After spending some time at my shop, the partner and I came here to the Finnish Sauna to relax.
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Us checking out this huuugge home. We are like.... mice!
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The partner and I enjoying some time together at Jade's.
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Okay, I am not a real lucky chair type of person, but in my shopping travels around SecondLife, I have picked up a quite few locations of where some lucky chairs can be found.

This list is by no means complete, and will be in constant change as shops move, remodel and close. If you have or know of a place with a lucky chair, feel free to comment on this entry or shoot me and in-game IM with the SLURL, and I'll add it to the list. Also, if any are no longer available, let me know and I will take it down.

  1. Digital Knickers - Clothing and Jewelry
  2. Cupid's Yard Sale - 4 lucky chairs, along with camping.
  3. Nantli Xolal - Several chairs from a few different shops. Hair and clothing.
  4. Le'Bear Castle - Lots lucky chairs scattered about, all giving out one piece of jewelry to complete a limited edition set.
  5. Pazazz - One chair that gives out hair.
  6. Curie Creations - Two chairs giving out furniture.
  7. French Kiss - Solo chair that has clothing every so often.
  8. Bunnee's Fashions - 4 chairs that fit into the clothing category.
  9. Royalty Mall - One chair with clothing.
  10. Eolande's Hair Accessories - 2 chairs with hair accessories, jewelry and sometimes even gift cards.
  11. Caroline's Jewelry - One chair that gives out jewelry.
  12. Cylyria's Misty Gardens - One giving away a plant of sort every so often.
  13. Fashion Treatment - Among all the plywood boxes, there is one chair here that gives out hair.
  14. HEX - One with clothing.
  15. Catt's Creations - Clothing.
  16. JD Mills - 3 chairs in one location giving away I don't know what. And one in a second location that gives away clothing.
  17. Digital Visage - 2 chairs with cosplay items, it seems.
  18. MRM Creations - A set of bracelets for one lucky person.
  19. Decadent Mall - One chair with clothing.
  20. Down Undies - One chair with underwear.
  21. Escape - A set of clothing for someone.
  22. Mistee's Discount Warehouse - One chair with interesting clothing.
  23. Lost Souls Mini Mall - This area has so many lucky chairs, I can't even begin to count them. Just walk around and there is bound to be one that has your name.
  24. S&G Footwear - A lucky chair that distributes a pair of heels for the winner. There is also an option to camp for the shoes, if you wish.
  25. Madame de Pompadour - 2 chairs catering to your clothing and hair needs.
  26. Cecelia's Sewing Shop - 1 chair with a simple outfit.
  27. House of Rosewood - 1 chair with clothing items.
  28. Rose Petal Creations - 2 chairs.
  29. Coconut Ice - A bathing suit set.
  30. Twelfth of Never - Random objects and clothing in a single chair.
  31. Looker's Yard Sale - Advertised as 2 with clothing items.
  32. Lily's Whatsits - 2 lucky chairs with clothing and accessories.
  33. Flaming Raven Designs - An entire row of lucky chairs. I counted 13 of them. O.o Seems to be hair and clothing.
  34. Laiyna's Thingamabobs - 1 chair.
  35. CKS Designs - One with various clothing items.
  36. Charlotte Hausdorff - 1 Chair with clothing.
  37. LapGirl Boutique - A single chair that give out lingerie prizes.
  38. Mouse Mart - Two chairs with all kinds of objects.
  39. Bootylicious - Two chairs giving unknown prizes.
  40. Asri Falcone Creations - One chair with clothing items. Also in the same area are two seperate chairs with clothing items.
  41. KessKreations - 3 chairs with gift certificates and awesome jewelry.
  42. Ribbons & Roses - One chair.
  43. Lucky! - One for hair~~~


In font of Script Thingies, preparing to purchase the LoopRez Deluxe Commercial Edition.
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Second Life residents write about all kinda of useful things. Just thinking about all the information out there makes Sai's head spin @_@


  1. 10 Cheap Things You Can Do To Market Your SL Products - Yep, as it says. Very informative article.
  2. Customer Service: The Other Side - Great article on things to do and not do when people have problems with your merchandise.
  3. Secrets to Success - An article by Gwyneth Llewelyn that explains a good strategy for making your Second Life business successful.
  4. Pimp Your Own Ride: SL Marketing 101 - How to market your products in the most cost effective ways.


