I've been dealing with the linden support people on an issue I been having with the standard client (It immediately crashes on me), so, they suggested I uninstall and reinstall both the standard client as well as the RC one to see if that fixes it. I did it, and I felt incredibly angry at myself for not backing up my windlight settings before I did that. I spent hours configuring several of them, so I will be using this page to document them mainly for myself (so I always have a backup here), but if anyone likes them, feel free to check out the settings and copy them to your own viewer :D

This is the main setting I've been using for Fashion Labyrinth photos, and just picture taking in general. You can see the effect on avatars, land, sky and water in this picture:


And, here are the settings to get this. You may want to click on the above picture to be directed to my Flickr page where you can view it in a larger size. :D Also note that while it isn't necessary to wear a face light, I do, in fact wear one made by Caliah Lyon (which you can find in her windlight setting notecard at her store, Muse).


I do hope these work for you, and make your windlight experience better. The pretty skies aren't all that intimidating as you may think :D