BBBC for day 3 is: If there was one thing on the grid that you could snap your fingers and it would be gone forever, what would it be and why? It has to be something other than lag.

Traffic. I feel very strongly about this, and I think it might be the core of several problems. The main problem I think about is: Newbies come here, not knowing their butt from a hole in the ground, and when they see "ORGY ROOM!" in popular places - they think thats all SL has to offer. So, you get the pervy newbs going around asking every female avatar if they want to screw. Its extremely irritating, because I wish people would come to SL for more than a reason to have SL sex.

Another problem I see with traffic is the money camping. While I understand new people need money, and thats pretty much the only way for them to get it - I really hate going to a sim with quite a bit of traffic and seeing nothing but campers. I think for new players, there are alternate things to make them look good, like prize camping. I have no problems with prize camping or lucky chairs (hey, even I prize camp occasionally for some time to do some much-needed inventory cleaning) :D

Now, I know I might get asked: "Why do you hate money camping, but love prize camping?" Well, prize camping cuts down on the bots, and if you like the offered prize and want it enough to camp for it - then the traffic you add to the land is worth it. ^^ Also, prize camping will get newbies to look reasonably good on no budget at all. :D

However, as I was ranting about traffic somewhere else, the point came up to me about clubs. I've never really been into the club thing (and I am definitely -not- the party type), so I have no idea how they work. But apparently, clubs rely on traffic for patrons.... (is patrons even the correct term? O.o;;) So, maybe something more traffic-correct could take its place.