So, Kamian partially approved of my new skin, so its here to stay! \o/ Now begins the painful, frustrating and annoying task of...

Updating all my blog headers and profile pictures. I've booked an appointment with Sophia Harlow for the weekend to get my first professional profile picture done... ever. I warned her in advance that I'm quite picky with certain things, considering I've done all my pictures by myself for almost 2 years. xD

Kamian told me last night that I am, in fact, too picky. I can't argue with that. I had some extra time this morning, so I played around with a photo for my temporary profile picture, and realized, I really do put too much thought into photos. Here's the picture I made:


Its just a face shot, but it seems everything that appears in the photo was carefully planned out. I added the hat to show that I am fashionable, even if you only see my face. Made sure the hat was black, because that's the color I wear all the time. And the hair shown is my most favorite hair from my most favorite designer. It's funny to me that I care so much about a profile face shot, when nobody would even notice I had a hat on. Or anything like that. xD

Even still, I like it. I think I'll use it as my temporary profile picture until I get my picture professionally taken. And, I even changed the header to this blog. Awesome, no? XD All I have to change now is Fashion Labyrinth's header, and my plurk background :D

While I was in my profile, I even changed it a bit - and added the best quote ever. Its like the line I live by:

"'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt." - Abraham Lincoln

Oh. And I joined the VIP group for Seven Ultra Lounge. I'm definitely not a clubber.... at all. But, I've been curious about Seven for a while, and am a bit curious about how I would like it. So, I think I'm going to give it a try and check it out xD


So, the new Gala skins. I don't want to review them on my fashion blog or anything, because everyone else is talking about them on the feed. Since this blog isn't on the feed, and I give myself more freedom on this blog, I want to talk about them a little here. :D

I had grabbed the Gala group gift when it came out, tried all the demos of every face that was included with the gift, and came to the conclusion that they looked like crap on me. I was sad because I really liked the new faces of them (especially the new lips on Breeze), and kinda liked the shiny on them. I've tried Redgrave skins, and newest Laqroki skins (who recently started going shiny) - but none of them really called out to me. So, I was kinda depressed that the new shiny Galas didn't look good on my shape.

However, some of the girls in Ch'know *coughs* Sehra and Pumpkin *coughs* have been raving about them for days. I resisted the call for as long as I could, until I found myself standing in Curio purchasing a handful of demos. I took them home and tried them on once again. xD

I put on my "Normal Skin" shape (which only has a different eyelid crease number), and put on a different eyebrow shaper. I had instant cuteness! :O

Now, I've been wearing my previous Gala skin since they came out. They first came out at the skin fair last year, which I think was almost a year ago. So, I've had my previous skin for almost a year now, and I have never changed it. Sai changing skins is a seriously big deal. And I think I like this one enough to put my older Gala away for a while.


I found myself in total luff with the Breeze face. It's soft, cute, and doesn't make me look angry or sad. :D And, it's also a fair bit lighter than my older skin. I'll have to modify my windlight settings and such so I don't look washed out all the time. ^^

I had a nightmare of a time deciding on a makeup. Mainly because, my favorite really dark eye makeup, nude lip was not an option. It was all lighter-colored makeup options. I couldn't decide on one, and the fatpack was only $3,000L, I just gave up and decided to get them all. After all, I heard the number of skins in the fatpack was a total of 48? :O A deal, in my opinion.


I'm still deciding if I like the shiny (or is oily a better word?) or not, but so far, I'm kind of enjoying it. These seem to be "updated" bodies, considering the shininess is becoming popular now. I like them better than the blurred look of my older Gala.

But yeah, they still have to pass the Kamian test before I make the final decision to keep them or not. But right now, I'm loving them. They look so sweet and innocent. *snuggles new skins* :D

Seriously. LUFF. :D


So, when my main PeeCee took its last breaths a few months ago, I traded in my land home for a skybox. The land gave me quite a bit of client lag on the spare computer, but the sky seemed much better. I'm not really sure I miss my home on land, because I don't have to waste prims on landscaping and such in the sky.

This will be a huge picture post, if you don't want pictures, just keep scrolling. I am considering changing houses again, but I wanted to show this house before I get a new house again. xD


My skybox is the Purity from Pixel Mode, and is quite modified. Probably most noticeable is the windows. I wasn't fond of the blinds the house came with, so I took them off and made window tint instead. Kamian took the kitchen door off and made the entrance bigger too ^^


Ever since I received a gift from Azure Islands a few months ago with palm trees and a few 1 prim plants, I've wanted to use them. Palm trees don't really go well with grass, which is what Envision has on the land below, so I stuffed them in a pot up in the sky home :D And, after my Fallingbridge Pixel Mode home, I've gotten to love having a hot tub. So, I'm glad this house has one too :D


I've also been wanting this Planket from the Loft for like, forever. I told myself, the next house I get, will have to have a place for the Planket. While this spot isn't really perfect for it, it works well. ^^


Another set of patio furniture. XD I'm obsessed with them, I swear. I guess that's why I love houses with big patios - I have too much outside furniture that needs to be brought out xD


And inside the house, is sitting area number 1. The TV doesn't work... yet, mainly because I am so lazy and can't be bothered to get it set up. o.o;


Sitting area number 2. And, I just HAD to put the Christmas gift Kamian got done for me up. I think it might have been one of the first things I put out for decorating this house. It still makes me happy whenever I look at it. :D


Another view of the sitting area number 2. I am teh fail at SL interior design, but its still fun to do anyways.