  1. Proportion and Second Life Models - A nice write up on what the model Second Life resident would look like compared to a real life model.
  2. Creating A Complete Avatar - This is an interesting read that documents Nicola Escher's process in creaing an avatar. Also check out part two, which covers it's clothing and accessories.
  3. Inventory a Mess? - Interesting method to organize your inventory. While I don't really organize mine this way, its still a great idea. My inventory gets really messy sometimes. T_T
  4. Hair Building Tips - Tips on creating good prim hair. Also check out part two, where she gives a tutorial on how to create hair.


Second Life and the resident ran websites are filled with various resources to help the average person create their own place in the vast SL world. I have found pretty much everything from prim skirt builders to sculptie shapes.

Clothes Making

  1. Vint's PrimSkirtBuilder - While I tried this gadget, I didn't like it very much. However, I know several people who swear by it. Its a free script, so go check it out.
  2. LoopRez and LinkRez - I own the LoopRez Deluxe Commercial Edition, and I have to say it is the most awesome thing I've ever bought. It makes skirt creating so easy, and so much fun. One of my next big purchases will definitely be the LinkRez.
  3. Robin Wood's Clothing Templates - These are the templates I prefer to make my clothing. Free, easy to understand, what more could a Sai want?


  1. llParticleSystem on SL Wiki - This is a good resource for anyone looking into making particles. It explains what all the settings used in the particle script for, and what type of numbers they call for. Particles can be very intimidating to learn, but reading through this information will make it a little easier.
  2. Particle Wizard - An awesome little thing that makes creating particles soooo much easier! There is not more guessing at what numbers might work the best to great the effect you want, and best of all, no scripting! The particle wizard creates the script for you~ Awesome? Very.


  1. DeviantArt - One of the most extensive texture resources available. Just be sure you read what the creators require with their resources.
  2. Undulation - Interesting textures.
  3. Texture and Color - This place has interesting ones, for example... brain textures. Yeah. They also have the usual sand, wood, grass, metals, and such.
  4. Animax - Various free textures.
  5. Noctua Graphics - Various types of images.
  6. Ben Cloward - Lots more free textures.
  7. RobotJam - Free textures in the categories of: skies, details, doors, ground, rocks, walls, and windows.
  8. Screen Backdrops - Clouds, flowers, trees, snow... all kinds of things~
  9. Afflict - The design of this site is really cool. Oh, and they have neat textures.
  10. Image*After - More textures.
  11. The Grimy Polygon - Free textures in the normal categories: metal, cement, stone, fabric, plants, plastic, wood, tile, and other.
  12. 3dImplant - It seems that you have to register for a account to view the high-resolution images from them.
  13. Mayang's Texture Library - One of my personal favorites texture sites.


The internet is a great place to find tutorials for making anything you want. Everything I've learned about Second Life has been learned off of various places on the internet. I will list the tutorials I've used here, in hopes it will help someone else in their Second Life creations.


  1. Natalia Zelmanov: Build - This is one of the most extensive tutorial sites I've ever come across. It covers everything from how to create fur trim to building prim heels. If you want to learn anything at all, this place is a great place to start.
  2. SecondLife HowTo - Random how to articles, but the one I found most useful was the "Experiment with Particles" tutorial.
  3. Nicola Escher's Tutorials - Nicola's random, well done tutorials on various subjects. The ones I found to be the most useful were the Alpha Transparency and the Creating a Tattoo tutorials.
  4. Taunt - Many video tutorials for Photoshop and Second Life.


  1. Robin Wood's Tutorials - These seem to be more focused on clothing creation, but I can imagine they can be used for a lot of different things. Robin has plenty of tutorials, but I find the Lace Textures, Making a Perfect Alpha Channel, and Adding Patterns to Cloth to be the most helpful.
  2. Creating Buttons for Clothing - Interesting tutorial, the title is pretty self-explanatory here.
  3. Creating Lingerie - Rather good tutorial on how to create a basic bra and panty lingerie set.
  4. Making High Heels - Very to the point tutorial on how to create high heels. The product you create in this tutorial, is very basic, but a great foundation for better products later.

