Clock Island

Bats and I took a small trip across the grid last night to check out a few new places. My favorite, and the one I am going to blog about today, was Clock Island. This place was beautiful, and totally dreamlike. The sides of the giant hourglass is a long, staircase that goes from the bottom all the way up to the top. Me, being the moronic klutz that I am, spent 5 minutes trekking up the stairs, then 10 steps away from the top... I fell. *Dies* Luckily, Bats is not as clumsy as me, so he stayed up there to send me a TP to the top again.

Center of Clock Island

Inside the hour glass was just as amazing as the outside. Numbers fell from the center, just as sand falls in a real hourglass. There were little numbers with feet that ran around the inside of this place, it was totally cute. I was kicked a few times by number 5, and Bats was followed around by number 2. Totally amusing. If you like creative builds, or enjoy dreamlike things, definitely check out Clock Island.

SLURL: Clock Island (184, 79, 22)


Sai's New Look

Yeah, so as seen in my last entry, I got a new skin. I'm totally in love with this one, and I think it will become my permanent skin. As well as this amazing hair from Refuge. I have searched forever for a skin with black eye makeup and minimal lip color, that I gave up. When I read that Last Call was bringing back their original Deviant Nation skin line, I couldn't teleport there fast enough. So, I got the skin I've always wanted. *Beams*

Anyways, I actually came on to talk about Fashion Consolidated. I think joining this group was the best thing... ever. I've gotten to so many sales because of this group, and gotten my pixel fingers on some awesome limited edition goodies and freebies. So, I decided to put a notice for Imperial Elegance up in FashCon. OMG, I have it say... it was the best decision I've made for my little clothing shop. So many people so showed up, I was totally shocked. I even met some really interesting people who stopped by. ^_^ Thanks to all who braved the unexpected lag, and shopped~~



So last night, I finally got Bats in the photosphere with me to do some modeling. I had picked up a few couples modeling poses from Reel Expression last week, and have been dying to try them out. After several clothing changes, I think we got quite a few good ones. It was totally fun and some of the poses were so goofy, I enjoyed it. I'll have to drag him into the sphere with me again sometime soon~


On a side note, I've finally applied for Vendor status on the fashion group, Fashion Consolidated. I was approved today, so I can start posting notices on my shops new releases. I'm really hoping this will bring in a few new customers. I've already made a couple new items, so I'll be doing my first FashCon post tomorrow!


The Opening of Bebe

So, I attended the opening party of Bebe last night. I usually don't go to these opening parties and such, but the fact that they had a Subscribe-O-Matic caught my attention, and I decided to go. I got there, and it seemed like all of SecondLife had shown up! (Well, thats an exaggeration, but there were more people there than I would have expected!) It was a pretty interesting experience... they had a DJ, dancing, and a limited edition Snake Charmer arm band thing for $20L, that I just had to have.

I liked the style of the jewelry that Bebe had, though they didn't have the colors I was looking for. I love to shop for accessories in either powder pink, or a dark red, but I didn't see either color here. But - It is their grand opening, and I will be watching out for more products from them.

SLURL: Norcott Center (51, 136, 23)


Ben and Jerrys

SecondLife is down for some maintenance, so I will take this time to update. Last night, Bats and I went exploring to check out the Ben and Jerry's SL factory! And, OMG... upon arrival, I swore I could smell my retinas burning from all the bright, happy colors. This place was totally amusing. It had facts about their factory, cute little cows, and adorable wind turbines. Really though, there wasn't much to do here but admire the cartoon landscape, and learn about the ice cream making process. I still loved looking at the cuteness that this place had to offer.

SLURL: Ben and Jerry's (109, 159, 96)



I've always wanted to visit this place, but every time I thought about it, I kept thinking it was called Starlight - so I could never find it. I finally remembered it was called Straylight, so I told Bats to put on his hiking boots, because I wanted to go somewhere.

This place looked amazing, I was totally in love with the beams of sunlight coming through the trees, and all the amazingly sculpted prim trees. Straylight is an amazing place to take pictures, and sightsee~

SLURL: Straylight (128, 128, 0)


MononoFu Dojo

Bats and I went to the MononoFu Dojo the other day. It was such a nice place, though I can't really figure out what it was used for. Yeah, its a dojo, but do they really practice martial arts there in SecondLife? Still, it was a great place to explore, because they had really awesome scenery with all different things. Totally loved it. ^_^

SLURL: Satbyeul (78, 207, 48)


Typically, I'm not fond of weapons and such, but I've been wanting one for those random days I feel a little odd and want to carry dual swords on my back. I've been drooling over these blades for months, though never really felt like buying them. I did last night, and I tell you... they are the most complicated prims I own. They have so many settings, it makes my head spin. @_@ I can't really seen myself wearing these very often though, even though they are indeed cool looking.

Another big purchase I made was the Photosphere. I've wanted one of these for a while as well. I purchased it to replace my Picture Perfect Modeling Studio in my personal studio. I love the sphere idea of the Photosphere, but I have to say, I was a little disappointed in a few things. First, it seems I am only allowed to put in 45 of my own textures. This is a real bummer for me, because I have hundreds that I like to use. Second, the thing is HUGE! It wouldn't fit in my studio, so I had to build a really tall skybox just for the Photosphere. But - It seems like it is a really incredible tool, and I am looking forward to using it.


