Ok all, I am asking for a small bit of help, to any techie. As I said in my last post, I wanted a new graphics card. So, I went out and bought a GeForce 8600GT. My computer is a HP, with a Nvida 6150 LE on-board graphics card.

I installed the new video card just fine, and was totally thrilled when I booted up the system.... only to find that my monitor isn't getting any signal from the new card. Instant heartbreak, I tell you TT_TT

Now, I have tried everything I could think of.... Disabling the 6150 in my Device Manager, uninstalling it, installing the new software.... nothing. I am totally frustrated and about to cry.

It appears that the new card is working okay, the fan on it is spinning and all, but it does not show up on my computer. I have no idea what else to do, and I am at a total loss. I've been working on this for the past 6 hours, and have gotten no where.

So, I turn to you awesome readers of mine. Does anyone have any suggestions for a frazzled little pixel elf? TT_TT

EDIT: Right after posting this, I decided to restart the entire process and try all over again. And, I seemed to have gotten it to work somehow. Note to self: Read instructions before doing anything computer related. -.-

And omg - finally being able to view windlight is absolutely amazing. My computer was too low to really see windlight the way it was meant to be seen, but now I am able to put my settings on Ultra with absolutely no computer lag at all. I am so excited about it now :D :D :D


Ok, I know I've been slacking with blogging lately - but I've been soooooo busy lately! First a few RL things:

  1. I went to see The Phantom of the Opera musical for the first time ever last night, and have been scattering all over for the perfect outfit for the past week. And, BTW - it was such a beautiful, incredible show... I almost cried at the beginning scene because I couldn't believe I was actually, finally there. (I had wanted to see it for about 5 years, but was never able to) :D
  2. I've been gathering some stuff for the RL yard sale I am having this weekend. I am frustrated with my computer, and I decided I need a new graphics card... so I can finally look at the pretty windlight skies without PC lag. So, I am holding a yard sale tomorrow to see if I can get money to pay for a new video card. ^^ /me wonders what kind of card to get and how to install it. *cries*
But, I have been thinking of my next project. .... Actually, I have so many projects, I have no idea where to start. But, this is my current project:


All I need to do now is texture them. How I plan on doing that? I am not sure yet. But, I think these are cute so far :D

Also, I had a pose request the other day, which I think was a good one. ^^ I released a new couples pose yesterday at Imperial Elegance, where the man was shielding himself from paparazzi, and it was suggested that I make single poses like that. So, that is my secondary project this week. ^^ I love requests, and like aways, that person will be getting the pose set for free. :D


Today is my rezzday. I will not be having a party for it, or won't be going to any club or anything, because I am not a partier. Instead, I will be here - blogging my little heart out. I have gone through several different looks, trying to find my style in that year.

I started creating shortly after I was rezzed, starting out in a little rental space (20 prims for $50L a week) in the mainland Orient sim. But, on June 23rd, I met Bats, partnered to him on July 7th... and he really boosted me into what I am now. If it wasn't for him, I would have never moved from that little rental space.

Now, I know what you want.... old pictures of Sai Pennell. Okies, you got it.

This was actually the first picture I ever took, when I rezzed in Second Life. I did not know about group gifts, store freebies or anything back then, so I was stuck with this skin for a while.

When I finally was able to buy some linden dollars, I purchased my first skin at PixelDeep, and I loved it. I stayed with this skin for a really long time, because I met Bats in it, and he wasn't too keen on me changing skins. Oh, and back in my PixelDeep skin, I was a blonde. Calla was my favorite hair store back then :D

After buying a black hair in an ETD sale (which was the first time I was introduced to ETD), Bats told me that black hair looked great with the blue eyes I had at the time. So, I switched to black hair for good. I sometimes mixed up my look with Kin's amazing blonde tipped hair. Again, I was still wearing the PixelDeep skin here.

There was always a certain skin I always wanted, but never knew where it was. But one day, on a shopping spree, I had found it at Last Call. I picked up a demo, and braced Bats for a change in skin. He liked it, and we went out to buy it. And that stayed my skin for a while, and I actually started blogging at Fashion Labyrinth during my time in this skin.

