I've been seriously slacking on pose making lately. OMG. I've been utterly obsessed with the Illusions lucky chair the past few days - I only leave it when I go to sleep IRL. Siyu recently put 5 new items in there (a mask, usagi ears, safety pin earrings, a vase with flowers, and some cute sculpted vampire teeth), and even though I don't necessarily *need* them, I want them sooo bad. So much so that I've camped in front of the chair for 3 days now! O.o;; And of course, that chair HATES me. -.- So far, I've only got the usagi ears, and I need the other 4. TT_TT

But, today.... while standing in front of the chair, I was suddenly motivated to do something other than watch the chair tick down 25 minutes. So, I opened up Poser and set to work on a pose that was requested to me a couple weeks ago. It was requested to do a girl-cuddling-on-man's-lap pose, so, I attempted it today. Interested to see it so far?

Next Couple's Pose

There it is, all set up in poser and looking pretty XD I have uploaded them into SL now, all I need to do is put them together, do some final adjustments, make the ads, and stick them in the store.

I still don't understand why I am having trouble finding something to do, when I have sooooo much that needs to be done. I have a book full of couple's poses that needs to be done, some sculpted shoes to finish, a requested necklace to make, handbag poses, sword poses, a machinima to make, a second store that needs to be completed . . . . . @_@