So, the Hump Day Party the other night was a theme of disco - and I kid you not - this was the most difficult outfit I have ever had to plan. Considering I was born mid-80's I had absolutely -no- idea what a disco was. I did a google image search and came up with a few ideas.


This was my silly outfit. OMG, I hate to say it - but I was not fond of that hair at all. The whole time I was at the party, I kept thinking: "OMG, I hate this hair, I hate this hair, I hate this hair" to the point where I couldn't even focus on the chat. O.o;; The hair just constantly looked like it was too small for my fat head, because most of if is just flexi prims going all over the place. It drove me nuts. But- I had on some really cute Last Call flares, so that was good :D


I did have to leave a bit early... which sucked. -.- I even missed Alicia's late, grand appearance. *sigh* But, I did have fun during the hour I was there :D As soon as I arrived, I immediately started snapping pictures - everyone looked so cute! I took like... 30 pictures, which you can see in it's flickr set here, if you like. ^^

And - Please don't hate me - I know I've been slacking on Imperial Elegance new releases. I've really been trying to problem solve this annoying Glenn problem, and figuring things out. I think this could be a change for the better, and I am really trying to figure out what I want IE's "image" to be, and how to accomplish that. To me, IE is my sole reason for staying in SL, it brought me back when Bats left, and has kept me here ever since. So, yeah.

But I haven't forgotten anything! I am planning a special 12 pose sparkler pose set freebie for the 4th of July (which is Independence day here in the United States), and a special freebie group gift for my group members coming. I also have sword poses, depressed emo poses, and handbag poses in the works. I *am* working on new things, and I think they will possibly be put out all at once, to make one, uber-giant mega release. :D