So, the meme going around the blogs this week is What's in your bag. So, I've decided to try it out and show whats in mine. I usually don't carry around a bag - I prefer to just shove some money and important things in my pockets and go off. But sometimes at events and stuff, I carry one around.

  1. I am picky about my bags - I don't like them to be like duffel bags or really big, so I try to get the smallest bag possible that will hold all my important things. This little Dooney & Burke bag was my gift to myself when I got my first income tax check. :P
  2. My car faceplate. I never leave it in my car, even when I park in the garage. Its such a habit now that it comes out of the car with me, and back in the car whenever I go in it. Somehow, the remote to the stereo comes with me too xD
  3. Car keys. All I have on my keyring is my Camaro logo thing, the 2 keys required to get into and start up the car (yep, its an older car, so no spiffy automatic door thingers for me!). I also have the mailbox key on the ring too. :D
  4. My wallet. It holds what little monies I have, old student ID cards, driver's license, and other important things. It was a gift that was supposed to match another bag I had at the time, but I don't have that bag anymore.... was too big XD
  5. 2 pens. Just in case one goes out, I have a back up. And, they are my most favorite pens.... ever.
  6. My cell phone. Its old, outdated and ancient, but hey - it works. Its uncomplicated and I've had it for years. :D
  7. The pill container - my moblie pharmacy. I keep tylenol, midol, allergy medicine, and whatever else I need in there. Just pop it open, choose a pill and be happeh. :D
Haha, I'm so boring. XD


So, my computer really died on me this time, and I have a feeling I will be paying out the rear for it to get fixed. I've had this same problem before, but since then, its got really worse, and it seems nothing I can do will fix it. I've been logging in to SL using a spare PC that is absolutely horrible with running SL, to spend time with Kamian and do a couple other random things. And not being able to leave my land because of PC lag makes a Sai very grumpy lately.

I feel really bad for the poor souls who have to listen to me rant and complain about my PC problems, and Kamian has been really patient with me. But still, I was really looking forward to spending my Christmas in SL with him. I really have everything I want in SL - which made gift ideas really difficult for him, I'm sure.

But, there was one gift he gave me that I will remember for a long time. But first, a back story: He invited me to come with him to his friend's wedding a while ago, which was sweet - it was like, our first event as a couple. :P So, we dressed up and went. Afterwards, he told me he wanted photosphere pictures of us dressed up, which made me go "Hmmm.. O.o;" ... because he never really brings up wanting to get photosphere pictures.

But, we got some cute ones together, and I am thankful I saved the ones I got onto my flash drive before my computer crashed. Anyway, he was snapping pictures away, and I don't think I realized how many pictures he was taking. XD

So, we exchanged gifts yesterday, because we both had RL things on Christmas and such - I never expected him to have done something like what he did, it caught me so off guard. This was my super-awesome Christmas gift from him:

Kamian and Sai by Gabrielle Sinatra

He had talked to Gabrielle Sinatra about photoshopping this particular picture of us that he took during our little shoot. I was so in shock that he had done something like this for me, I seriously couldn't think of anything to say. To me, it was the most perfect gift. He had framed it really pretty for me in-world, and it looks so awesome.

It's just a picture though? No wai. It's the thought that he got some good photos from our little photoshoot, that he liked it so much to actually make arrangements to make it even better... it made my little store cards I got for him look so lame. :/

I was so happy for the rest of the day, and even into today. I've never had any photo "professionally" done by anyone, so this was extremely amazing, I cried for like 10 minutes - I was so happeh and touched by it all. XD After dealing with some RL things, mainly being my PC death, I was so emotional over this. I don't even think he realized how much I'd love it. :P I hung it on the wall in the kitchen - which is pretty much the only place I am able to, considering my house on Byakuya is almost completely glass. I told him he has to make me a house thats focused around this picture now :P

Kamian did all the talking to Gabrielle Sinatra and stuff, but he said she was really awesome to work with and, in my opinion - she did some amazing work on this picture. Her flickr stream is filled with all sorts of fantastic pictures, so I think, if you are looking for some shots done, she is definitely worth contacting.

