This is going to be another long, picture-heavy post. Just a warning. ^^

With my new graphics card loving windlight, I suddenly noticed my current home had no view of the sky, or any water around it. I spent 99.9% of my time in SL in my home, so I wanted to be able to look at prettiness. I had a few things in mind: I wanted an ocean view, no beach, a rental, views of the sky, generous prim offering, and a house already on the property.

I searched all night long, and found two that I liked. One was another, bigger Cherry Tree Rental in another sim with water and sky views. I loved it, the textures were great, layout was clumsy Sai friendly, and the prim allowance was very nice. However, like all the Cherry Tree Rentals, it was on mainland, and half of my water view was owned by someone else, and it just so happened that they had just claimed the land earlier that day. So, I had no idea what they were planning on doing with it, and if they were going to block my views.

The other option was on a private island, run by the same people who own the SS Galaxy. I TP'ed to a few of their rentals, and fell in love with one specific prefab home - the Vancouver. Its a prefab that I've always loved, but the doorways were too small for clumsy Sai, so I'd never even considered it when I lived with Bats. But, the house is beautiful. Looking at the price per week, I cringed. OMG, $1800L a week. *dies* The prim allowance was great though, coming in at 500. The views were great, and this was on the edge of the sim, with no sim blocking my ocean at all. I shut my eyes as hard as I could, and paid the rental box. *sigh*


I am pleased with the home though, its very beautiful. This is a picture of the driveway, right off the main street. It also appears that they have a trolley or something that goes by every so often. O.o;;


And, the back of the house, that gives me the view I wanted. I had even considered taking in a roommate, mainly because this is a little too much house for me, but decided against it.


This is my view from my driveway. The neighborhood seems nice - I never seen any spare prims randomly on walkways.... it looks very well kept. And, in all the time I've been in the sim, setting up my furniture and hanging about, I've been the only one in the entire sim. O.o;; Its like, almost deserted.


And, of course, I had to include a shot of the view. I love it so much - its completely unobstructed. :D


This little patio area is my favorite place to sit and AFK so far. Its great with my little outdoor set from The Loft. And the fireplace, omg - so cute :D


Now, going into the house - this is the view from right inside the front door. I got a lot of my living room set from The Loft, just with items from various sets. XD


And, the front of the couch. I got the couch, table, and rug from The Loft, and added a cute rose that I picked up from Rustica a long time ago to the table top. If you touch the table, it gives you an animated pillow which you can rez, and sit on. Once you get up from it, it disappears. :D


OMG, I love my view. ^^


My bunneh. Of course I had to bring him with me :D Oh, and I am still moving in, so I was bored and put the boxes there XD


The kitchen set came with the house, which is great because it saves me a couple of prims. I added some bowls, chairs, cut flowers, a plate of food, and a fruit plate.


The hallway that leads to the bedrooms. Cute, no? :D


This seems to be a bedroom, but I used it for my kotatsu and fireplace I bought for the previous home. Works well, and is the perfect size for them. ^^


And, lastly, my bedroom. I love the fireplace. ^^

Like my last place, I don't intend to keep my home a secret - if you would like to come over to hang out with me, or organize inventory or something, just poke me in-world and I'll give you a SLURL - if I'm not changing or something :P