Imperial Elegance sales were doing well, and I finally got the courage to buy Tasha from RaC (now Laqroki). It was much more expensive than my other skins, but Bats liked them, so I didn't have a problem with buying it.

After a trip to the skin fair, I settled on the skin which is my current one, which I can't see myself leaving. Also in this new skin, was when Bats left SL, and when I became partnerless. I was with Bats about 10 months out of my 12 in Second Life. And, this was the point where I switched from being neko, to having elf ears.

Now, Imperial Elegance made some huge changes as well. As I previously said, I rented a tiny place in Orient, selling some skirts I made for $10L a piece. I drooled over the designer clothes, wondering who could afford such things. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of Imperial Elegance this early on, but I've kept pictures of every building it was in since then.

This was Imperial Elegance's first actual land. This little 512 was bought by Bats as a early b-day gift for me. Its probably important to note that the lant this was on was about 3 lots over from where Bats proposed to me. So, it had special meaning to me, and I wanted my store here. :D But, this is really when IE started to take off. I joined Fashion Consolidated shortly after moving here. As I sat in the store after sending a FashCon notice out, I noticed the extreme lag. Think the Last Call closing sale was bad? This was just like it. I almost cried at watching the people walk, but not get anywhere. So, it was time to move.

I next moved it to Flounder, the same sim in which our home was at the time. I was verty paranoid watching the minimap, and seeing people come and go without buying anything. Kept making me wonder what is wrong with my stuff. So, I wanted to move it away from the place I lived.

The next place was Glenn. I love Glenn so much. This was a huge move for me, and all I could think when I bought it was: "OMG, its so HUGE!!!" But, it didn't have any lag, and it was away from me. Sold.

Imperial Elegance was doing great there, but, I was running out of wall space for my ads. Thats when I started looking around Glenn for a bigger place. I was eying a bigger plot for a while, and after showing Bats, he bought it for me, even before I can tell him not to. I spent a few days puting up walls and floors, and moving stuff in. I held a half off everything sale to celebrate my move, and was shocked at the outcome. This is where it is at now, and because I am running out of space again, I am even looking at a plot that is twice this size. XD

The year in retrospect: I've had a great year, meeting interesting people, I've had lots of interesting experiences, good memories (and bad ones), and have seen many amazing things. I think I have come very far in this virtual world, and I am very grateful for the people who support me.

The future: I will continue to create, explore, shop and blog - its really all I have now. There are a few goals I have not yet reached (owning a sim, getting asked to participate in a fundraiser or grid-wide hunt), so until my goals are archived, I will still be here for many more years to come.


Ok, warning: this will be a long winded, picture heavy post. If you don't like looking at me for long periods of time, please run away now. :P No, but seriously - there will be a lot of pictures, and quite a bit of me rambling - so just ignore this post, if you so wish ^.^

I have been living in a skybox above Imperial Elegance for a few weeks now. Its been fine, but two things have been starting to get to me. First, and most importantly: I am getting really paranoid watching the dots on the mini map. People come and go without buying anything, and I am constantly wondering what is wrong with my products to make nothing interest them. Seems to be all I think about while I am up there. Second: I am also paranoid with prims. I fear rezzing a chair to sit on while I AFK because the prim count would go up XD

So, my only solution was to get a home outside of Glenn. Normally this would be no problem, but omg - I have no idea where to start looking for home rentals that are not insanely big, expensive or ugly.

But first, a bit of a back story: Back when I was a semi-newbie, Cherry Tree Rentals was my first *real* home. I decorated it, and loved it. It was also where I lived when I met Bats. He moved 2 doors away from me there, and it wasn't long before I moved in with him. However, this building we lived in was apartments, and our neighbors were within chat distance - who was also fond of the BDSM thing. And we heard all of it. That... was why we wanted to move.

Still, Cherry Tree Rentals was one of my favorite places to live, (minus the neighbors), so that was the only place I my mind when I decided to leave the Glenn skybox. I didn't want to go back to the apartments, so luckily, I managed to find a house managed by the same people, with a reasonable distance from the neighbors! :D :D

I spent a huge amount of time yesterday furniture shopping and counting prims. I think my home turned out pretty cute and fun. Enough talking for now, I'll show some pictures. :D

Sai's New Home - 01

Here it is! Ok, ok, so its not a Barnesworth house, but I like it all the same. I think it has character, and isn't big enough for me to get lost in (which, has happened many times before). This is on mainland, and has some mainland lag, but nothing I can't handle. Also, Cherry Tree Rentals does own the majority of the sim, so I don't have to worry too much about idiots who plan on blocking my views.

