I feel like this right now:


Why, you ask? I shall tell you :D
  1. I'm extremely stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner. I love pumpkin pies, but I'm so full, I don't think my stomach is capable of eating any anytime soon. XD
  2. Family. OMG, there is nothing I hate more than dealing with the family during the Holidays. Its so exhausting. :/
  3. I finally finished my Lolita pose set. Its been a bit exhausting to do, but I'm excited to be done with them. I just need to make the picks rewards gift, make ads, and stick them in the store. I'm hoping to be done with this by Sunday.
  4. There are a few things that have been on my head lately, but am unsure about them as of right now. However, I don't really want to blog about them until they are done, finished, sorted out, and for certain. So, its been draining my thoughts a bit. They are very awesome things that I'm very excited about, but - just needs to take some time to come to reality. ^^
So, I am stuffed full with foods, tired, exhausted, and bleh feeling, but, I am quite happeh! \o/


OMG, I'm feeling so much better now without a toothache, so back to blogging I go! I mentioned a few posts ago that - I got tired of my little black house, and decided to move on to a bigger, lighter colored home. So, I went back to Pixel Mode and purchased a beautiful home - The Fallingbridge.

Now for my rant. It wasn't long before I realized: this house does not have lockable doors. I live next to a club, and it seems random people like to come up to my door, so lockable doors is a must for me. I was shocked that this home wasn't equipped with them, so I sent the creator a notecard about it a few days after purchasing.

Over a week later, I received no answer. I decided I was done waiting, and spent ALL NIGHT last night working with these doors and trying to find a script that works with multi-prim double doors. I finally found some, which worked awesome! OMG, thank you for offering these scripts for so cheap, Scripts'R'Us! All I really had to do was drop them in and go. \o/

So, here is a preview of the house, as of last night:


However. In my half angry state of "omg this stupid doors", I got the not-so-smart idea to mod my house. It is a beautiful house with 3 rooms, a hallway and a large bedroom, but I've been having sooooo much trouble deciding what to put in 3 separate rooms. So, my idea was, to take out walls, and just make it one giant room. Well.... epic fail!


I now have this HUGE room that I have absolutely no idea what to do with. Seriously, I'm clueless ;_; I already have a couch and a fireplace, and a bedroom - so, I'm stumped on this room. I also got another idea to retexture the floor. Note to self: No SL while angry! :O


I got a dog too! I call him Chevy, and he is kinda fun to share the house with. It does suck being in this house alone, so having Chevy to play with is cool. He is one of Zooby's new Ultimate Pets that interact with toys. Very cool :D


Sorry for my lack of blogging lately. I've been having some really bad toothache problems, as I touched on in my last post. I have no health insurance, and going to a dentist was not an option for me. So, I've been irritable, frustrated and in a foul mood the past couple weeks. I've been feeling a lot like this lately:


Seeing how my toothache will not be going away, my uncle offered to pay for them to get pulled, as an early Christmas gift, so... yesterday, two wisdom teeth departed from my mouth. I still feel kinda bleh from having them pulled, and I need to remember to take the antibiotics they gave me (omg, how can a tooth get infected, anyway? XD) I do feel soooooo much better without my toothache, its amazing. I'm also excited I'll be able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without pain this year \o/

So, I do have plans to finish the Lolita poses and the December Picks Rewards gift definitely by the end of this month. :D Hmmm. The picks reward poses are going to be difficult to make, I have no idea what I want to do! :O Something with snow? What kind of poses do you do in snow? XD

And, another goal I have now I'm able to focus on things: get my inventory under control, in time for the Christmas hunts. :D


So, I know I haven't been blogging as much as I used to. I've been having a really bad toothache for the past week or so that has given me constant pain, and painkillers do not help at all. I've also been looking for a new place to live in RL, so that is sapping away time and energy from me as well. But anyway - enough of that, I have finally started on a new pose set currently being called "Lolita".


I've only made 2 so far, but its a start. I think these might be more difficult than the previous sets I've made, just because I can't find many pictures with lolita-style dresses. But, I think these 2 poses turned out pretty cute :D My goal is to have them finished by Thanksgiving, so I can focus on a big release for Christmas.

I've also updated my blogroll thing to that new-ish spiffy list that sorts blogs by the date updated. :D I've added a couple blogs, and also updated a few. It's been something I've been meaning to do for a while, but always seemed so difficult. And surprisingly, it wasn't too difficult. :D


So, I've been doing a bit of grid-hopping with Kamian, and I still think its fun! This time, I don't know how it started, but we got the idea to go to Victorianna Castle. I was there a long time ago, before my blogger blog, and it still had a few places that were being worked on, I think.

This was also the perfect time to get all dressed up in theme and have fun, so I scoped out the most adorable gothic-lolita dress I can find (with help from tons of plurky people!).


Victorianna is an impressive build, really. Its quite old, and can probably be made even more awesome by SL's modern sculpties now - but, I think it's still amazing.


