I've been hearing alot about Tillie's Posing Stand, so I hopped on SLExchange and bought it. I have been using a HUDDLES to hold and flip through all my poses, but I was getting bored, and I felt like trying something new.


This thing comes with a HUD that lets you flip through your poses, show/hide the stand, and even rotate your stand for the perfect shot. Sorry, don't mind my other HUDS hanging around my screen - I totally forgot to detach them before I took pictures.

Now, this is pretty cool and all - but... I have found an annoyance. Because I wear so many HUDs at one time (Mystitool, AO, Tiny Empires, HUDDLES, Trader Alert, Couple's Animator... O.o), I really need to be able to move the hud around to fit around everything else. Well.... when I move this, every time I click a button on it, it goes back to default position. I usually have all my HUDs situated and I wish I was able to move this around permanently. *cries* I will try this a few more days to see if I can get used to new HUD positions and such.


I've been working on a new update system for Imperial Elegance today! zomg, I'm totally excited about it, I can't wait to unveil it. So, I will show it here!


I know how irritating the SL group limit is, I am constantly maxed out on my 25 limit, so I can feel everyone else's pain. Because the Subscribe-O-Matic system was too expensive each month, that route was not an option for Imperial Elegance. I am happy that there is an not-as-expensive system out there, and I will be converting my update group to this update system, as soon as I can figure out how to operate it... which could be a while. O.o


Yay! I have proved I can make more things in SL than just plywood cubes! My first attempt at LinkRez looked like this:

Yay! OMG!

Not bad, I was ecstatic I actually created something that resembled a necklace. However, me being the complicated perfectionist I am, this was not good enough. I added a little pearl pendant to the bottom, added a few more rows of pearls, hand rotated each individual prim, and I came up with this:


OMG, I'm sooooo excited and I love how it turned out. I was worried about finding a good pearl texture, so I went to some of the major texture shops, and found the perfect one. I kid you not - I can stare at this thing for hours~ :D I'm very proud of it. ^^ Its definitely not as good as most other jewelry maker's things, but hey~ I'm just starting ^^


*sigh* I am Ruthed, confined to my skybox workspace. I've relogged several times, but still get nothing changed. Ah well, it must be trying to tell me I need to work. I'll post about Siyu Suen's Marti Gras Party, as I promised a while ago. First: the unveiling of my costume!

Illusions Marti Gras 2008 Costume - 01

I loooooooooved it soooooo much. Frankly, I thought I should have won the costume contest. :P I had fun putting the outfit together, taking pieces from one dress, and sticking them on another. It was a blast. I worked around the lace over skirt thing from BareRose, because I wanted that the focus of the gown.... things just came naturally together after that ^^

Illusions Marti Gras 2008 Costume - 02

A closeup of the mask. Siyu is the best darn mask maker, so naturally, I'd choose one of her masks to wear to the party. I loved the feathers that matched my wings - sold. ^^


I forced Bats to come along with me. OMG, his hair was 170 prims, and my entire outfit was 166. O_O How in the world does that work? O.o We had a nightmare of a time trying to find shoes that would allow him to wear his hair. The prim limit was 200, and he reeeeaaaaalllllly loves his "Sora" hair, as I like to call it. :P

I took more pictures, if you'd like to see them, you can check them out on my flickr stream.


New Toy!

I have been wanting this for a while, and since Bats is borderline MIA lately, I decided to go ahead and purchase it to occupy some time. There are some ideas I have for jewelry, that I would love to see done. Especially with bracelets. I have no idea why there are not simple, chain bracelets out there, so I am determined to make them for myself. I bought some gem textures and metal textures - I am sooooo ready to give this a try.

There are amazing jewelry makers out there (such as Alienbear and Caliah Lyon), but I just want a simple silver chain bracelet, that would go with any silver/diamond set (since jewelry makers don't seem to have interest in making matching bracelets).

OMG though, the instructions are SOOOO freaking long for this, I'm definitely not looking forward to learning it. I've been working on a few custom poses for a few people for Imperial Elegance, but now that they are all completed, I have a little time to fiddle with this contraption.

I will be going to the GLAM SL Magazine Launch tomorrow, as well as Siyu Suen's awesome Marti Gras Masque, and I'm totally excited. I've been planning my costume for Siyu's party for weeks, and I love it. She gave her guests a 200 prim limit on attachments, and I have finally come up with a costume with 166 prims... and it looks amazing! I want to keep it a surprise until the party, so I will be posting TONS of pictures of it on Sunday ^^


Windlight Water Reflections - 01

I am soooooo excited about this latest Windlight release! For the past couple releases, I got no water reflections, unless I render the pretty sky too. That was a real bummer for me, because I loved the water more than the sky, and when I turn on the pretty sky option, my PC has spaz attacks. However, this release brought back the reflections without the sky for me! OMG, I'm so excited! I wanted to take a few shots with the water, so I put on a bikini and headed out to the place I spend a lot of my time - the beach of Bats' and my home.

Windlight Water Reflections - 02

Another thing I'm excited about - transparent objects stay transparent! OMG, it was sooooo annoying zooming out of something, and seeing all the invisible things. Really messed up pictures with various particle emitters, facelights, and hair with alpha textures. It really drove me nuts.

I wish though - that snapshots would be fixed. I can't use snapzilla anymore because everytime I attempt to send anything smaller than my screen size, it only captures a tiny bit of the image. TT_TT So, to take pictures, I have to save them to hard drive, resize them in Photoshop, and upload them. So much work TT_TT


Windblown Hair

I bought this windblown hair, and thought this was the perfect time to play with windlight. I wanted to get a good shot of it. ^^ I love this hair, and it is totally awesome for pictures. I'm not very creative with finding good locations to take pics, so I just went out to the beach of Bats' and my home and started snapping. Turned out pretty well, I think ^^

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