I have come up with a brilliant solution to the Glenn problem! After thinking about it - who says the building has to be facing my tier box? No one! I am free to rotate the entrance of my building to different directions. Heh heh heh.

And.. it just so happens that - the sim right next to IE is completely empty, and not for sale! :D W00t! I checked the acquired date: Wed Jun 30 12:57:52 2004. Haha, so it appears like nothing is going to be built on that sim in the near future.


So, if I rotate the entrance to my store... the view outside will look like this ^^ I feel much better about this now :D And, now I'll probably be quiet about it - because I have found a solution I am satisfied with ^^

BTW. I am having some serious, annoying internet problems at night. -.- It intermittently goes out, and disconnects me from SL at the most irritating times. Like, omg. I think I am going to have to call AT&T to see wtf is wrong with it. But... when I told the sibling to unplug the internet from Xbox Live... it worked perfectly fine. O.o;;