So, to Kamian - Thank you for making my SL Christmas and the rest of my SL the brightest it can possibly be, even in my frustrating time of PC crisis. I hope we can pass more holidays in SL together. ^^

Everyone else - I hope you all had an awesome, safe holiday, and have fun plans for the new year. :D


Thanks guys, for all your comments in the last post. Yus, he's totally adorable, awesome, and makes a Sai happeh happeh. :D And, he lets me drag him around to see pretty places on the grid, go shopping with me, and all kinds of stuff. So, we went to visit the Las Lagunas sim a while ago - but, I just now got around to editing pictures and blogging them.

laslagunas (6)

I should mention first that I have begun slightly post processing scenery pictures, to make them a little brighter and more lively, but I'll never take away the true beauty of a sim ^^

laslagunas (7)

Anyway, Las Lagunas reminded me a bit of like, a really spiffy and posh resort thing. It was filled with sculpties everywhere (which, honestly made my PC run a lot slower), but it looked really pretty.

laslagunas (8)

The majority of the sim seemed to be empty rooms, open for rent for a store or something. Kind of a pretty place to open up a store, I think.

laslagunas (9)

This place just has tons and tons of photo opportunities and can come up with some really great shots.

laslagunas (10)

And, it even has a pool that uses system water, which I think its a brilliant idea. Kamian seemed to find his way into this picture - taking a swim when he thought no one was looking, I guess. XD

laslagunas (12)

Another picture of the pool, closer, and a different angle. Totally pretty.

laslagunas (13)

There was also some kind of club thing here, it looked like. It had something that looked like a DJ table, and stuff. ^^

laslagunas (1)

While all that was pretty, my favorite area was behind the resort thing, where all the palm trees and open sand was.

laslagunas (2)

A few months ago, I would have went to Bora Bora Isles for some beachy pictures. But now I don't think I can imagine going anywhere else - because this sim was just way too photogenic. ^^

laslagunas (4)

Seriously, it is really beautiful, even without post processing. I think if you haven't been to check it out yet, you definitely should soon.

laslagunas (3)

I even managed to sneak this picture of Kamian while I was there.

laslagunas (5)

I always have to take a picture of us, no matter which sim we visit, so here is the one for Las Lagunas.

In-World Location: Las Lagunas, Las Lagunas (128, 128, 2)


Ok, it's obvious I've been hanging out with Kamian quite a bit from all my exploring posts lately - so he's not really new to my blog. Several of my friends know by now (and even suspected before it happened - how does that happen, anyway? XD), but - I'm currently seeing him (officially?) now. :D I iz happeh!


While he is quite a non-public person, he did agree to let me write this blog post. As I told him, I respect his privacy, and I will attempt to keep my writings on him as minimal as I can, but - since he is part of my SLife now, he is bound to pop up every now and then.


So, I took him into the photosphere with me to get some pictures of us for this post. I've never really modeled with anyone before, but he was quite patient while I freakishly perfected each pose's position and all.

Anyway, I'll wrap it up here now. I can probably go on and yap about him for hours, but I don't think he'd be to happy with me. :P


Hi guys! Today I am happeh happeh! I've been struggling with the Pixel Mode house I purchased a few weeks ago. It has tons of wall space to fill, and too many rooms. I attempted to take out the walls and create a huge room - but it ended in total fail.

So, I went hunting down a new house. I went everywhere I could think of, and ended up somewhere I've never been before. This place didn't have their houses out on display to see, but I thought one looked so cute in the picture, I had to buy it.


I am so pleased with it. Its much easier to furnish than the Pixel Mode was, and I love all the windows in it. It came with the kitchen, the fireplace and shelves in the bedroom, which is awesome. I plan on posting more pictures later on - when I get it all furnished.

But, I did come across a few really annoying problems. The windows do not tint. This is quite important to me, because when I organize inventory, I am often on my pose stand naked, and the Envision covenant says no public nekkie! So, I purchased some window tint on SLX, dropped the scripts in, and went :D Also - the doors didn't lock. I brought out my awesome scripts from Scripts R Us, and popped them in the doors - yay! Works!

Also - the house originally had a pool. But, why would I have a pool, when I have a whole ocean and pond? So, I took it out, and made it a concrete slab - perfect place for a spa :D

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