What is going on at the Viva La Glam sim?! I went there to look for a handbag prop for my next set of poses... but I never expected to see this....


It was absolutely insane to walk around a flooded shopping sim! I was just in awe at how bizzare it was to me. XD However, it was oddly beautiful, in it's own, strange way.


Oh. But it wasn't just flooded on the outside. No, inside the stores are flooded too!


I really hope these stores have good flood insurance! If not, this will definitely be costing them a fortune. XD


But seriously, this whole experience with walking around this sim was strange. Like, it doesn't seem like this was just some weird terraforming accident - it appears to have been done on purpose. But.... why?! O.o


Viva la Glam is one of my most favorite places to take pictures at - I adore the build's textures, height, and overall appearance. And even with it flooded to my waist, I still couldn't resist taking tons of pictures. Its beautiful in a different way.


I really can't wait to see what the sim owner's plans are for this. I think there must be a reason they decided to flood it - and I'm sure its going to be good :D

(And, omg. Have I ever mentioned how much I looooooove my new video card? Without it, these pictures wouldn't have even been possible XD)