Sai's New Home - 04

This guy greets people at the door XD Bats never liked my bunneh and never let me put him in the house we shared together, so dammit, I will put him in meh house now! I think he's cute ^.^

Sai's New Home - 03

This is all new furniture~ Its a mix between The Loft (the entertainment wall and prop TV), CORN (couch and ottoman), and SLX (candles and rug). The TV was almost free at $1L, but it doesn't work. Which is fine by me, because I don't know how to work those fandangled contraptions. :P

Sai's New Home - 02

My kitchen. Picture came from the amazing Torley Linden, I hope he doesn't sue me for using them in my home! TT_TT He makes the best SL pictures, I really want him to sell them in-world XD. Anyway, this kitchen set was one of the first furniture pieces I purchased. It was with me in my first Cherry Tree Rental, in Bats' and my land in Flounder, and it even came with us to Diamond Island. Now, its still with me and back at Cherry Tree XD

Sai's New Home - 05

Next, I take you into my bedroom. This is right when you get to the second floor, and thats the cute dresser I got with my bedroom set at CORN. Oh, and I made that planter :D cute, no? ^.^

Sai's New Home - 06

Here is my bedroom. Bought it at CORN furniture, and used yet another picture from Torley. I love this bedroom set. :D And no, the bed does not have any animations in it, in case you were wondering :P

Sai's New Home - 07

Next to the bedroom set is my little fireplace with my okota. :D Fireplace is from The Loft, and I don't think the okota is being sold anymore. It was another one of the "Bats said no" things, but I bought it anyway. Oh, and the cat plushie on it was a CSR gift from the same creator to made the bunneh in the second picture here. :D

Sai's New Home - 08

And, another thing I love about this house, is it has a little third floor loft thing that is the walkway to the outside deck. I think its cool how that was made. Oh! And those hanging lights? They were part of the bedroom set. Absolutely a perfect place for them there :D

Sai's New Home - 09

And, I will end the tour of my home on the deck, with my lone patio chair. This has a single sit animation, as well as a couple's sit... which will probably never be used. *sigh*

Anyway. I don't think it turned out all that bad. I was able to fit all the stuff I wanted to, all under 300 prims. I actually think I have 5 prims left from the available 300 XD Luckily though, Cherry Tree Rentals does offer an extra prim service, where you can buy 50 extra prims for an additional $100L a week... which I hear isn't that bad. I might end up doing that, and it will raise my rent from $800L to $900L a week. Meh.

I also do plan on keeping the skybox above Imperial Elegance in Glenn though. Its where I can rezz a few hundred prims, and its a place large enough for the photosphere, where I do all my photography for Fashion Labyrinth. :D

I don't plan on keeping my home private, if you want to stop by, just poke me and if I'm not changing, or nekkid, I'll probably send you a SLURL ^.^


OMG, so I managed to get a gun from Sin Wicked, as Aeai suggested to me in the last post (and thank you so much, its perfect!), and I had tons of fun making poses for it. I went a bit overboard, making a a total of 17 poses, instead of my typical 12. But, they are just so darn fun to play with! XD

And, because I am so excited, I wanted to take a few preview pictures of them, and get a better close up of my new toys.

Next Poses

These are 5 of my favorites, though I don't think the crouching one will be sold (I might give it out to my group members or something). I also believe these are probably the best poses I've ever done as of yet. I guess thats how you can tell I was loving every second of making these poses XD

I wanted to go to some grungy, dark RP place to take some pictures (instead of just posing in my skybox -.-), but every place I went to - I read the rules in full, but their "OCC" or "Observer" policies were too strict and I was utterly confused. I wanted to check out City of Lost Angels as well, but every time I tried to TP there to get their rules... it was always full. I had also tried the amazing I am Legend combat sims... but they seem to be completely gone. TT_TT So, the skybox it was. *sigh*

I also centered my outfit around the guns, can't you tell? XD I wanted to go for that "beautiful girl with guns" look. I swear, I'm obsessed. O.o;;

Second Life Gun Prop Close-up

And, here is my closeup of this amazing piece of primwork. Definitely worth the $1000L I spent on it. And the only bad thing I could think of with this.... the notecard on how to operate it is the size of a novel. I'll have to sit down and spent a weekend reading it, so I know how *not* to shoot people.

