I went out and did the stamp rally today! I always love the Creator's Stamp Rally because the prizes are so awesome, and fun. You find new stores you've never heard of, get gifts for buying stuff, and kill some time doing a really great activity. I picked up this really cute white tiger avatar, and a bunch of other things. (And yes. I realize my head isn't really attached to my body, I realized that after I edited the photo)



Today, I spent the day fitting total prim eyelashes. I've had some from Lelutka for a while, which I loved, but when I saw these, I needed them. They are longer, and more lush. I don't really change eyelashes that often, but when I do, I usually spend at least 12 hours fitting them. It's usually a one time fit, so it doesn't really bother me to spend so much time on them. Especially when you are dealing with one prim per lash hair. :O


In RL though, I've been working on making homemade paper. I'm not a craft person, and whatever crafts I tried to make, have been real fail. Homemade paper though, is so much fun. And, you can't really mess up. If it doesn't look like what you want, you put it through the blender again, and try once more. I have made a total of 29 sheets now, so I finally get to start working on the journal I've been wanting to make for myself :D



I was going through my inventory today, and decided to actually take some time and pick out an outfit today. Lately, I've just been throwing on clothes to cover my pixel body, but it was time to work on an outfit. :D



So, last night I mentioned my new graphics card. I was a little disappointed with it last night, because it was supposed to be a really nice card, but I didn't see a much noticeable difference while logged in world. However, this morning I re-downloaded the Kirsten's viewer, logged in, and it was running so much better than I even thought was possible. I was able to run the shadows with minimal lag, and it was awesome. It seems I'll be uninstalling Emerald Viewer until my lag issues with that client goes away, and I shall be picking up Kirsten's viewer as my main now.


I'm so happy with my new card, its been so long since I did a computer hardware update... good cards are so cheap from what my previous one was when I bought it XD

It was such a pain in the butt to install to though... omg. I swear this new card was twice the size as my old one, completely encased in hard plastic and it covered up most of my hard drive slots on my motherboard. Then I had to run to the local computer supply store and get longer cables, because some hard dive cables I had, wasn't long enough to go completely around the huge graphics card. Oh, it was crazy installing this thing. :O

However, my computer booted right up, working much better than it has before. I am pleased, my computer feels like its doing a little happy twirl, as its finally being able to stretch its legs. :D


The last part of my RL Christmas gifts came in the mail today, so I spent the night installing a new power supply, a much more powerful graphics card, and more RAM for my computer. :D Exciting. And surprisingly, all those new additions, my computer runs so much quieter then it has been. It doesn't even sound like it's running anymore. O.o



I hope everyone's holidays are safe, yummy, and full of awesome. :D



It's been so stressful and busy for me lately, I've been making my poor husband, Jeffry stressed out too. With wrapping, shopping, and planning for the holidays, I'm exhausted. But, I got Jeffry to come spend some time with me in SL, for some downtime, which I really needed.


It's funny to me how calming cuddling with him in SL is, it almost feels like we are together in RL. Christmas and the New Year is a very stressful time for me, and I don't know where I would be without Jeffry. He really does keep me grounded. :D


I've been so crazy busy the past couple days, all I've been able to do is log on to SL to clear my capped messages. I've done so much Christmas shopping this past weekend, I can't even walk anymore because my legs are killing me :O

Continuing on my 365 Days though....



This weekend, and all next week - is going to be a RL living nightmare. So much to do, so little time left. Half my Christmas shopping still needs to be done! :O Then add in shopping for Christmas dinner, and things like that... omg. I will die by the time Christmas comes around. @_@



Yesterday was a really, really difficult day for Jeffry and I. But somehow, we've gotten through it alive, and still together. He's such an amazing guy, sometimes I wonder if I even deserve him.



Dear Gala Phoenix, why do you keep making such awesome skins that I want, but I can't have? :O


But seriously, I do love this skin, I might eventually buy it. Every time I go to a new skin for a while, and come back to Curio, I'm mind boggled at just how much they are "me". Curio always has a special place in my heart.


Today's 365. And, the more I wear this Atomic skin, the more I loooooove it. It's so pretty.



So, with all the 365 posts, I've kinda forgotten to do normal blogging. xD I did mention in a 365 post, I finished my new build for my store, and lowered my prices a bit. I'm actually quite excited about it, I've been uninspired for a long time, and this build has just been sitting around, doing nothing.


So, the other day, I decided to finish it, upload all the vendor photos with new pricing, and finish my project. It took longer than I expected, but in the end, I think it was worth the time I spent. Everything is done, more attractive looking, and hopefully more appealing to customers.


Lowering the prices was a big decision for me. But, back when I started making them, the market was kind of... limited. There were the big names, and that was it. I mainly made them for myself, and started to sell them, at the average price. But as more and more people started making poses, the prices drop further, so I hope my pricing is more competitive with other creators. Pose sets are now $350L, discount pose sets are $150L, and couple's poses are $50L.


I also went through and took some sets I wasn't happy with anymore, and sent them to the discount section. Eventually I plan to remake a few of them, but when I have more time. Right now with the holidays, finding time to do much of anything makes me have faces like this: @_@


I am most pleased with the center piece that graces the center of the store. The original sculpture is called "Life" and is a great creation from Yabusaka - and I wanted to theme the little fountain around it. I put some plants around it to really go with the Life theme. I think it looks really cute, and also fits the way I want to portray my store's image.


And, a quick photo from Aion. Definitely made me have a total LOL moment. The smaller character is mine.. and I'm average sized.


I really love how this photo came out. Its so winter-like and beautiful.



I spent most of the night repricing all items in my store, and finishing the new build. Its been a while since I was inspired enough to do something with it.