Sculpted Prims

  1. How To Make Sculpted Prims with Bender - Shows you how to make a sculptie vase.


  1. Configuring the MLP - Because I'm a moron, sometimes I need help with idiotic things. This site explains how to configure the multi-love-pose script into a creation that fits your needs.
  2. Hair Editing 101: The Ultimate Salon Guide for Beginners - Have a problem with a hair you purchased? Check out this article before you throw it out.
  3. Putting Together a Modeling Photo - Tutorial on how to put together a photo for a modeling portfolio.
  4. The ZHAO Guide - This is a tutorial on how to add animations into the ZHAO. (Links to a PDF file)
  5. Creating Movies in SL - Its probably easier than you think.
  6. Creating Prim Hair - Ok, so the title of it is Hair Building Tips, but its pretty much a tutorial making your basic prim hair. I haven't tried out this tutorial yet, but it seems pretty easy to follow, from what I've read. Oh, and the hair that the tutorial creates is absolutely adorable~


  1. Creating a Clothing Texture - Simple clothing texture that only takes seconds to make.
  2. Ice Texture - How to creating a interesting ice texture from scratch.
  3. Depth Trick for Flooring - A really quick way to create a cool depth look to your Second Life floors.
  4. Making Tileable Textures - Easy way to creating the smooth tiling textures you see all over the grid.


This is the ever changing favorite places page. I’ve seen amazing places in Second Life, from shops to Buddhist Temples, and I will share them with you here. To zip to the category you want, you can click on the link below.


  1. Nagaya - Beautiful Japanese styled gardens and buildings. It has a Shinto Shrine, a tiered pagoda, hot spring, and lively koi.
  2. Ryoanji - Rock garden based on a place in Kyoto. Nice, peaceful place to spend time at. Can you find all 15 rocks?
  3. Shinagawa - A Japanese style home based in the Heian Era. It is peaceful, beautiful, and a wonderful place to relax and unwind.
  4. Victorianna Castle - This place is just amazing. Its an architectural piece of art work. If you are into castles at all, Victorianna is definitely worth checking out.
  5. Silk Waters - Beautiful Asian styled snowy gardens with plenty of things to see.
  6. Star Trek Museum of Science - Yes, I love my Star Trek, so its only natural I'd seek out Trekkie-related goodness in SL. This place has all kinds of scientific explanations for all things Star Trek.
  7. Neko Gardens - Nice looking gardens with all kinds of poseballs everywhere! This isn't just for nekos either, so come check it out. There is also a club as well as an area for shopping.
  8. SL Botanical Gardens - Beautifully done garden sim filled with all kinds of nice things. Its a wonderful place to explore. Also, upon arrival, you will receive a great notecard that suggests great places to see while you are there.
  9. Straylight - A beautiful sim with sculpted trees and water. Its nice and jungle-ish. But, if you are looking for some poseballs to spend time with your loved one, you will not find them here. You will find some great photo opportunities though.
  10. MononoFu Dojo - While I don't know what this is used for, it does indeed have some great Asian-themed scenery to look at. I wonder if I should bring my katanas here next time to practice?
  11. Ben and Jerry's - Ok yes, I do have my weird side, and I found this place amusing. It is totally bright, cartoonish, and very childlike... but, I love it. There really isn't much to do here though, except marvel at the cute landscape and read about how they make their ice cream. Its just totally amusing.
  12. Clock Island - This place is amazing. Its beautifully built, with such surrealism that it is almost jaw dropping. The must amusing part is inside the hourglass, where there are little walking numbers running around. So adorable~ Though, I was kicked a few times by number 5. -_-
  13. Gallery of Reflexive Architecture - The prims in this place is really cool. If you get near any set of prims, they do something different. Like, emit sound, move away from you, or create a dome around you - its difficult to explain. Its totally fun here playing with these prims, and wondering how they work.
  14. Inari Shrine in Queqiao - Beautifully textured Inari shrine. Not only does it have nice uses of texturing, it also has a nice use of sculpted prims... and the place is just so beautifully well-built. Worth a look!

