how friendly you try to be? Yep, I have two particular ones. One of them, I groan every single time she pops into a group chat I am involved in. She just drives me insane, and really puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Even a simple "Hi!" in the group is enough to ruin my day. I usually love this group, but lately, I find myself thinking about leaving more and more - just because of this person. I've tried to be nice, kind, and even quiet. But, she still annoys me to no end.

The other person.... Well, lets just say - I hold really bad grudges. If someone pisses me off really bad, I will hold it against them until the day they die. I do not forgive and forget. So, this particular designer (quite popular at that) said something in a fashion chat channel I am a member of, and I said something sarcastic back to her - because well, thats just the way I am. She proceeded to IM me, telling me how angry she was, and how pissed off I made her. Whatever. She began to belittle me in the fashion group, which really pissed me off. After a "I'm not dealing with this drama" in the chat from me, I closed it. Who knows what was said after that. I've since deleted every single item I own from her from my inventory, and will never, ever shop from her store, no matter how much cool stuff she has. I will never write a blog entry while wearing anything made by her either - Because I'm just that mean. ^^

Anyway. Because I don't want to leave a post like that, filled with my viciousness - I'll also mention that I am officially addicted to Wordle. You basically put in various words or a blog page, and it will combine all the words into a pretty word collage thing. I love it - its soooooo pretty. This is my favorite one I made so far:


I actually really love this image. I am not entirely sure why - but it makes me oddly calm just looking at it. Perhaps because its pink? I'm not sure, but I really enjoy it. I think Wordle has created a way for normal people like me to create beautiful art like this ^^



Kagic is gone for a few days, but I think I have a pretty good date planned for Sunday when he comes back. :D I think I am probably enjoying the girlfriend role a bit too much, because its been a really long time since I was able to take someone dancing with me, be silly with, or just make my home a little bit more meaningful. My home was a place to for me to change, kill time, fish, and go afk. But now, it actually feels more like a home, with furniture actually being sat on, and spaces being used. ^^ I've recently made my home where people can't make LMs because I've had some freaks come by, and keep coming back. But, Kagic was the only one so far that I've personally gave an actual LM to, so he can come by whenever he wants. I've even considered asking him if he wanted to be added to my Byakuya group, so he can call my house home. XD


But, I have projects this weekend. I've recently purchased the ELCM System (which is supposed to make retexturing extremely easy, and is popular among hair creators. I plan to try some hair making really soon, as soon as I can understand this system. The manual is extremely difficult to understand with words like "prototype" and such, but the creator is very helpful, so I may be contacting him. He has told me that he offers totally free support for it, so - thats good ^^

And, I also contacted Miriel Enfield about her vendor system. I love her system of being able to choose from copy/trans permissions, so the fact that she was offering her scripts to those who asked - I was thrilled and IM'ed her as soon as I read about it. I do have a gift card system in place, but I really don't think anyone really knows they are there. I've tried to promote the system as much as possible (especially considering you get discounts for higher card purchases), but, nothing seems to work. People just don't like gift cards, I guess. Perhaps I should do a gift card sale? Hmm... But, this vendor system should be a great alternative, and I might be trying it out soon.



W00t! I brought my new boyfriend, Kagic, to the Hump Day party last night - and I think he might have been a bit overwhelmed with all the big watermelon butts and tiny skirts.... but he was such a good sport through it all. ^^ He did well with the several girls fawning over him, but of course, they needed to be reminded that - yus - I have several sets of guns, as well as katanas, and once I learn how to operate them, I will have no problems using them. :P


I had a damn silly costume - and it took every ounce of courage I had to leave the house with a super sized ass, boobs, and enough oil to supply McDonald's deep fryer for a week. Kagic and I did leave a little early, before the party ended, but I had fun.

Also, while I was chatting with Siyu last night, she reminded me about her content theft warning sign - which I had wanted to get a picture of. So, as soon as I logged in this morning, I took a trip over there to check it out.


And - It was just so morbidly cute! I love it so much - I love pretty much anything Siyu makes, but this is probably the best thing I've seen in a while. It totally make me LOL in RL. :D

And thanks for all the comments on my last post about Kagic - he read the post, as well as the comments, and I think he was a little embarrassed XD And - omg. It is official: he's not just my love interest anymore - he is my actual boyfriend now~ *squees* I swear, I can be such a girl sometimes XD


I met someone. I was hanging out at Sweetheart's Jazz for a while - it gave me a reason to dress up in my many formals, and sit and organize inventory while I waited for someone to ask me to dance. Kinda mind boggling - because I would sit there for hours on end, watching all the fashion disaster noobs get asked, while I stood there. O.o;;

I met various people, ones who were kind and respectful, others who were convinced I was a "princess", one who told me he wanted a "young girl to ravage", another who constantly gave me music videos on YouTube to play, and one who was determined to make little elfy me his pet.


