Ok, ok - I'm not moving from my adorable Hbox Town home. I waited a really long time for it, the community is adorable, I have a mailbox with my name it (!!!), and the admins are 2 (possibly 3?) hawt, funny, eared pixel guys. :D

So, why did I go out and get new land? Well. Long before the opening spot at Hbox, I was eying some land by the Otherland Group. As time went on, I grew curious about it, and a few days ago, I finally decided to ask about it. Once I got details on the land, I found myself unable to stop thinking about it, and somehow found myself in the middle of house shopping for this land that I don't even have.

I found myself wanting it, and thinking about it so much that I couldn't sleep. So, to allow myself to sleep again, I bought it. (Well, *rented* it for an extra $10USD tier a month, rather than pay $80USD upfront cost).

I love Hbox, and will continue to keep that place. But, I would love to put things on - like a inventory sorting party, which is physically impossible at Hbox. That place was so tiny, I could barely move around with just myself in there. This place is huge, and can hold quite a bit of people... so thats good :D

Now, on to the pictures of my new 1/4 OpenSpace sim!


Its 1/4 sim, but most of it is water, because its one of those lower-prim sims, that cost less than normal. So, I have tons of room around me and my neighbors.


I was worried with prims though - I thought once I had my house and furniture down, I wouldn't have enough prims for landscaping. But, I was shocked at how many prims I had left. Even *WITH* trees. Surprisingly, when I was completely done laying down every prim I'd ever need here, I still have 361 prims left. Like omg.


This sim has a theme - Maledives. I had to IM one of the estate managers for clarification on what it is, and is apparently tiki/tropical themed. So, I went with a airy, yet enclosed tiki-looking home. Its cute, and I like it. I had to terraform the land to fit this house a tiny bit (which is a terrifying thought), but it turned out pretty well.


My waves! I bought these while I was living on Diamond Island with Bats. They were horribly expensive (but I hear they were surfable?), and I only had them out for like, 2 weeks before he left. So, I'm excited I finally get to bring them out again. ^^


I love how open and airy this house is. Its very fun, beachy and I think its cute :D


And yes. That is a palm tree inside my house. There is a hole in the roof that it grows out of, it seems XD


The bedroom of this house. Both this bed and the one at Hbox is... unscripted. Maybe I should fix that, to amuse myself a bit. Ah, I wonder if this bed is even modifiable? O.o;;;


Meh living room. I love fireplaces - so, this house definitely had to have a fire. I'm not entirely fond of the animated texture fireplace, so I may have to take that out and put my particle fire script in that I made a while ago. And maybe put my crackling fire sound in there. :D


The dining room. I guess for when I want to sit down and eat the toasted marshmallows that I burn in the fireplace O.o;;

Want to come visit? Feel free to. The SLURL is: Faridhoo (52, 59, 23)

I don't bite, really :D And omg. Yus! Tonight will be mailbox shopping! XD