And, since I had such a great time with guns, I also decided to do something a bit more challenging for my next project. Ready for the picture? XD


Yep, swords! I bought these a looooooong time ago! (Acquired date said August 16th, 2007) OMG. I found these in my inventory, and I got the dreaded "Object missing from database" error on the hip sheath. I spent all day crying about it, dreading sending a notecard to the creator because its been so long since I bought them. But apparently, I was smart back then, and kept the box it came in :D I rezzed the box (which, btw - is the coolest box I have ever seen in SL!), and it apparently had an update server in it, which sent the newest version of the swords to me :D I was bouncing off the walls with glee after that ^.^

So, yeah. I do have a huge list of things I want to do, and not enough space in my brain to squeeze in all my ideas right now. I still need to take pictures for my vendor ads for the mermaid poses, as well as the gun poses now. (Which means, omg - I'll be releasing 2(!!!) complete pose sets in one week)! Thats probably never happened before O.O;;

After those get set down in the store on Thursday, I'll probably take a few days to work on the sword poses.

OMG, I'm yapping too much - I suppose I will shush now XD


So, Second Life is, once again - annoying, wonky and irritating. I crashed and now can't log back in. So, I figure I might as well do something else for a bit. I finished my Mermaid poses last night, and went shopping for a mermaid avatar for the ads. I hate to say it.... but I was actually really disappointed. I ended up purchasing two of them, both with good points, and bad.

Mermaid - 02

The first one I bought - I cringed at paying $750L for it. Normally that probably wouldn't be that bad, but I am really only going to wear it once.... if that. Once I got home and put it on, I realized: it has NO AO! Why spend $750L on it when it doesn't even come with animations? -.- Second: the top is see-through, and I can't even put pasties under the top because its on the undershirt layer. Seriously - wtf? -.- Third, the tail fin is wayyy to big for my vendor ads. Fourth: HORRIBLE seam issues. This is totally unusable to me and all I can think now is I wasted $750L on something that will hide in my inventory. I wish this creator offered demos for her products - it really would have saved me a lot of money. The good part? It has a good idea to it - I like the skirt and chest prims. Perhaps someone else might like this - but for my purpose.... its definitely not ideal.

Mermaid - 01

This one... it isn't perfect, but I like it much better. Its about the perfect size for vendor ads, which is good. However, I find myself unhappy with the top - I wish it matched the bottom better. And, it was only $350L, which makes the (now utterly broke) little elf Sai quite happy. I wish I'd of seen this one before I purchased the other one, because I think the price on this is much more reasonable. Unless I can find a super-awesome, better looking one, this will probably be the one I choose for my ads.

That said, I am now determined to make a mermaid avatar myself and offer it for at most $1L at Imperial Elegance. I am peeved, ticked off and not very happy. -.-

Anyway - my next pose set I'll be working on has guns as props, and I'm currently looking for the best guns in SL. Anyone want to point me in a certain direction? They don't have to fire or anything, I just need them as props. :D


I have a growing list of pose sets I want to make. I think, with the purchase of the Illusions angel wings - it inspired me mush more than I originally thought. My initial thinking was to do some "Winged" poses... but now, I feel like I want to branch out and do more poses for various avatars.

Like what kind of avatars, you ask? :D For starters ..... mermaids! I think poses for them would be very fun. ^.^ Also, I want to do poses with props. I have done a few custom poses for Orchid Dreams, where I posed the avatar with fans... now I want to branch out into more things like that.

