More chicken adventures! With my hen Hana, popping out eggs every day or so (sometimes even twice a day!), I've gathered quite a few eggs from her. I've stuffed them in Proteggtors, but they just keep coming, and I'm unsure what to do with them. After reading a blog entry I seen on my feed, I decided to check out the Chickens sim, to see what they have there. I came across tons of booths, and little pieces of land where people raise their chickens. However the booths caught my eye.

Wouldn't it be cool if I could set up a vendor and sell some of the eggs my chickens lay? I know my eggs are common, boring and not as pretty as anyone else's, but the booths are cheap, and it would get a few eggs out of my inventory. After thinking about it for a couple hours, I finally decided to go and rent a booth to sell a couple eggs.

Jeffry and I wandered the sim, looking for an empty booth, and he eventually found one for me. We ran over to buy a chicken egg vendor, and I spent the majority of the night, and a good portion of this morning reboxing eggs, and setting the vendor up.


I'm calling my little booth [Featherings] and it can be found here. While I don't plan to make a profit or anything from it, I do hope it pays the booth rent, gets eggs out of my inventory and lets people get more variety in their chicken coloring collections. :D


But, the best part of my night last night was cuddling with my Jeffry. Its amazing how happy this guy makes me feel, I honestly don't think I've had this happy of a Second Life in many, many, many months. I love to cuddle with him and just talk about everything that comes to mind.

I told myself I wouldn't allow my blog to become all "omg this guy is so awesome"-ish, but I'm not really sure I can help it. Jeffry is the guy I want to keep, is perfect for me, has become my happiness and is a giant part of my SL now. :D


So, I'm tired of writing about guys, and them ending up not working out, for one reason or another. Its exhausting. I considered renaming this blog to like, Sai's SLex and the City, but that would be weird. I've been hurt, not taken seriously, and took on lovahs, but none has really been what I wanted, and we've broken up for some reason or another. Whether it had been by changing what I believed in, contrasting beliefs, or them not being happy. I've recently been called a player, but that's honestly not what I'm about. Really. :/


I made a decision to fully open up to someone, take a chance and see what happens. This person was Jeffry. We were friends while I was with Pnut, and he was there for me after I broke up with him. He puts up with my crazy ex boi dramaz, and laughs about it with me. And, he is probably the first guy I actually, really put my walls down for and let myself open up to.


He's extremely sweet, and told me what he wanted and believed in right up front, so I was glad there wouldn't be surprises later down the line. And, to make things even better, what he wanted in SL, was exactly what I was looking for as well. He was completely open with me in the beginning, told me how he felt, and was so patient until I allowed myself to fall for him. :P


This was taken right after we got engaged last night. :O Yes. Sai is officially engaged. He had apparently planned out this little thing - making me get all dressed up in formals, taking me somewhere romantic, and asked for me to be his fiancee. And, there was absolutely no wai that I was going to say no to this guy. It was so adorable, sweet and romantic, I loved it. I totally adore this guy. :D


I snapped this photo of the ring he gave me after he logged off. I am a little embarrassed to admit, but I was probably a lot more excited then I should have been last night. He does want to get married, and actually have a marriage ceremony on our land. I've never envisioned myself to get married in SL, but, it appears like - its really going to happen... and I wouldn't want anything different. My home has always been my most sacred place for as long as I've had one in SL, so, I'm totally ecstatic he wants a wedding in my most favorite place. :D


So, the adventures of Sai's chickens continues! Its been a little while since my last update. For a while, things were uneventful, just me waiting for my two original chickens, Hana and Ueda to reach breeding age so they could give me babies.

During that time, I was reading up on some new chickens, called "new wave" chickens, which could make glowing chickens and come in all kinds of colors. Of course, while I was at the Sion Chicken shop to grab some food, I seen 12 of these new wave chicken eggs for sale. And yes, I bought them.

I came home right after, to see my female hen, Hana, squatting , while all the male chicken was up, clucking around. Thinking she was sick, I clicked her, to see she was at 100% with an egg :O


I was so excited... until I remembered I have 12 new wave eggs I just bought. I waited, waited and waited for Hana to lay her egg, and then the grid borked - and I was suddenly logged out. When I was able to come back, she had laid her egg, and I had missed it. :(

I decided to go ahead and rez 2 of the twelve new wave eggs I bought. So, I sat and waited for all 3 eggs to hatch :D They hatched, I named them all, gave them new homes, all was good.

Until later that night, when Hana decided to punch out yet... another egg. Then another egg the next night, while I was sleeping. So, at seven chickens, I decided to get one of those Radi-o-statics, that keep eggs from hatching until you want them to.