Bored much?

Yes, I do odd things when I get bored in SecondLife. Like, attempt to model for no reason. Weird? Yes. But - I love my model studio, and I love my Reel Movement poses.

It seems a neat thing called the Subscribe-O-Matic is now out. Am I the only one who LOVES these things? These allow you to receive store updates without even joining a group. I am in love with this concept, because all my group slots are filled with store update groups. I really wish more shop owners would convert to this new system, so I can have more group openings.


Sale at ETD

Have you been to ETD's amazing sale yet? I guess the sale was only going to run until today, but because of SL problems, they decided to extend the sale until Friday, which is great because it gave me a chance to check it out! Most of the styles are around $50L to $75L per pack. Every pack I bought was $50L, so that was pretty sweet.

This sale is amazingly incredible, so if you haven't been there yet, you should check it out right away! I've already made two trips up there. So, go brave the lag and teleport away!

SLURL: ETD Isle (212, 216, 26)


Effects and Poses

Okay, so I just have to say: I love the poses I bought from Reel Movement (or is it Reel Expression now?). This pose is from the innocence set, and it is really cute.Their poses are static, perfect for modeling, and every pose is realistic and absolutely adorable.

I also decided to download Filter Forge and give it a try with some of my pictures. The effect is beautiful. I totally love this picture... too bad I don't have any use for it.


Neko Gardens With Bats

Its been a few posts since the last picture with Bats... I can't let that happen now, can I? So, anyways, I took Bats to the Neko Gardens, since it was so awesome. I love the Neko Gardens, and to probably answer your questions: No, it is not restricted to just nekos. Furries, humans, and all are welcome there.

Its a beautiful area to explore and is filled with all kinds of areas to explore. From grazing unicorns, wedding chapels and tree houses, this place is awesome. Oh, and did I mention the poseballs? Everywhere you turn is a different set of poseballs. O.o

SLURL: Sweet Reach (55, 40, 101)


Reel Movement Sale~

Yep, Reel Movement is having a (at least) 25% off everything sale here in Lalique, so you know where I just spent every linden that I owned. Lets see, I ended up walking out of this shop with the pose sets: Runway, Classy, High Fashion, High Fashion 2, and Innocent.

I really love the fact that the poses are mod/copy/no trans because this way, I can put the poses in my model studio, my HUDDLES, and keep a back up in my inventory. Super cool.

SLURL: Lalique (92, 213, 22)


The Dress That Caused Me Stress

I recently had a problem with one of my favorite clothing shops in SecondLife. I normally do not IM creators, unless something major happened with the object I purchased, and I definitely would never IM them if the problem was my fault. So, my problem was with Nicky Ree. The problem I had was simple: I had purchased a formal dress for $600L, and there were no glitch pants included in the box, as advertised. Glitch pants are a big deal to me, and I refuse to wear a skirt or dress without them. So, since the dress cost me $600L, I decided to IM Nicky Ree herself and ask if I could either buy just a pair of glitch pants, or if she could give me one. I definitely did not want to spend this much money on a dress, then not be able to wear it.

So, what happened? After a failed attempt of trying to send me a pair of pants (that I never received even then) and assuring me that they should be in my inventory (like I was a moron), I was blown off. I got the explanation, "the servers must be lagging". Okay, so I waited all night, and still never received them. So, before I went to bed, I went to the store where I purchased the dress, to make sure the glitch pants were in fact, not there. And, no, they were not. So, I sent Nicky Ree one last IM to see if she was kind enough to send me the glitch pants once more, because I had never received them. I had also informed her that the glitch pants were NOT in the box when I bought them. And... she told me that they WERE in the box because she checked. ... And she never offered to send my pants again.

Later on the next day, I went back to the store, and found that she had added the glitch pants to the box. This was not my fault, and I did not even get a "I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Here, take a pair of glitch pants. Thanks for shopping!" Nope. Nothing. So, I had to purchase the package for a SECOND time in order to get the stupid pants. Therefore, spending an extra, unneeded $600L. Bringing my total to $1200L on this stupid dress.

I have purchased enough dresses from her store to probably fund an entire 4 years of college, and I can now say that I would never purchase from her again. For a store so popular with a large fan base, I am shocked that this creator lacks customer service. Because of this incident, this will be the last $1200L I spend at her store.

What did I expect? Well, customer service is a major thing with me. Therefore, I expected to get my glitch pants. They are no transfer pants, so I really don't understand what the big deal is. Its not like I'm just trying to get more pants. If I had gotten them in the first place, I could make as many copies of them as I want. Seriously, I would have been happy with a better attitude about the whole thing. And it really is not right to blame the customer for your mistake without an apology.

Customers make the SL what it is. They need to be taken care of, even if you need to bend over backwards for them.

UPDATE: So tonight, I have a little better opinion on this situation. After explaining to me that she has had SL issues, she sent me a pair of glitch pants (as I wanted), AND refunded me my $600L for the additional dress purchase I made.


Its totally mine now. The partner gave me this adorable piece of land for my birthday. Thanks so much, Bats~~~
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Another picture of the partner and I dancing the night away~
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Checking out the Kowloon sim. ^_^
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