Hi, which few readers probably still visit me here!

It's time to say an official goodbye to saipennell.blogspot.com. I've attempted several times throughout the years to come back to SL, to re-claim my love for it. But in reality, the majority of the friends I've met along the way have moved on, and my once top of the line computer, is now struggling to keep up with the changing requirements of this virtual world. I pop in to SL every now and then, because I still adore the breedables, but it's just not worth trudging through client side lag on a daily basis for me.

However, I have not completely stopped blogging! I have a RL blog, for those of you who follow them in addition to the SL ones.

This is where you can read up on the real world adventures of the person behind Sai Pennell. I blog about DIY projects, my lovely new apartment, my marriage to the RL human behind Jeffry Heartsdale, and most recently - the addition to our golden retriever into our lives