So, my little chicken family consists of: Ueda, Hana, Sushi, Tatsuya, Kame, Sakura, and Naruto. They have several toys, I put myself a blanket to sit with them in their pen, and they are going through food like crazy. I might need to buy those breeder food packs now. XD


Yeah, I missed posting yesterday's BBBC post, but ah well. I've done pretty good so far. Today, I want to post about someone who has seemed to burrow himself my heart, whether I liked it or not.

He's silly, runs everyone and everything over while shopping, has no fashion sense, falls asleep on me, uses the dreaded chat speak (Yes, he spcks like dis 2 me), and is a total typo king. Totally the opposite type of guy I like. But, at the same time, he's someone I've grown to really care a lot about.


Once I got to know this guy, I discovered he was adorable, kind, sweet, treats me extremely well, loves to cuddle for hours, allows me to bring out the hordes of lingerie I have, lives in a freaking mansion/palace (no joke) :O, wants to be blogged about, and is willing to put up with my horrible lack of sexytime skills.

So, this is my new boi, pnut. :D


So, its been a little while since my last update of my Free Realms playing, and The Sims 3. I has pictures!


This is from Free Realms. I recently got a dog named Bella, and leveled up to a level 20 pet trainer with her. I swear, the Adventurer job is the most difficult to level up though. xD


The thing I hate most about The Sims 3 - is I could never find a house I liked, and was too lazy to build my own. So, when I seen this one on ModTheSims, I did a complete "OMG!" and ran around to download it.


It doesn't look it, but its SUPER TINY. But, omg its adorable.


I even plopped it down on my favorite lot, so it has ocean almost all around it :D


I love making my sims do stupid things like this. xD


And having the guy sim make the girl sim foods all the time. :D


OMG I almost missed day 3 of the BBBC. I'm going to be a rebel again and blog about something other than the topic :D So, I'll blog about - the finished ImpEle build! \o/


Yes, yes. Its giant, and there is a whole wall of emptiness. But I'm hoping to fill it up soon :D


Wheee! Flowers, flowers all over the place! Its summery, fresh looking, and totally fun :D


My poses actually filled up almost a whole wall :O


Today's BBBC assignment is to describe what I think a perfect SL day is. SL is difficult to do this with, because we can control so many aspects of our environment. We are able to control the weather, mute people we know will put us down, and we always look perfect, even on the days we feel like crap.


So, what would Sai's perfect day be like? I've created a small list.
  1. No capped messages, and I recieve all my offline inventory offers succesfully.
  2. Cuddles and a conversation with someone special (who, at this time, does not exist in Sai's life).
  3. Time to check on chickens.
  4. Putting together a fabulous outfit.
  5. Somehow finding inspiration to make more poses for my store.
  6. Feeding off that inspiration to blog the outfit I wore that day on my fashion-y blog.
  7. Great conversations (most likely about buttsecks and tin foil hats) from my favorite girls in Ch'know.
  8. My perfect SL day would probably include no releases or sales from any of my favorite designers. Because a Sai who doesn't have to run out and spend all her monies is a very happy Sai. :D
All that combined would make the perfect day for my existence in SL. But, I'm still happy with my life in SL as it is. :D


Yay, the BBBC has started, and I'm totally excited! \o/ I've been somewhat slacking these past couple days, because I wanted to have something to blog about for this week. I'm getting caught up on a lot of things I listed, dropped my build, almost done making my new pose set, and now I have a little spare time to breathe, relax and blog.

Something I've been wanting to blog about for a while - my little Sion chickens. It seems everyone has them now, and after lots of "OMG, my chickens just had an egg!" and "OMG, my chicken died!" conversations in Ch'Know group chat, I finally broke down, built a chicken pen, and rezzed the couple eggs I had in my inventory.

So, a lot of people already blogged pictures of their chickens. To be slightly different, I decided to go take pictures of my chickens by using Boy Lane's Shadow Viewer \o/


The chicken pen I made (if anyone wants a copy of it for their chickens - just poke at me in world). Turned out well, I like it, the chickens appear to like it too. They roam around, play with their little toy ball that Meara gave them, and cluck away.


I never thought that these little Sion chickens could be so amusing. It seems every day when I log in, I have to check how much food they have left, if they are at breeding age yet, and if they are both still contained in their pen.