Next Projects - Props

First on my prop idea poses: Sparklers and beanbag chairs! I spent a little while today looking for a great beanbag looking sculptie, and scripting the particles to put in the sparklers. ^.^ I think an important part of doing poses with props is to have the props readily available. I believe I will set these in a vendor under the main ad for $1L or so when I finish them. I think I still need to script the beanbag chair to have a bit of a texture change to it.... because not everyone likes looking at pink. :P

... now, I know what you might be thinking. "SPARKLERS, of all things?!" In RL, I love sparklers. Every year on July 4th (Independence Day, here in the states), I always purchase abunch of these and set them off by myself. Anyway, I was organizing inventory this weekend, and seen that I had a few sparklers in my inventory. I attached them to see what they were, and realized they didn't have a hold script or anything. So, parts of my AO made me look like I was going to catch on fire. I thought: Wow, these would be great if I could add a hold script and take pictures. And... poses seemed better for that purpose. ^.^

And thats not even getting close to the number of ideas I have (like the pose set that I want to do that looks like it's made for porn :P). All I have to do now, is get the motivation to get out of my skybox and look for a mermaid avatar. *sigh*


This is my 100th post! Yay! :D :D

Last night, I visited Kenroku. I am not sure what I expected, but it was definitely not a beautiful park. It has been a very long time since I've visited something new that was so amazing to explore and look at. It was also very fun to take pictures. I kept thinking: "OMG, I need to get a picture of this!" every 2 meters I walked. XD

Kenroku - 11

This is like a giant park, with beautifully landscaped walkways, and tons of stuff to look at. The detail here is amazing, even the way the grass comes out from under the fence.

Kenroku - 05

Seriously, this place is all about detail. The walkways, stairs realistically sunk into the ground... the shadows even actually move, like how trees move with the wind, and the shadows follow. Don't think these trees move, but their shadows do!

Kenroku - 03

This place has a huge pond in the middle, and the walkways go all the way around it. And you can see across the pond for cute picture taking. ^.^

Kenroku - 12

Like stated above, the water for these is very outdated, seeming to be a prim with animated water texture on it - with the older (before Windlight) water. but thats perfectly fine, I think it still looks great. And, once again - stunning detailed landscapes here :D

This is a wonderful place to explore. I was there for at least 2 hours just looking around and taking pictures - it was really fun. If you want to see more of my pictures, you can see them on my flickr set. The best thing about this place though - it allows scripts. I love script enabled zones for two reasons: 1: I can sit and organize inventory while having the occasional break for Tiny Empires and 2: Posing for pictures is so much easier when I am able to use my Huddles :D

In-World Location: Kenroku, Kenroku (111, 67, 52)

Oh~ I almost forgot! Speaking of poses - I bought new ones! I try not to buy many, because my pose stand is already pushing 350 poses, and I can always make the poses I need, but.... Reel Expressions had a huge promotion for her group members, and I just COULDN'T miss out, no matter what. The promotion was: if you come to her store for the specified half hour and send her an IM saying you are there, any purchase you make for the next few hours, you can get another free!

So, for example - I showed up in that specified 30 minutes, IM'ed her (and begged for the dancing cow she was on at the time XD), and I purchased 2 pose sets within the next few hours. I sent her a notecard with my transaction details of the two, and which 2 additional pose sets I wanted.... And she sent me the additional pose sets the next day, completely free. OMG. So, I spent $3200L, and got $6400L worth of poses. O_O Naturally, I called her crazy for doing this sale :P But, don't we all love it when designers go crazy? :D

If you are a member of her Subscribe-O-Matic group, you can keep an eye out for her notices that you the times she is going to do this again - and the great thing is, she offers to do this in different times, so everyone in different time zones can benefit :D


I guess I should give an update on Bats. He logged in last night, to "dump the land and leave". But, somewhere in there, he had the heart to IM me, totally confused why I dissolved our partnership. It was a depressing thing to do, yes... and I suddenly had no explanation for him. I was told that he is having fun in Warcraft, and all he did in SL was sit on the beach and watch. Knowing that, it made it easier to say goodbye. It was a very emotional IM conversation for me, but I feel I was able to give him a proper goodbye from Second Life. I feel better about it - knowing he is happy where he is, and is having fun there. With that, I feel I can really move on, and focus more of my efforts on other things. ^.^

I do have thanks to give to all those people who have listened to me complain to them about my problems - it means a lot... really. I am not a social person, so seeing random people (even people I've never met) IM me and tell me things will be better - it really put a smile on my face. I won't name you all here - but you know who are. Thank you. ^.^

Now, I won't bore you guys with any more of that. I will be making a better effort to explore more places, and share my new travels in the metaverse here. This post will be on the oddly beautiful sim, ChouChou!


