So much has happened since my last post. First, Jeffry and I celebrated our one year together. Can you believe its already been one year since we got engaged in SL? Not me. Its been a whirlwind of adventure, filled with happy, marriage, a daughter, and RL meetings.


On our anniversary, we decided to go for another baby, with a few things different this time. The main one being, a longer pregnancy. The standard 2 month SL pregnancy time was just way to short, by the time I edited a cute piece of clothing for my shape, it was time to change to another shape. Jeffry and I couldn't decide how long to do the pregnancy for, so we just decided to go for the whole 9 months. Yep. I'll be SL pregnant for 9 full months. Crazy, right? So, we bought a tummy talker (for at home, I refuse to wear it out in public), and since its been a month already, I put on my first pregnancy shape.

Second thing that happened - I went to his home town for a full week to be with him. I've been really excited to see his town, where he lived, and spend time with him. I had such a wonderful time with him. I loved every second of it, from dinner at Taco Johns, seeing fireflies, being eaten alive by fish and mosquitoes, to just cuddling in bed together. It was an amazing time. I will do a brief blog post about it here once I am able to talk about it without crying (I mean, I just got home on Tuesday, so I'm still very emotional about leaving). I'm also planning a much bigger post on my RL blog filled with tons of photos as well. If anyone is interested in reading it, I am considering posting a link.