OMG. Look what I did! (BTW - You may not want to watch if you dislike Japanese music :P)

I swear, I'm so goofy sometimes. XD But, I've been meaning to make a machinima for a while - I just recently chained my sibling to my desk chair until he taught me how to make one. He makes Halo videos constantly, so he showed me how to do SL videos :D Yay! So, I took a silly video of me dancing in my Harajukubox home to test out my lack of video capture skill. And - because Sai looked utterly dumb just dancing with no music - I slapped a portion of my favorite song on there XD

Yeah, I know - its pointless, silly, and dumb... but hey! It's my first try, and I had quite a bit of fun making it! I do hope to do more sometime - even if its just me all dressed up and dancing in my living room. :D

Oh, and as soon as I am able to log back in, I'll take some more snapshots of my home in Hbox... in case people want to see ^^