Bleh. My computer is starting to hate me. Occasionally, my SL client has been acting weird. While I was camped out at Illusions, waiting for the lucky chair the other day - I turned around to see my world in rainbow colors. O.o I took a pic:


Now, I'm pretty sure this is my graphics problem - but it only seems to happen occasionally, and really isn't much of a bother to me at all. Just a little weird to turn around and see rainbow trees XD I was watching Siyu landscape this portion of the island a few days ago, and it was totally amusing, surprisingly. Watching people play with big giant rocks is oddly fun. O.o

Oh, I changed the header over at my Fashion Blog, Fashion Labyrinth, and I am so in love with the pose. I made it to emphasize my ears, but every time I look at the pose, I giggle to myself. Its soooooo goofy XD Heh, here is the picture I took for my header, that shows more of the pose:


I love it :D Its almost a shame to keep it to myself, so I am wondering what I want to do with it. I don't think many people have elf ears, so they probably won't be interested. I think maybe I'll send it out to my group next week - maybe one person out of 600 would have a use for it :D Of course, if any of you want it, feel free to send me an IM, and I'll pass it to you ^^

Speaking of - I am so excited that today is the first day of my second sale at Imperial Elegance! This will be the second sale that IE has went through - and I think its even better than last time :D Last sale, was my big moving sale, and everything in the store was 50%. This time - I'm retiring older poses and making them $15L each~ I have learned so much more posing techniques since I started making them, that eventually I would love to go back and redo some of them, using my more "modern" techniques.

But before then, I have several pose sets I've started, but have yet to finish. Sword poses are pretty high on my list - but, I've become stuck... I mean, there is really only so many different poses you can do with dual swords. I've looked up Miyamoto Musashi artwork, because I know he practiced the two sword techniques (called the Nito Seiho, I think?)... but, there doesn't seem to be too much on him. I also have some despair poses to finish, but... again, there are only so many ways to cry. O.o;;; But, I am trying to get them out as soon as I can! :D In the meantime.... I'll give you a teaser pic!


Heh. This is among my favorite of the sword poses so far. :D