I have blogged this before, but its part of the house, and I have to blog it again. xD My awesome kitchen that Kamian made for me. :D I didn't really like the kitchen that came with the house, so he made this really quickly. ^^


The second thing he made for me was this dining room set. Its super primmy, but there really wasn't a way around it. xD I love it still. Oh, and I made the table runner thing, I'm so proud \o/


Another view of the dining room set. The Loft sent the little console table out as a group gift a few days ago, and it looked PERFECT in the dining room, and was exactly what I was looking for for that spot. Its awesome. :D


Lastly, the bedroom. I had a nightmare of a time deciding on a bedroom set. I absolutely fell in love with a set from The Loft, but couldn't bring myself to pay $3,000L for a bed that will never be used. I hunted around, and found an entire set at Aria for less than half the bed at The Loft. This set came with a vanity, little stool thing, bed, attached bedside tables and a dresser (not shown here) for less than half the cost of The Loft bed. Oh, but the lamps were from the Loft, and I made the hanging wall things. xD

The best thing about this bedroom set: its completely color change! I can change the wood, pillow color, blanket pattern, and pretty much everything else. Omg its awesome. :D


While I love my skybox, I absolutely HATE this. I have no idea wtf it is, but it totally messes up my pretty view of the sky. When I inspect it, its called "Moon", and seems to belong to someone who lives on the opposite side of the sim. And I can't return it because its not on my land.

I didn't notice it when I set the skybox up because my draw distance was set too low. Now, its all I focus on. If I can figure out a way to move my skybox up without having to set everything back up, I will do that -_-


I did one of these not to long ago, but figured it couldn't hurt to do another, after Laleeta blogged her brave then/now picture. Here's mine:


This was about 4 days after I rezzed in world, and I knew nothing about freebie places. So, I just put a look together from a Newbie kit I picked up from somewhere xD

That is actually the oldest picture I have of myself, not surprising though. If you look that bad, who wants pictures? Seriously. XD

And, omg, I'm almost 2 years old :O


I went to my second Sculpt Studio lesson thing this afternoon! And I took pictures! \o/


Now, this class was much more informative than the last class I attended yesterday. I liked the format of the class, and the person putting it on seemed to know the sculpt studio really well.


A variety of people showed up, even a huge dragon who came flying up to the platform! :O A lot more people show up to these things than I realized, and many ask and have the same questions as I do.


What I loved most about this class, was they offered a notecard of class notes. This way, I was able to view the slides, and the text after the class - because I am the queen of forgetting things.


Later, I came home to my land and rezzed my Sculpt Studio, and played with it a little. I definitely learned alot from the classes, and was able to create this shape. I'm quite proud of it too. :D


On a little side note - a little while ago, I begged Kamian to teach me some of his building tricks. I've been sitting on them for a while, and finally made something using his skills. :D Its insanely stupid looking and silly, but I made those little hanging block things without any alignment scripts or anything. \o/


A few weeks ago, I purchased this weird in-world sculpting tool called the Sculpt Studio. I played with it for about 15 minutes, got frustrated and quit. It's so difficult to learn, and the notecards that give information on it suck really bad. I had absolutely -no- idea wtf I was doing. However, I heard that there are a ton of classes that fellow users put on. Tonight, I attended one of these classes.


It was not my first class in SL, considering my goal when I joined was to learn about Buddhism and Shinto, so I went to a couple of classes on them, long ago. But, its been a while, and was long before voice chat came into SL. xD


I only learned a little bit, surprisingly. I feel that the Sculpt Studio is crazy insane to learn, so I need to go to more classes to understand it. So, tomorrow at noon, I hear there is another class. And thats where I will be tomorrow afternoon :D


Hi guys! So, I got my new computer the other, and I'm able to play SL with no lag again, which is awesome. So yeah, I'm finally back! \o/ After almost 3 months of crappy computer issues, its really great to have the option to log in to do other things then just clear IMs.


This is the first picture I took on new PeeCee! I'm so excited about it. I love my new Dell - its pretty looking, fast, and is just plain awesome. It came early, on Valentine's Day - which caught me by surprise. It went from "Boxing" stage, to "Shipped" stage in a matter of hours - the next day, it was at my door. \o/


I've also been working on some new poses! Staff poses, actually. I hunted for a while for a good staff to use with these, and by chance - Yabusaka released the most perfect staff that I had in mind for the poses. I have 5 poses done, and will finish them by the end of the month. I also have a few ideas for couple's poses as well :D


So, I've been complaining in like, every blog post for the past month - I've been having serious computer issues, and am in desperate need of a new computer. Well, I has news! My new computer has been ordered from Dell, and is estimated to be delivered in a little over 2 weeks! \o/

I am unbelievably excited, because I really need my PC to do like, anything. I'll be able to go through hunts again, stalk lucky chairs again, explore, walk and shop again. Best part is - new computer should even be better than old PC, because I ordered a faster processor and stuffs too. :D Thanks to Kamian, who helped me decide. ^^

In the time that I've been without my PC, I've taken up a little bit of photo editing. Its a good way to pass the time, when I'm unable to log into SL because I'm frustrated with it. Even if I'm no good at it xD I shall share a few pictures :D


I do like taking pictures of Kamian and I. I rarely get to see him anymore, partly because of my PC problems, so when I am around, I try to get pictures ^^


This looks more like a Glamour Shot than anything else. xD I had a coupon code thing for Renderosity, and I always admired those people who make amazing pictures with that Instant Hair stuff. So, I managed to purchase myself some of that hair, and this was my first attempt at using it. :D It originally started off as a "lets see if I can get the hair on right" then, happened to turn into a full blown attempt at post processing xD

I love the Renderosity hair though, and I think I might go buy more packs of it if I get a little extra spare monies later :D

A couple more weeks, I'll be up to posing again, exploring and will be in-world much more often again \o/ I'm sooooo excited that I'm finally able to see the light at the end of this annoyingly dark tunnel :D

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