Hair, Eyes and Skins

  1. Calla - This is where I purchased my first hair, and they won my business forever.Their hair is the best quality. If you lack funds, you can camp for hair prizes right outside of the entrance. They also have prize chairs, which is really cool. Tons and tons of styles to choose from.
  2. GuRL 6 - When I walked into this store, I was completely overwhelmed by the number of hair they have! Definitely take your time and search through his place, they are sure to have what you are looking for.
  3. Kin - This is my newest obsession. Words can not describe how gorgeous this hair is. Most of the styles appear to have game and anime themes (such as Final Fantasy and even Death Note characters!). Oh, and did I mention they have amazing prices for this hair? At around $100L, you can walk away with a beautiful new hair style.
  4. ETD - I caught this place on one of their sales, and they had such amazing hair. They have everything ranging from updos to pig tails. I have several hairs from them, and I love each one.
  5. E's Handpainted Fantasy Eyes- The most amazing eyes I've seen on Second Life. Has a variety of colors, from bright blue to golds. They sell various styles, so there is sure to be on that you like. And for only $50L, its easy to pick up a few extra.
  6. PanJen - While this place has adorable clothing (I adore their hoodie!), their skins really stand out to me. They look nice, and are pretty well priced at $350L for a single skin. Or, you can do what I did and grab a skin from one of the 6 lucky chairs!
  7. Last Call - In my opinion, the best skins in SecondLife is sold here. I am totally in love with their Vogue line. Apparently, the Vogue line was discontinued, but they recently brought it back, YAY! Oh, and with certain skins, you also receive an awesome set of prim lashes as well.
  8. Pixel Deep - I wore a Pixel Deep skin for several months before I got a hold of my Last Call skin. I adored my Pixel Deep skin, and believed it was the best skin available at the time. The skins are located in the Vitamin Ci building on the Hefferoo Island.

Everything Shops

  1. Canimal - Great products ranging from skins to shirts. They sell accessories, clothing sets, and all kinds of things here. Don't forget to check out their discount area for awesome deals~
  2. Kalico Kreations - This is where I’ve been getting most of my accessories lately. They sell great belts, bracelets and necklaces. Looking for more just just accessories? They also sell clothes, hair and neko supplies.
  3. Curious Kitties - This place is more focused on clothing, but I adore their accessories here. I bought my favorite pair of legwarmers at this place.
  4. Magika - While I am not fond of their clothing here, I love their belts and legwarmers. They also sell hair, shoes, piercings, and all kinds of things.
  5. Gritty Kitty - The main shop of the awesome store, Gritty Kitty. This place has shirts, pants, sweaters, lots of accessories, and even hair (I love the hair here!).
  6. Goth1c0 - A great store for the gothic and punk styles, but their accessories is what keeps me coming back. Their necklaces are really incredible. Don't forget to look under the store (in the water) for some cheap goodies!


  1. Eolande’s - When I am not going neko, Eolande’s Accessory shop is a great place for everything else. They sell wonderful, flowery things for your hair. They are well priced, and the owner is really sweet.
  2. Whittentons - Probably the best place I’ve seen for formal jewelry. Whenever I wear something formal, I’m usually wearing something from here.
  3. Elexor Matador Jewelry - I bought the XOXO necklace set from them, and fell in love with their products. Very beautiful non-blinging jewelry.
  4. Earthtones - I bought a ton of jewelry here during a end of summer sale, and I love every bit of them! Has great formal jewelry as well as some great stuff for your casual wear.
  5. Bonita's Jewelry - I love this place for its own reason. Some of the jewelry here is so simple that they are absolutely adorable. I found lots of bangles and great beaded necklaces here.
  6. Second Mirage - Great looking jewelry, and best of all - she comes with a great new freebie every week!
  7. Caroline's Jewelry - Great accessories for any occasion. Some things are great for formal wear, while others are perfect for casual wear. And most are good for both occasions!
  8. Alienbear - I am totally in love with this place. They have gorgeous designs, and I adore their necklaces - however - most of the items are only available as a set of earrings and necklace. Which kinda sucks because I much prefer necklace and bracelet sets.


