Have you ever wanted to do something, and was so excited when it finally worked out? Yep, that was me last week, when I forced myself to sit down and learn how to make a bento pose. It was a little difficult, as there's not much 'bento pose making tutorials' out there, so I really had to just... figure it out on my own. I'm pretty good with doing that though, if I was to be honest. If there's something I want to learn how to do, or want to figure out, I will keep trying until I succeed. I can sure be determined when I want to be!

[SRB] Bento Posing

I mean, the pose wasn't really *spectacular*, but, I was so pleased with myself that I figured out how to move the fingers! It's not my favorite program (Poser), as I had to learn how to pose in Blender, which is not a strong point for me. But I'm learning. And I'm getting better with each pose.

If you're interested in these bento poses I made, I have listed them on the marketplace for rather cheap.


So, I've had my Catwa head for a couple months now, I switched when Bento came out. I have found a few skins that look nice, but honestly, I have never felt like "me" in them. I became so attached to how young my beloved LOGO head looked, Catwa skins are older looking, heavily contoured, never really felt like "Sai." I came across a gacha, It was a Catwa skin, but, it looked really young, which I really liked. I tried on the skin, and fell in LOVE. (Well, tbh, I put several thousand $L into the machine, until I got the rare, THEN I tried on the skin a couple days later). This is the *first* skin that I finally feel like myself in. It's been so long since I have felt like this with my head, I've forgotten how it felt, to feel at home. Weird, right? Only in SL. *laughs*

[SRB] Like Myself

Maitreya also came out with bento hands as an addon to their body. I have had the Vista hands pretty much since they came out, so it wasn't such a huge deal to me. But, I took off the Vista, replaced them with the new Maitreya ones anyway. I don't notice much difference, but some people do. So that's okay. I spent the rest of the night, updating my Catwa head (switching all my saved slots to a new, updated HUD, I swear is the biggest nightmare of all, there has GOT to be an easier way, ugh), updating my body, putting all my body paint back on... LOL. It was a night, ohmigosh. I even switched out my Catwa teeth to the Lelutka Beast Teeth. My canine teeth are just a wee bit pointier than normal now, but the Lelutka teeth look SO much better. However, I can't be bothered to buy an entire Lelutka head, just to get human teeth. These pointy teeth are close enough, and I don't even think anyone would really be able to tell.

After all that, I really didn't even feel like dressing myself for the photo, so please excuse my comfort clothes. Mesh life is exhausting sometimes.

I'm learning to love my Catwa head, after all these months. I will forever miss the LOGO expressions, but the Catwa is growing on me. Besides, someone will eventually release an animation HUD that will give me better expressions.... RIGHT?!

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