I'm hoping my prices are a bit more competitive to what the standards are now, I think I've lowered them quite a bit.


I grabbed this skin from L.Fauna during 50 Linden Friday today. It has some painted on bodysuit thing, but I figured I can cover it up with coats and stuff xD I did want to try out the skin though, which was why I picked it up... I'm still deciding if I like it or not.


I think I like the softness of the skin, but the features might be a little too harsh for my taste (like the shading around the nose). I might have to try other makeups and stuff out to see if its just this particular makeup.


The Christmas tree currently set up at the Jeffry and Sai residence.



Holidays are coming closer, omg :O





I'm really loving taking photos of snow in SL lately.

24 / 365






Playing around with more Glitterati poses.



Being a pose maker, I am reluctant to really try out new poses from other creators. However, once in a while, I see something that is so awesome, I can't help but gawk.


All I have to say, is this Sci-Fi Hallway thing from Glitterati... is freaking awesome.


Waiting for Jeffry to finish dinner, so we can go back to leveling in Aion... So, here's day 19 :)

19 / 365


Jeffry and I have been spending a lot of time in Aion lately. He's decided he wants an level 30 armor set, which you can only get one piece per character. Therefore, we've been trying to level up our main characters so we can get the armor for him.

Jeffry is not one to like change, and I get bored with things easily. We can be questing in one area, and I get bored and want to go to a different area. XD So, getting him to agree to create an Asmodian character was really difficult. I wanted to see what the Asmodian side of things looked like. And umm..... we quickly decided, it wasn't for us. But I did manage to grab a couple photos.


Everything was pretty much the same as Elyos side of the world, except darker, more creepy. But the layout was basically the same, so it was pretty easy to get around.


We probably spent 15 minutes there before I was like, "omg, I need my Elyos chanter back, kthx" XD


And, since I was on a roll to get Jeffry to try new things, we went to the Abyss! :O We've been avoiding the Abyss because of PvP... but, I wanted to go sightseeing in there. The first time, we didn't go far, just at the Abyss landing area, and explored all the NPC stores and stuff, before getting freaked out and leaving.


The next time we went, we were a little more daring, and actually went IN the Abyss. We explored a couple seconds, until an Asmodian came and found us... and killed us both. We never go far, and try to run away when we see an Asmodian, but somehow they find us, kill us, and send us back to our bind point. Luckily, I don't have to pay for soul healing when they kill us, otherwise I'll never be able to save up for those level 30 wings. XD

We also created new characters last night that he wants to level to 30 too. It's fun, and I finally get to create and play the templar class that I've been wanting to try for a while now. And, I even got him to change too. Instead of playing a spiritmaster this time, he's finally going sorcerer. :D


18 / 365


I spent my time in SL today decorating our house for Christmas. Then got cuddles with the husband afterwards, so today was a good day. :D



Too busy to say much - but today's 365.



I shopped all day long, and woke up at 4am this morning to spend monies during RL Black Friday.

15 / 365

This is what I feel like doing right now.


Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. Have a safe holiday, and be safe tomorrow for Black Friday.


And yes, I'll be out shopping tomorrow too.


Today's 365 photo, taken in our bedroom.



I have to run out and buy a Vogue every month, just to drool at the clothes in it. Every month, Burberry runs, what I consider - the best advertisements in the magazine. Their coats look so amazing, and all the time I think - man, I'd kill to have a coat like that in SL (mainly because I know I can't fit my fat RL butt in a Burberry coat). Obviously I was so excited when I seen this new release.

12 / 365

I did an internal \o/ and ran to pick it up and snap photos.


When I heard Stiletto Moody opened up her group with her group gift shoes still out, I went into all sorts of embarrassing squeeing, and HAD to go get them. I was quickly reminded why I don't buy Stiletto Moody shoes anymore, once I put them on. XD

The shoes are nice, but man. Not only are they a pain in the rear to tint, but I can never get them to sit right on my feet. I spent literally, all day yesterday tinting them, rotating, resizing, and making an AO type thing that locks my ankles in place so they don't mess up.

With tinting these, its a constant battle of "Oh, maybe I need more blue" *clicks the + blue button* "Nope. Maybe less red..." *repeat over and over while banging head on desk* I wish more prim feet creators had a notecard of settings for popular skins, like Maitreya does. Maitreya's notecards saves me sooooo much time in tinting.

11 / 365

I think I did a pretty good job, all things considered. They aren't a perfect match to my skin tone, but I have no more patience left, and I don't think I can get them any closer. xD


My favorite part of the day is logging off SL in the arms of my husband. He can turn the worst day into one of the best. :D

10 / 365


It may seem silly, but one of my favorite parts of the house, is where the washer and dryer is. It's in the kitchen, but I love the super cute soap and laundry basket. :D



I'm running out the door to pick up the relatives, but here's today's 365 post, taken in our living room.



Tomorrow marks my 2 month ascension into hell, when family members come from out of state to visit me. I'm so not looking forward to it, and I know I'll be in a really crap mood for the next 2 months.

7 / 365


It snowed on Bluebonnet (where my husband and I live now), so I spent yesterday morning dropping down trees and making our plot look wintery. I haven't laid down the snowmans and stuff yet - I'm determined to get past Thanksgiving before I decorate for Christmas. xD

6 / 365

On a RL side note, I have fallen in LOVE with this scarf. I neeeeeeeds!


I'm doing pretty good with this 365 project so far, and - its sooo fun too. It's really getting me out of our house, going around new different sims and looking for a good place to take a photo.

5 / 365

And, its been really fun playing in Picnik and trying new post processing effects.




3 / 365

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