The day has finally come! I got my hands on the LOGO Quinn Bento head! When bento came out, I really, really didn't want to give up my LOGO Alex head. It was the head that I felt most comfortable in, and I had loved it so much. It was ME. I had hoped there would be a Bento LOGO that would come out soon, but it never really did.

A preview photo of a new head, Quinn came out on Flickr, and I drooled over this like crazy. I stalked the Flickr feed for weeks. And then someone asked me this morning: "Hey, did you get the new LOGO bento head?" My heart stopped, and the only thing that could come out of my mouth was.... "What?"

I acquired this head as soon as I could, and quickly set out to make Quinn my own. My favorite LOGO skin was applied, and it took me hours to get a shape that I semi-like. That's mainly because... I'm not a good shape maker. I've never made my own shapes, I really don't know anything about them. The only two things in SL that I can't do: making shapes, and scripting.

[SRB] LOGO Bento Head - 01

But all things considered, I think I did pretty good! Obviously, I'm still tweaking things (and don't mind my double ears, I didn't take off my Mandala ones before taking the photo), but it's a good start I think. Also, the head is in a closed beta, so it's still being heavily worked on. But, it's functioning, it just needs some bugs worked out of it! It's so great though, if I could get this head to feel like more like "Sai", it will likely become my daily head.

[SRB] LOGO Bento Head - 02

In case you're wondering, this Quinn head, still has such adorable expressions as my favorite Alex head. Not as many yet, but they are still very, very, cute. I love them! My absolute most favorite part of the expressions for me, are the big, wide, fun smiles. LOGO is the only head that I've found that has smiles that I could die for. So perfect!