One word that describes it well: Empty. This sim is empty, with only a few things in it. But, its beautiful in its own way.


It definitely has some really great things to see, my favorite thing was this birdcage. It appears to have tipped over, broken, spilling feathers into the water. But, I wonder.... what happened to the bird?


This ladder went sooooo far up in the sky! I had my draw distance at the max, 512 - but it just stopped... I think it may have continued on past the 512 draw distance. Is that even possible? O.o I like the pile of ladders though, it looks like the main ladder is still under construction. :D


This piano by itself... floating on top of the water.... was a bit eerie to me. And, of course.. the big tree added to the feel XD Do trees normally grow out of the water like that? o.O

Visit In-World: Chouchou, Chouchou (182, 162, 20)


So I was feeling extremely depressed yesterday, after dissolving my partnership with Bats. I *really* hated doing it - it made me feel so terrible. So, I turned to something that usually takes up every ounce of my brain - photoshop.

I decided I wanted to get a profile picture for Nuai (which, in case you didn't know - is my newish male alt). I propped him up in the photosphere in my workspace above my store, and snapped a closeup picture. I fiddled with photoshop for a while to get a reasonably good result for him. I think I am kinda pleased with the result.

Nuai Kumaki's Profile Pic

He looks quite angelic to me XD But thats okay - I like this effect, its very.... dreamy looking :D

I actually love photoshopping pictures of Nuai - I spend the majority of the time drooling and slobbering all over myself, but its fun looking at him :D

This morning, I found myself wanting to explore more of Second Life. My intentions of coming to Second Life was to explore the Buddhist religion as a philosophy and way of life, but then elaborated into seeing all kinds of temples and shrines... then went to exploring all kinds of places from there. However.... that really took a backseat with Bats, the Imperial Elegance store, fashion blogging, and fashion shows. Now, I find myself wanting to start exploring places once again. :D

I visited a really great place earlier today and took a few pictures, so look for my post on that tomorrow :D :D


I actually.... did the unthinkable today. Bats Mertel is no longer my partner. I've realized, he really has no intentions on coming back to Second Life, and have made no attempt to do anything he told me he would do. (Including, coming back in world to set our land for sale, or establishing a secondary contact with me, so we can remain in touch).

I was holding on the the pathetic thought that some day, he will return to me. However, I've come to terms that Warcraft was much more important, and our priorities are in completely different places.

It was heartbreaking to dissolve our partnership - my one last link to Bats.... the person I've spent a solid 10 months in SL with. Every time I look at my profile now and see the empty space, it sucks.


I apologize to anyone who reads this - it seems to have become quite a depressing blog to read.... but, give me a week or so, I will probably feel a little better, once I get my thoughts a little organized. ^.^


Ok, I am a reader of Alicia Chenaux's blog, and occasionally she does these funky "meme" things where she asks a few questions about a certain SL theme - and you post on your blog your answers to them. This one.... is about sex, and I just *had* to do it.

1. Let's get it out of the way first. Are you a virgin in SL? [If you are, move to question 3.]


2. How long did it take you before you hopped on a poseball with someone? And I don't mean dance balls. ;)

Probably within my first 2 weeks. I had finally gotten myself a good skin, and looking pretty decent. I knew what they were, but I was quite curious about it and wanted to see what sex in Second Life was all about.

3. Do you own any talking genitalia, such as from Xcite?

Nope, actually never owned one. I remember sitting in my first SL apartment, and the guy in the apartment above had one that chat spammed though the walls... telling me his masturbation status. That was my last day in that apartment building.

4. Guys: Do you edit your "package" to be bigger?
Ladies: Do you think size REALLY matters??

Well... not in Second Life. Though, you really don't want to go around with a 5 foot virtual penis.... it doesn't make you look manly... just newbish. So, keep it realistic :P

5. Do you rely on your talking body parts during your encounters?

My body parts don't talk. I prefer my parts to be painted on my skin. And no, even if they did talk, my imagination is enough :P

6. Forget the booty, let's talk romance. Where's a romantic place in SL to take someone to?

Inspire Space Park. So, there are no sex poseballs, but its a very romantic place where you can cuddle your guy/girl while floating in space. It's very fun and relaxing. :D

7. When you go shopping for clothes, do you deliberately buy things that you think your gf/bf/partner/flavor of the week would like to see you in?