But, I think this one is a keeper. He's gone shopping with me (and seems to enjoy it), is respectful of my prudishness, and quite amusing to be around. I have been spending the majority of my evenings with this particular person, whether it be going out to Jazz clubs, or hanging out on my deck dancing. My couple's animation poseballs have remained in my inventory, collecting dust, since even before Bats left SL. But, for the first time in 2 months, I was able to bring them back out again last night, and found them each a place in my home. I find myself growing more comfortable with this guy ^^


I even went out on a limb a few days ago, and asked him to attend the Fashion Disaster Hump Day party with me, not as a friend, but as my love interest. Shockingly, he agreed. So, those who attend the party tonight, will most likely be able to see him :D


I got in a HUGE blowout with some asshole on the road this morning, so I figure I'd make a blog post, to try to calm down. Its been like 3 hours, and I'm still seething. -.- I really wish people would stop being such jerks. -.- So, I apologies if I seem negative today; I'm not in a good mood XD


Anyway, I took this picture a while ago - after I purchased additional makeups for my favorite skin. I was playing with windlight settings, trying to get the sky and environment to match my makeup. I failed, considering the sky is more purple than my makeup, but I was ultimately pleased with the outcome.

My boat is a fantastic place to take pictures - There are just so many different ways to pose around it, that it makes it really fun. I've also taken a liking to fishing on it - its fun. :D


And, I took this picture right after fishing. I've been wondering why my water doesn't sparkle with my windlight settings - but after playing with the sun position, I've finally fixed it. I get really fantastic sparkly water now - so this was made to show that ^^


It always amazes me to see people using my products. I squee when I see my poses used on the fashion feed, and squee even more when I see people using my pictures for their own fun purposes. (The paparazzi pose set was great to see how people used them!). So, I've been working on furniture, because I was really bored with what current things were out there. When I sent out the Americana gift to my group - I had no idea just how much people would use it. Because it was so weird and bright, I had no idea how anyone would use it. I honestly thought it would be rezzed to see WTH it was, then deleted.

But for some reason, people did like it. I was shocked - I received several IMs, telling me that the set is something they were looking for, for their Fourth of July SL festivities, and what not. Maybe they were just being nice? Perhaps, but I felt like the gift served its purpose, and I was happy. I also felt more confident about releasing them this week - because if people have a use for the funky red, white and blue striped ones - people will most likely have more of a use for normal ones. :D

However, it really didn't hit me that people were actually using it - until Alicia told me in the Ch'Know group, that she had seen it sitting out in a particular store. I immediately TP'ed to the store, because I was curious how it was used.


And omg. There it sat. It was placed right in the middle of the store, right in front of the doorway. Ok, ok. So the store was empty - it had apparently been closed right after a massive sale, but hey! The set I made is still there! :D I felt proud, because I had marveled at how beautiful this store build was a few weeks ago, and now - my silly living room set was plopped right in the middle of it. ^^

But no - thats not all. I tp'ed home, and Merrick was offering a party at his beach place. (Ok, not a party, exactly - but yeah) So, Alicia, Bettye and I tp'ed there. I had some problems in the beginning, because it looked like Merrick's prims were outside the door, after everyone had gone inside. I kid you not - I saw his hair and shoes freakishly standing outside the front door. I even hovered my mouse over them, and they had his name as a hovertip. XD


But, once I went in, I was shocked once again! Omg - he was using my dorky living room set too! O.o;;; The strange part was - It fit perfectly in his cute little house. It took up the entire downstairs - but it worked well. :D


And... the next thing I knew, there were sit and spins on the coffee table, and the four of us were spinning. XD OMG, those things were soooooo funny :D

Ah - a bit of RL for a minute. I'm still having really annoying connection issues. I've done what AT&T has told me to do (including buying a new modem that didn't fix my issue), so I am now looking at other internet options. I've priced cable internet in my area, and they are about $29.99, while I'm paying AT&T around $80 a month for my internet. Not to mention the phone service with the cable place is $19.99 a month, where I'm paying out the ass with AT&T.

So, until I get the cable set up - I will continue to apologize to all those people I disconnect mid-conversation with. I really didn't leave on purpose! XD

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