  1. Mischief - I love their skirts and most of their shirts. Very beautiful clothing.
  2. Nicky Ree Boutique - Probably the most gorgeous gowns I've ever seen in SecondLife. I do own a few of the evening gowns and love them to pieces. The thing I love most about her dresses is that they cover the heels I wear. I hate wearing a gown that only comes up to my ankles once I put my shoes on. Nicky Ree's gowns are awesome for that problem.
  3. Truth - They have a few women's clothing, but their men's clothing seems to be the best. I've bought mens shirts from here for myself, and I kid you not, they even look better on me than most my women's clothes. I love their clothing, even if it is mostly for men ^_~ Also don't forget to check out their awesome tattoo designs!
  4. Refuge - Awesome, original designs. I love the things that the creator behind Refuge comes up with. They are always so amazing and creative that they never disappoint me.
  5. Tuli - Adorable clothing. Not really the style I normally go for, but their clothes are just so cute, I can't resist them sometimes.


  1. SF Design - I went looking for a pair of loafers for a school girl outfit I had, and came across SF Design. I’m glad I did, because I also purchased a couple pairs of fuzzy boots from them as well! Beautiful, well made shoes. Not only is their shoes adorable, but they have awesome clothing as well.
  2. Shiny Things - They have the most amazing heels that I've seen... ever. When I purchase a new formal dress, Shiny Things is my first stop to look for matching shoes. They have never failed me yet.
  3. KCD - This place has amazing shoes. They have everything ranging from flip flops to ballet shoes.
  4. Samara Studios - I adore their shoes here. I bought a pair of clogs from them, and they look absolutely adorable with my favorite pair of leg warmers.
  5. iDeal Flagship Sky Boutique - Quality shoes. They don't seem to have very much of a selection, but the shoes that they do have are indeed some of the best looking I've seen.
  6. KK Outfitters - Lots of shoes for men as well as women.

Buddhism and Shintoism

  1. Skeptical Buddhists Sangha - They have meetings every Sunday, to talk and meditate. I join in these often. The people are nice, open minded, and extremely helpful.
  2. Heartwood Forest Monastery - I haven’t been to any of their meditation sessions, but they offer loads of information about Buddhism if you enter the building.
  3. Bodhi - Nice, peaceful island to meet fellow Buddhists, or just to do a bit of meditation.
  4. Shin Tao Haiku Retreat - Calming place for meditation, drinking tea, sightseeing, or reading haiku poems.

Neko Things

  1. Curious Relics - This is where I got my best set of neko ears. They are menu driven, so it makes it easy to personalize them. You can change the fur, colors, and patterns. Oh, and you can also chose the perking positions all by menu. I bought a tail to match the ears, but wasn’t too pleased with it as much as I was the ears.
  2. Jungle Voodoo - This place has neko ears and tails that are more visually appealing than the Curious Relics versions, but they come with fewer options. The color changing is not menu driven, but instead you have a ton of ears and tail objects in various colors. However, the perking options are included in the menu. But, once again, there isn’t very many positioning options as Curious Relics comes with.
  3. ElectroCatz - I bought a set of black neko ears from this place, and I love them to pieces. They are very cute, and they totally match my Ryuuzaki Black/Blonde hair from Kin. However - it seems like they don't make tails... yet. I would really love to get a matching tail for these ears, then I would wear them all the time.

Tattoos and Piercings

  1. Aitui - Yep, this is where I found my favorite upper body tattoo. They come in a variety of layers, to fit your needs (undershirt, top and jacket). I love their designs here, and their selection is almost too overwhelming to start looking!
  2. Mina's - Not as a good of selection as Aitui, and you only get one undershirt layer (Aitui, you get several layers), but its still a good place. They have a reasonable amount of free tattoos as well here.

Home and Garden

  1. JC Designs - When Bats and I got our house, we wanted a fire for the beach. Well, I searched everywhere for a good fire with logs and poseballs, and came across JC Designs. They have awesome tropical/tiki outdoor furniture. Definitely check them out if you ever want something for the beach.
  2. The Heart Garden - Amazing looking trees, shrubs and flowers. Bats got a few palm trees from here, and they look absolutely beautiful on our beach~ I've also purchased a tree with snow on it for my shop, and a cherry blossom tree for my studio. They have yet to disappoint me!
  3. Mike's Studio - I purchased a sculpted bean bag chair from this place, and it is wonderful. I love the sculpted furniture sold here, and best of all: its affordable!
  4. Skky Designs - Okay, I've purchased several things from this place, and the items never fail to disappoint me. The owner is really sweet as well.
  5. BLIP - Located on the same sim as Nicky Ree, you can easily go broke here. BLIP offers really affordable pre-fab housing for all sizes of land plots. I looked at them for our beach house, the shop, and decided to get a 8-prim house to use as my studio for only $50L! I think all their homes have lockable doors as well as tintable windows.


