Let us talk families today. As I mentioned in my last post, I was setting up a panel at Heritage for my mini-alt, Ennaline. Well, I've been on trial with a particular family for almost three weeks now! As soon as I met them, I knew they were absolutely fabulous, fun, and the exact family that I was looking for! They immediately brought me out of my safe zone, with me being socially awkward and all. I found myself on Skype with them, talking even on my second day of meeting them. Which is RARE for me, as I've only felt comfortable talking on Skype to people I have known for years before hand! Even more shocking, this family is a really large family, which completely surprised me - I felt so comfortable around all of them, pretty much right away. Very unlike me!

Ballet with the Dragovars

The majority of the family, are also fashion bloggers, and they even run a super-adorable family blog! It was pretty much instantly that I knew the family was my type of "people". They included me in their family photos with no hesitation, they blogged about me on their family blog, I was invited along to all the family events, we played Blade and Soul together, and I definitely was treated just as part of the family. Some days, I found it hard to believe that I was still on trial, just because of how comfortable I was with everyone.

Ballet with the Dragovars - Mom and I

I adore all these people, but Kaysa, in particular - my demo-mom - is truly one of the best people I've ever come across in SL. She's incredibly caring, will sit and listen to whatever issue I had, and will listen intently to even some of the stupidest life stories I tell her. She made me try things I've never tried before, like stealing eggs from dinosaurs, and even something as simple as playing mini-golf! She's completely accepting of my big, Sai, which as I understand, is a difficult thing to come by when it comes to SL families. Sai will always be a huge part of my SL, so I was s incredibly happy to have found someone who is completely okay with it! I share so much in common with her in both SL, and even RL, it is mind-boggling.

Bunneh's Birthday Party at the Pool with the Dragovars

I've been hoarding all these photos to myself. I kept telling myself it was because I didn't know when the right time was, but in reality, I think the reason I didn't post them was I kept asking myself "What if she doesn't like me as much as I like her?" I would have been way too heartbroken to post about them, and then the adoption didn't work out. So, I kept them all to myself, all the while hoping she liked me too!

Ennaline's Adoption Day!

Then, this happened. I took photos, but none turned out as gorgeous as Kaysa's. While I was out running about being silly with Nivaya and Nikki, I get called back to my room.My room was completely filled with balloons, and I was instructed to find the "single pink" balloon. Once I did, it teleported me up to a gorgeous skybox, where she asked if I'd be her daughter, officially! She posted her gorgeous photos of the garden on the family blog - Keeping Up with the Dragovars! I was going to blog it myself here, but her's turned out so much better! I'm not even going to lie - I was so happy, I ended up crying in RL. Yep. I asked her to give me a middle name, so on Monday evening, Ennaline became:

[19:30:42] Second Life: єηηαℓιηє (Ennaline) is now known as Eɴɴᴀʟɪɴᴇ Sкʏᴇ Dʀᴀɢᴏvᴀʀ.