And, with all these prims used, I find it pretty amazing that its located on mainland! How did they manage that? :O


And no matter which camera angle you use - it still looks amazing XD


The part that was unfinished last time I visited, turned out to be a ballroom! Beautiful, and well done, but still makes a single Sai very sad. :P


I didn't explore all of it with Kamian though, because we happened to find this gigantor chair and sat there for half the time talking xD


And, my attire for the exploration! Aisuru asked me a little while ago to do poses for poofy dresses, so when I seen this, I was totally inspired to do Poofy Dress/Lolita poses! I plan on making them really cutesy-like, so I'm going to have fun with this series of poses :D

In-World Location: Victorianna Castle, Hogback (52, 186, 109)


So, I dragged Kamian away from building, to come explore a sim with me! It's actually really weird to go explore with someone else again. I've been exploring sims for a while by myself, that it just doesn't really seem fun anymore. So, to have someone to roam around with, actually brought some fun back into it for me. ^^

I had to warn him beforehand that I took TONS of pictures of everything and everyone, and he was pretty patient with me as I took all the pictures I wanted. And, he even took a few of his own :P

So, I dragged him away to the "Rez" sim. It reminds me a little of AM Radio's builds (such as The Far Away and The Quiet), and also a bit like ChouChou. But, its really beautiful.


The really sad thing, is that it's a OpenSpace sim, so it might be going poof soon, with the new LL rate changes and stuff. So, I think - if you want to check it out, it might be best to hurry up and see it, just in case ^^


It kind of had the tone of a old, rundown small town, that was abandoned, and left to fall apart.


My PC doesn't like to capture glow with high-res snapshots, but this was actually really pretty in here, with light rays and all. ^^ Even writing on the wall, which didn't make much sense to me.


Some parts of this sim were just eerie and creepy. Like, seriously.


Though, it does make for some pretty awesome pictures ^^


There are a couple wheelchairs around the sim. One is even flipped over and broken, in a bunch of bloody smears :O


I used the "Blizzard" windlight setting to take my pictures, which I think was perfect because of all the falling snow around.


Kamian suggested the tracks look like the ones from the anime movie, Spirited Away, and they really do.


I snapped a picture of him, and I didn't think he was expecting it at the time. (Hey, I did warn him that I take lots of pictures, and he should be prepared to be blogged! :P)


I also managed to snap a few pictures of us. I tend to do this with every sim I explore - get at least one photo of me in the sim, with whoever I visit with xD


Also managed to get another one. It was a really beautiful place, and it's really been a long time since I visted something so interesting and pretty.

In-World Location: Rez (128, 128, 0)


So, quite a few crazy things have been happening lately. I decided to get a new house (pictures will follow once I finish it), Envision's sim texture has been changed to snow, and I somehow got involved in a bunny war! :O

So, in Ch'Know chat, Laleeta mentioned something that I didn't even see her joke, and I was like, huh? After scrolling up through chat, thinking I missed something, I looked outside the doors to my land, to find this:


After several :O :O 's, I decided to fight back! (BTW, this is about my giant bunnies I bought, which can be seen in my last post here) My response that I placed on her land:


Let the bunneh wars begin! \o/



So, I've been somewhat busy this week! While I was wandering around my land, I came to the realization that I had tons of space unused. I really only wanted a smaller plot of land when I bought it, but I wanted extra land for the prims. OMG, I'm such a prim hog! But anyway, I decided to make my pond bigger, to use up some extra space. I mean, I pay for it, I might as well use it all, right?


The first thing I did was go out and purchase the two adorable HPMD bunnies that I've been wanting, ever since I seen them on Laleeta's land. These are what I molded my new pond around :D


I think they are totally awesome, and have poses built into them! XD


I do think the new pond turned out pretty well. Its much bigger now, and I put in a couple more trees, and I enjoy it :D With the size of it, can it really be called a pond anymore? Or is it a lake now? *Scratches chin*

In addition to making my pond bigger, I've also been working on some new poses that I finally finished last night! These are inspired from "Red Carpet" events, and gave me a chance to use the huge stack of People magazines that my roommate/cousin brings home from the grocery store every week.


I am actually pleased with these. My main concern with these type of poses, was that they were going to end up looking the same. Because, as I flipped through the magazines looking at the poses, actors/musicians really only stand a few ways as they pose for pictures. But luckily, I had so many magazines with so many pictures, I didn't have much trouble at all with it. ^^

I still need to make ads for these, and I hope to have this set, as well as the couple's pose finished and in the store by Friday :D

And yes. I really do go out in public looking like that. O.o;


I think, my new store is a huge inspiration. I've started "Red Carpet" poses, which will be based on the poses that celebrities do walking into the Oscars or whatever. And, I also did a couple's pose, which, I will show a teaser picture here:


It originated from a manga called MARS, where the female was laying on the guy, with her face buried in his chest. Well, I couldn't get it to look decent with the SL avatars, so I took the idea, and made it my own, into something that works. :D

Should be hitting IE in the next couple of days. ^^

BTW, I won't bore you all with the "I Voted" stuff, because.... I don't vote! (And am slightly annoyed by all the political crap on TV lately) :D I will be soooooo happy when its over, so I can go back to watching normal commercials. ^^

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