Today was day number 3 of our rain forest vacation! It was play in the water day! Jeffry and I spent the day in our swimwear, splashing around everywhere. I've REALLY been trying to hard to take really beautiful photos, and all things considered, I think I've been doing a good job! I've been really playing with my favorite windlight setting for photos, playing with different water settings. I'm very happy with today's photos!

[SRB] The Heartsdale's Rainforest Vacation Day 3

First, a fun dip into the beautiful, glassy, clear waters of the rain forest! Although this photo looks like it's going to be nothing but a huge belly flop, it was still fun! After I took this, Jeffry had me going on hunt around the sim. He has hidden several bottles with notes in them for me to find throughout our vacation. So, I find them, click on it and it gives me a notecard with a tid-bit of his feelings, and a clue to find the next one. It's been fun so far!

[SRB] The Heartsdale's Rainforest Vacation Day 3

Of course, I needed to get our daily photo of the two of us. We floated on the sim for a little while, and I snapped this photo. This intertube is actually one that came with a bikini, and is meant to be worn instead of rezzed. But, for the photo, it was a gorgeous intertube, and I chose to use it. It was like, 56 land impact! I think it was worth it though.


Today is day number 2 of our Rain forest Vacation! Well, We arrived last night at the rain forest, but we didn't really get any photos. I was way too exhausted after stressing about our packing photo to even think about planning out another photo once we got to the rain forest, to be completely honest. But, today, I woke up super-excited and absolutely refreshed for photo taking!

[SRB] Day 2 Rainforest Vacation Morning

I adore this photo! I made the pose, with the idea that I'm coming out of our hut, stretching and ready to take on the day! It turned out much better than I set out to do. The sim is just so photogenic, it's really hard to take a photo that just... doesn't look good. I know that I'm not the best photo-taker, and I and completely aware that I don't do the Rain forest enough justice, I think!

[SRB] Day 2 Rainforest Vacation Horseback Riding

After we had our coffee and woke up, we went on a horseback ride through the many paths that wind around the area. I had a lot of fun, really running around, exploring a lot of the things it has to offer. It was probably my first time really taking time to really immerse myself in it and explore. Lolita has turned off fly abilities on the sim, and I think it's so much better to walk and experience everything than just flying around from point A to get to point B.

[SRB] Day 2 Rainforest Vacation Dinner

We decided to end our second day of vacation with a good meal of cheeseburgers, fries, corn dogs, onion rings and soda. It was a really great day, filled with photos, exploring and fun. I'm also trying to make a lot of the poses that I'm going to use for our vacation photos (most of which I plan on putting on the marketplace to sell).

Can't wait for day 3 tomorrow! My husband is trying to get me out of the house tomorrow morning, so he can plan "something", I'm kind of nervous to see what he has cooking in his head!


Tonight, the Heartsdale's leave for vacation at the Rainforest de la Oleander! It's been a really, really long time since Sai and Jeffry actually did anything in SL together (probably ever since we moved in RL together, that's been like, 5 years). And even then, I don't think we've been on an actual SL vacation.... ever. It's about time this happened! I've been wanting to go on a vacation, and when I saw Lolita Oleander post about them on her Flickr, I knew the time has come. I made the reservations with her last week, and I've been WAY excited ever since!

I spent several days trying to put together our packing photo. It was a exhausting job of trying to accumulate enough luggage, and bags. Even more exhausting was looking through my inventory, trying to see what else can I put in the photo. I had the hardest time trying to find a pose that fit my vision. In the end, I made and went through about 50 different placements/poses around this stuff, before making this one with Anypose.

The Heartsdale's Packing for the Rainforest

It turned out so perfect, I couldn't have planned it out better. I really wish that TMP head allowed a smile, though, as it makes it look like Jeffry really despises the idea of this vacation. LOL! But it's okay, because I look excited enough for the both of us! But anyway, it's fun, silly, and perfect for us! I love it just the way it is!

I'm really going to try to take at least one photo of us a day there, because in the 5 years that we have been together in RL, we have very few SL photos of us. I really want to fill the picture frames in the house of us! All the photos in our house are super old, pre-mesh photos! THE HORROR!

So! Here's hoping for an amazing week at the Rainforest for us! I have nothing planned, because I haven't been on the sim yet - but I'm sure it will be a busy, fun week!


It's a little over halfway though the RFL Family Fun Fair, and it's occurred to me that I haven't taken as many photos as I have been wanting to! So, I decided to go around and snap a few photos today. I said in my last post that I'm treating the experience like I am at camp, and I've very happy I made that decision because, it really kind of feels that way to me! I'm enjoying so much of it, the building events (we made a pet rock, a candle, and also a bear!), the games (bumper boats, paintball, pushing each other around into lava, yay?), and starting almost every morning with a story time. It's been absolutely amazing.

[SRB] Ennaline at the RFL Family Fun Fair - 01

One of the things I've been having the most fun with is - collecting badges. Some events, and some stores give out badges that you can link up to your lanyard. It's a fantastic idea, and it's really motivating me to do things that I did not think I would try otherwise. I would have typically looked at an event and thought, "that will make me look so stupid", and not even go to it. But, I've been making a point to myself to try everything at least once. And you know what? It's been so worth it, there hasn't been an event that I did not enjoy!

[SRB] Ennaline at the RFL Family Fun Fair - 02

So far, I've got nothing bad to say about the Family Fun Fair, everything has been amazing, fun, and I'm still looking forward to every single day there!


The RFL Family Fun Fair started yesterday! I have been SO excited for this for weeks! Mainly because, I heard that there will be bunk rentals, and it will have fun activities like camp does. OF COURSE I needed to rent a bunk there. As soon as I was able to, I logged in and immediately ran to decorate my bunk! I had no idea what kind of bunk I wanted, and even had no idea where to purchase one. But, I improvised, and while my bunk probably isn't as cool as everyone else's, I think it turned out pretty neat! A lot of the other kids seem to be camp pros, by attending the previous Camp Hardknock, and the Playdate Cruise, but this is my first "bunk decorating experience."

RFL Family Fun Fair - Bunk 01

I'm really loving this fair thing! I've been trying to go to as many event things as I can, and really enjoy as much of it as I can! I'm loving being just a kid, wearing weird things, and supporting the RFL charity! Today, I've worn weird glowing goggles, a laser gun, a KFC bucket container on my head, and a balloon headpiece! It's fun, and I'm really trying to make an attempt at coming out of my shell a little bit.

RFL Family Fun Fair - Bunk 02

While I know this is not camp, I'm really trying to treat it like it is! And that's okay, because I'm having so much fun, I can't wait to see what the rest of the week will bring for me during this fair!

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