Hi all! It's been a while since my last post, and I'm so sorry! My laptop got really crappy, it used to be a good gaming laptop, but ever since the dedicated graphics card went out on it, it turned real bad... real quick. Buttons on my keyboard stopped working, it had some weird noises happening, the screen wouldn't stay turned on unless plugged in... ugh. It was laggy, almost impossible to do much of anything. I was done.

So, I recently bought parts and built my own gaming computer. While it isn't top of the line or anything, I took my time in choosing parts that I could possibly upgrade later. So, it works out I think. It was my first time in building my own, I've really only ever added simple parts, like RAM and graphics cards. Never an entire computer. I was nervous, but it was surprisingly easy. I don't think I'd hesitate again to build one.

[SRB] Photo Playing

Because of this, I am finally able to get back in SL, and actually enjoy taking photos again. I've been gacha-collecting backdrops, playing and experimenting with SL photography. It's been fun. It's amazing how much a laggy computer can suck the life out of SecondLife. Bonus is that I can play other games lag-free now too! :)