Yep. I did all the time. Bats liked me in black hair, so I ditched all my blonde hair and went with black. And thats just one example.

8. Let's move to commitment: Do you think people get partnered too quickly in SL?

I guess it depends. Some people get partnered slowly, but still break up quickly. Bats and I known each other for probably barely even 2 weeks before we got partnered, and we were together for almost 10 months.

9. Big wedding, small wedding, or no wedding at all? And do you get partnered BEFORE the wedding or afterwards?

Small wedding for me. I am not too social, so too many people at once scare me a bit. But I do love wearing wedding dresses. As for before or after..... I think its entirely up to the couple. :D

10. Last question, and it's of course back to the booty. ;) Be honest, how many sex items [furniture and poseballs] do you have around your place?

Right now.... none at all. I currently live in a skybox above my store with a photosphere and a pose stand. When I was living with Bats, we had a bed, and quite a few "questionable" poseballs all around the house.

Now... that was impressive for me, actually. I was able to write about Bats for that long and not get too choked up :D Yay~ I think I am on my way to recovery ^.^


OMG, I think I've finally lost my mind. Well, maybe. I finished a male pose set last night, and at that time, I realized.... I don't have a male model anymore! Bats modeled with me for my poses and couple's poses, but now that he is gone.... I don't have anyone to model them. I am very anti-social, and my friends list only contains 3 females. So, I was at a loss, and at the time, I had no idea what I was going to do to make ads for them.

I pondered for a bit, went to eat dinner in RL... and came up with an idea. I'll make a man alt! I had thought about this before, so I could include men's fashion on Fashion Labyrinth, but I quickly decided not to do it because Bats was always there to do all my modeling needs. So, last night, I used my lack of SL man knowledge to create a man alt... And now, I bring to you.... Nuai Kumaki!

Nuai Kumaki

The sad part... he looks oddly similar to Bats. Bats was my ideal guy in SL, and whenever I said something looked great, he always had no problem going out and buying it, no matter what the cost... so it was difficult to find something that was a unique look to Nuai.... and not just making a personality-less copy of Bats. So, I chose a darker toned Abyss skin, and Naughty Designs hair for him. (And gave him a spare pair of eyes I had).

I think he looks pretty cute :D So, you will probably be seeing Nuai in a few of my store ads, and occasionally in a few Fashion Labyrinth posts. ^.^

And omg I need to say a little rant here - men's shapes and skins are so freaking expensive! Seriously, his shape was $1000L (which I am so glad Kmadd finally switched to Copy/Mod permissions... those No Mod shapes are such a pain!), and the Abyss skin was $2000L! Like, holy crap. I've always wondered why men in Second Life always wore the default newbie skin - the prices of good skins are so intimidating! TT_TT


As much as people scream at others who camp, I am guilty of doing it. I secretly love item camping - for several reasons. The main reason being: when I am strapped to a chair, I get quite a bit of inventory organizing done. Seriously, what else is there to do? Camming around the store only takes a short while, and when I get bored, I get productive. The only way I clean my inventory is when I camp for items or wait for the occasional lucky chair (which is very rare for me). And, getting a prize for organizing inventory is much more motivation ^.^

Item Camping

So, yep, I spent tonight camping for some skins at Aoharu. :D See, I even added a picture. XD Sitting 100 minutes gets you this amazing skin, a face light, eyelashes, and even a shape. Not a bad way to spend an hour and 40 minutes, right? Organizing inventory and getting prizes, yay!

Though.... sadly, that 100 minutes of sitting did not even dent the massive black hole I call inventory, but I have no idea how else to tackle this problem. I think I might need to attend one of those "Inventory Sorting" party things... But I wonder if anyone is planning on putting one on soon?

I really think I might need someone to trap me in a plywood box and force me to stay there until all folders are properly organized XD

Anyone care to tell me their inventory organizing secrets? :P

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