It's spring! Well, at least it is in SL. I'm excited to put away my SL sweaters, jackets, jeans and bring out my tank tops, shorts and flip flops! The sim I live on has been changed to grass, the snow has melted, and I've put in a pool!

I've been kind of playing with the idea of taking a trip to Heritage lately. While Misty will forever be my adorable child, she's seemed to have other RL priorities lately, and not logging in to SL much anymore. Which is perfectly fine, most of us go through this, and I hope she'll eventually come back to me. But, I'm finding some days difficult, especially around the holiday events (more recently, Easter) without a child around. No one can or will ever "replace" my Misty-child, she's a much better human being than I'll ever be, but I do miss the family RP. 

In other news, I've been really loving the photos that I can take now. A new computer really is amazing for the motivation and capabilities for SL photography. I really love taking the time in perfecting photos, and I really hope that other people enjoy them as much as I do.

[SRB] Faun in the Forest

I hope that I can continue to improve and get better with my photos, I really want to try actually hand painting elements like shadows, and maybe adding just little tidbits to make the photo really come alive. That takes quite a bit of practice though, and every time I try it, I'm happy with nothing. I won't give up though, I'm going to continue to try! Maybe a couple years from now, I'll look back at the photos I'm doing now, and be able to see how far I've come. Who knows.


I'm still here, still kicking. I've been working on my look recently, trying out different heads, skin combinations, and trying to find a 'new me'. However, I keep coming right back to my Catwa head, I'm not sure why. More options? More designers create for it? I've bought so many other heads, from LOGO, LAQ, Akeruka, and I've even spent a fortune at a Genesis gacha for a head. I dunno, but here we are. I do like this new-ish look I have going on now though.

[SRB] Pink Perfection

I've collected so much makeup and head pieces (brows, freckles, blushes, eyeliners, lip glosses.... oh my gosh the list goes on forever) that I have yet to use. I've really been trying to experiment more, load some that I like into my HUD and attempt to use some of them. Recently, I went to check out the Skin Fair.... we aren't even going to talk about how much stuff I ended up from that event.


Hi all! It's been a while since my last post, and I'm so sorry! My laptop got really crappy, it used to be a good gaming laptop, but ever since the dedicated graphics card went out on it, it turned real bad... real quick. Buttons on my keyboard stopped working, it had some weird noises happening, the screen wouldn't stay turned on unless plugged in... ugh. It was laggy, almost impossible to do much of anything. I was done.

So, I recently bought parts and built my own gaming computer. While it isn't top of the line or anything, I took my time in choosing parts that I could possibly upgrade later. So, it works out I think. It was my first time in building my own, I've really only ever added simple parts, like RAM and graphics cards. Never an entire computer. I was nervous, but it was surprisingly easy. I don't think I'd hesitate again to build one.

[SRB] Photo Playing

Because of this, I am finally able to get back in SL, and actually enjoy taking photos again. I've been gacha-collecting backdrops, playing and experimenting with SL photography. It's been fun. It's amazing how much a laggy computer can suck the life out of SecondLife. Bonus is that I can play other games lag-free now too! :)

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