I find myself in the real life, knitting a lot more than I used to be. I've taken a liking to knitting socks lately, once I start one, I get on a mission to finish it and I don't think about much else. But, once in a while, I log in to SL and do something.


Usually, I do a little hunt - most recently, the Seasons Hunt, and I intend to do the Poupee Hunt (I always want to seem to want to pronounce it Poopie Hunt, I have no idea how to say Poupee). My husband and I do a date night in SL every Sunday, which is great because it feels good to go back to the time we were in SL all the time together.

I've been working on texturing a couple pieces of furniture from sculpt maps I purchased. It's fun, though I wish I had more of a sense of home style to work with. But oh well. I enjoy it.