I was *finally* able to get pictures of my newest home! I have been moving a lot lately because of various reasons. But first, a back story: A while ago, I was impatiently waiting for the Harajukubox Town sim to open up, because the preview pictures looked so darn cute! It was a modern Japanese town - themed residential sim, and I adored the look of it. When the day it finally did open... by the time Bats and I got there to rent one - they were all rented out. I was honestly heartbroken, because I had my eyes on one for a while. I occasionally went back there once a week or so, to see if they had any available... but never did.

One time, I went there, and noticed they had put up a wait list sign, telling you to IM a certain person to be put on the wait list for a rental. Its difficult for me to ask something like that, so I waited a few days while I mulled over in my head how to phrase it. I eventually got the courage to write a notecard and drop it on the specified person. She replied quickly, asked what size home I wanted, gave me a list of the possibilities, and I replied with: anything bigger than the apartment.

Shortly after, Bats left SL... leaving me homeless. So, I lived in my skybox, got tired of that, then moved into a rental, and moved again. After one week in my last place (gawd, I loved that house - the ocean view was amazing, it was huge - but it was soooooo expensive!), I got an IM telling me that two rentals were available, and she asked if I wanted to come look at them. I immediately said: Show me the bigger home! She TP'ed me, and I immediately fell in love with it. I didn't need to look at the smaller rental, because this one was for me.

But - since I took so many pictures, I want to split the home post up into one post today, and the other tomorrow. So, today - I want to show the community that I fell in love with at the very beginning.


This sim has a variety of homes, apartments, small homes, large homes and beach homes. All are *very* Japanese oriented. And, this sim is attached (and seemingly a part of) the famous Harajukubox sim, that is known for its neko shopping.


There are several houses among the sim, these ones can be found up on the hill, leading to the observatory. :D


They also have beach front homes. Each rental has their own little mailbox that the owners drop mail into. The mail consists of event information, so you don't have to worry about group notices not working - you always have it in your mailbox. :D And, your mailbox has hover text that displays your name over it. Though, I am still waiting for someone to come change mine TT_TT My mailbox has someone else's name on it.


And here is the observatory - I've actually never been up there, just cammed around up there to see things.


And omg - the shrine. I originally came to SL to explore Buddhism and Shinto, so being able to be on the same sim as a shine is really cool for me :D


And, the full sim picture. I love this community so much - its adorable, charming, and has some really great places to explore and hang out. Oh, and they even celebrate Japanese holidays and events like White day, and cherry blossom viewing :D

Tomorrow - I'll do a post on which house I chose, and the inside of my home :D

But, since today was the close of the BBBC, I want to answer the final question in this post as well: What did you get out of this whole experience? Do you think this will change how you blog in the future?

If there is one thing I've learned: People actually read my blog! O.o;; This blog is very unknown, so I didn't think people knew about it.... so, I only blogged for myself (which is quite rarely). But knowing people read my dorkiness now is like: O_O I mean, I never have anything amusing to say or anything cute to show - this blog is more of my "random adventures/creations" type of thing, so I never knew it would interest anyone. XD

Will it change how I blog? Most likely. I have motivation to blog more often, but I probably will never blog as much as Alicia.... who blogs several times in a day :P

And omg! Side note on something I *just now* seen! The Creators Stamp Rally 2008 Summer is coming in a few months! I love, love, love, loved the Winter one they had~ I can't wait to do this one! :D