I'm not doing well with the 365 project anymore, am I?


Well, I just wanted to pop on and say: These Bax 50% off for group member boots - are freaking amazing. And that comes from someone who swears off pointy toed boots. LOVE them.


Its been a while since I brought out this Sci Fi Hallway prop. I LOVE it. Its so fun to play with.



I was unhappy with the landscaping of our home, so I got some ficus trees, and redid everything. Turned out pretty nice, I think.


I added a stream from the grotto, more rocks, a tulip field, a bridge, and my adorable new trees. I love it so much more now. Its like, a little tranquil place to live.


Last week, I decided I wanted Ozimals bunnies again. But I didn't want a normal bunny, I wanted a lop. I had no idea how difficult they would be to find, nor how expensive they would be to buy. My husband and I jumped around to several places, before he teleported me to a bunny mall, to see the only lop eared bunny we were able to find. The price: $3,000L.

I was certain I'd be able to find one cheaper elsewhere, because $3,000L was too much to pay for a virtual bunny. Prices will come down eventually, right? As much as I complained and begged him not to do it, he proceeded to buy the bunny nest, and made us the owners of a lop bunny.


We took it home, and waited the hour for it to finish the birth... turned out it was a male. So I went back and picked up an adorable live female for him to eventually breed with.


My pictures are from last week sometime, so they are a little outdated. We named them Mano and Rahima (which are the names of our Aion characters), and they had their first lop eared baby together yesterday. :D

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