  1. Animation Warehouse - Loads of animation vendors in one area. Its really easy to spend an entire day walking around this place looking at everything. This is also where you can purchase a copy of the popular HUDDLES.
  2. Abranimations - I got my favorite animation override from this place. A little pricey on their AO's but, they are so worth it. I can't live without mine anymore. I've also purchased a few awesome solo dances from here as well. Everything is made so well~
  3. Bits & Bobs - Many poses you see around Second Life came from this place. Lots of dances, and couples animations are sold here.
  4. Reel Expression - Gorgeous modeling poses, as well as dances and animation overrides. I have 5 sets of various poses from Reel Expression, and I adore every one of them. They are copy/no trans which is cool, because you can put them in your HUDDLES as well as a modeling studio, AND keep a backup in your inventory.
  5. ComPOSEure - A place for modeling poses. It is advertised that you can get a set of 30-45 poses from around $600 - $800 Lindens. I purchased the "Supermodel" poses from here, and it was advertised as 45 poses, but I only seem to have gotten 25 poses. The poses were good, but be careful with this place.
  6. Body Talk - Some more modeling poses. Their pose viewer is really bad, and I kept getting frustrated with previewing poses, so I left. But, if you have the patience to deal with their previewer, definitely check them out.
  7. LostDog Designs - This place sells the most popular animation override I've ever seen (and that I HAD to own!). Its totally adorable with the stretching animation and all, but it has that annoying typing animation. Still, its so awesome, I can live with that. Also sold here are other animations as well as modeling poses.


  1. Hot Sax Club - There is a great, romantic beach with all kinds of poseballs here, as well as a club. Bats and I come here often to dance.
  2. Jades Jazz Lounge - This place is great - but only when people are not rezzing annoying vehicles and things over the dance floor, as well as spamming the chat. But still, Bats and I continue to frequent this place.
  3. Midsomer's Sunset Dance Terrace - Yeah, this is a great place to take that special someone to dance. With a variety of couples dance animations and an eternal sunset, this place is very romantic.
  4. Avilion Grove - This place was pretty, with a castle and everything, but the lag is horrible. It was difficult to walk, and our dance kept going out of sync. But still, nice place to visit if you can deal with the lag.
  5. Caribbean Breezes Jazz Club - Nice tropical setting. Romantic in its own way. Lag is pretty bad sometimes, but still worth a look.
  6. Sanctuary Rock - If couples dancing is not your thing, Sanctuary Rock is a good place to dance solo and listen to interesting rock music. To dance here, you click on one of the two circular contraptions on the building.
  7. Heavenly Rose Nightclub - Another club with mainly solo dancing. There is a few couples dances here, but the majority of the people dance alone. Dancing here is powered by the floor.
  8. Club Neko - Another solo dance club that really livens up at night, and is typically filled with really sweet neko females. Dance machine is the big ball above the floor.

Scripts and HUDs

  1. Script Thingies - Ged Larson's shop, where he sells the amazing products: LoopRez Deluxe and LinkRez.
  2. BlogHud - I use this little gadget all the time to post to my blog and Flickr account. There is a free version and they also sell a pro version for $900L. The pro version sends photos to the BlogHud website and also cross posts to external blogs.
  3. WetIkon - A little tool to make animation overrides a little easier. Just stick your animations in this gadget, and you are ready to go. I've never personally used this HUD, so I can not say how well it works.
  4. ZHAO - Another animation overrider. I have used a few animation overrides with this HUD, and I have to say that I am pleased with it.
  5. Babbler - Ever want to talk to someone in a different language? The Babbler will translate your conversation for you, so you can talk to people in different languages.
  6. HUDDLES - My obsession. I purchased the basic version, and I totally love it. I like to pose in front of various buildings for pictures, so I stuck some of my modeling poses in here, and model away! Its so easy, and I love this little gadget.

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