Ok, so I read that Alicia (one of the most adorable bloggers ever, who I stalk her blog several times a day XD ) is doing a Big Bad Blogger Challenge, where bad bloggers have to blog every day for one week. I am not sure I can do this, but darn it, I am going to try.

For today, she provided us bloggers with a question to answer:

Why did you decide to start blogging about your Second Life?

For me, I loved exploring SL, and I always had a difficult time finding interesting places to visit. So, I came to the conclusion that I would blog the places I've been, and have pictures of them - in case other people were looking for great places. I wanted my blog to be like, my travel guide of the best places to see in Second Life. That was the birth of Sai's Random Bloggage.

But then, my inventory started growing with clothes, and I became more fashion obsessed. I found many of my fashion posts finding it's way to my blog... which was changing it. And of course, was taking over. Thats when I decided to bring in a second blog, only for fashion. Which I called Fashion Labyrinth. So, now I have my personal thoughts, travels and creation stories here, and fashion on another.

But, as if two blogs isn't enough, I had decided to start yet another blog for Imperial Elegance, my little store. I didn't want to do my store releases on Fashion Labyrinth (that would almost be tacky), or make people sort through my personal ramblings for store news - so I thought a separate blog would be best for that. :D

So, I have 3 blogs, Sai's Random Bloggage, Fashion Labyrinth, and Imperial Elegance that I created to manage the madness in my Second Life. :D