*Sigh* With all these people getting partnered and finding 'other's', I think I'm getting a complex or something. T_T /me goes to sulk in a dark corner. :P

So anyway - I decided I needed a break from dealing with the Glenn stuff - so I set out to go shopping. I found myself at Armidi, and buying a couple of their new, adorable baby doll dresses. Unfortuantely, I was in one of my "blah" moods, and didn't think about what the skirts attached to. And of course - it was something other than the pelvis... which I dislike in any skirt.

I rezzed the skirt to put a new root prim in (a simple box in the center, so it would attach to other points with minimal rotating and frustration), took it to inventory, and put it on. It didn't look too bad, but the glitch pants were way to short, and looked really weird with my AO.


So, I spent all day like this on my pose stand in my known obsessive mode, attempting to fix it. I had to shorten each individual prim, and shrink each one to form a skirt. (Oh, the flat box is there so I know how short I needed to shrink the prims - all I had to do was shrink each prim until it meets the top of the box) ^^ I was really only done half way with editing when I snapped this picture O.o;;


However, I think the outcome looks pretty good. On the left is the original, middle is the same skirt attached to pelvis (with a little editing), and right is the finished edit. ^^ I am more likely to wear the one I edited now, because I never really like SL babydoll dresses - I can never get them to look right on me XD

I had meant to go shopping today for tonight's Disco Hump Day Party but.... well.... I was insanely sidetracked, and now it is a bit too late. I do have some really huge flared jeans.... and a few big hairs... so I might just wear them and a non-disco top.