I only have two right now, named Ueda and Hana. I didn't really want to name them after friends, because I'd feel really bad and guilty if somehow I killed one. xD They are only at 3% age, and I hear once they get to 4%, they begin to breed. So, hopefully soon, I'll have another chicken family member. :D


A closer view of one of my chickens. This one is my male, Ueda. I think the male chickens are ugliest, because they like, turn green and all different colors. But, he's still got his own charm that makes me luff the little guy. :D


Because the Shadow viewer pictures made them look really dark, I turned off shadows to get a better picture of just them. :D This was taken at the regions' normal night time, so they were both bundled together sleeping, which made for a better picture. ^^


I was forcing myself to sort some inventory last night, and spent hours and hours doing it. So, when I came across some skin demos and tried them on - they actually looked pretty good to my tired, bored eyes. I filed them away, hoping to remember them when I was able to actually focus on them. And this morning, when I woke up and logged in, I went directly to the folder to look at them again. I was surprised. They actually look pretty cute! :O


The price is a bit steep, and that's what's really holding me back from buying it. I'm not sure I like them enough to spend $1500L on one. But, for some reason, I can't stop thinking about it.


Build, texutre, build, texture. The story of the second life I live now. Finishing this build has become my obsession, and I am determined to finish it by Wednesday. I've decided on textures, and am now in the process of finishing up on aligning them.


ImpEle will be the new name. The name, Imperial Elegance is way long, and really not an image I want to portray anymore. So, ImpEle - is just Imperial Elegance shortened. I've been contemplating this change for months, and finally decided to go ahead with it, as I got bored with positioning prim letters for a long name.


I was kinda bummed with how the stairs turned out. They looked great with plywood, but they didn't texture well. Ah well. I still like them. :D


There is a ton of empty space, and there probably will remain a ton of empty space for a while. XD My little building before this one only filled half the walls, and this is at least twice as big.


The pillars! OMG, I have to say little about them. The number one thing I hate most about building anything, is picking out the textures. I usually find a floor and/or wall I like, but everything else... I have no idea, and am so picky, that I never find anything that looks good. I spent a whole day sitting, brooding over what type of texture to put on them. The second I slapped on this texture, it was perfect, and I immediately loved it. :D

Its turning out really, really well. I'm very excited to finish it. :D


For a while, I've had absolutely nothing to do. I'd sit at home, uninspired, irritated, completely bored out of my mind. I started playing FreeRealms, and that kept me occupied for a while. Then The Sims 3 came out. And OMG, now I am having so much trouble finding time to do anything at all. I have a whole list of things to do.

  1. A ton of posts for Yabusaka (I really am doing it, I swear!) ;_;
  2. Blog a few looks I put together for Fashion Labyrinth.
  3. Blog about chickens.
  4. Obsess over said chickens.
  5. Finish new store build.
  6. Finish new pose set.
  7. Finish 5 more couple's poses.
  8. Decide what will be a late June picks rewards (and make it).
  9. Set up fishing for new store build.
  10. Talk to Azure complaint team about inconsiderate plot neighbors.
  11. Finish my Sims 3 house.
  12. Upload that Sims 3 house.
  13. Do new members only quests on FreeRealms.
  14. Understand that stupid TCG on FreeRealms.
So. Yeah. And now, I shall be off back into SL so I can be able to scratch something off of that list.


Wow, I was still inspired to build, even after finishing the staircases! :O So, I started out with the pillars, banisters and trim. I think it looks pretty good. Its extremely primmy, but I do have quite a bit of prims to play with, so that's good. :D


I am kinda pleased how its turned out so far. Its still far from being finished, but I am sooooo glad I'm inspired to start working again. I've had so many ideas for new poses, I hope I feel up to making more and more stuff after I finish my build :D


I love how the stairs turned out - they look so awesome. And, I do owe a special thank you to a friend who gave me an awesome tool to help me out with them - just as I was about to rip out my hair. :D


The coolest thing, which I am totally excited about - are the new vendors. I've always wanted to try some new animation vendor design, which is different from everything else. I'm tired of seeing the boring circle/square platforms with arrows - so to keep up with my summer, bright and happy theme, I bought some cool lilies, and put them down for my vendors. :D

Also, today was a day I've been waiting for, for months. The Sims 3 came out today! \o/ I've had it on preorder for weeks, and I marched my little ass up to the GameStop closest to my house right when they opened at 10am - and had my copy of The Sims 3 by 10:05am. And naturally, I had to snap some screenshots. ^^


Its so much better than I expected. The graphics are awesome, my computer has no problems playing it, the sims look so much better than they did in The Sims 2, and Sai has a total happeh when playing it.


It was an awesome break from building my new store, and I'm totally excited to see what awesome custom content will be coming out.


So, I spent a good portion of yesterday and this morning working on my new store build. I've had the land on Taygete for almost a month now, and have not been inspired at all to do any other build. Summer is coming, and I've wanted to make my new build more summery, lighter, and less depressing.


Its not near being finished, but I think it has a pretty good start. I have a lot to do, and am kinda winging it as I go along. I think I'm happy with the textures that will go on the build too - they are exactly what look I was going for. :D

I think my vacation from plurk really did good things for my inspiration - I feel up to building, blogging, creating looks for my fashiony blog, and pose making again. :D

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