Let me start off by saying: I don't like clubs. I never found the purpose of them in my first life, nor second life. Thats why I rarely go to them. I find myself organizing inventory or picking at my nails. However, reading Alicia's posts about her Hump Day Parties, they always seemed so fun to me, and they always seem like they have so much fun. So, I decided to take the RL dog for a walk earlier than normal last night, so I can go to this week's party.

It was actually very fun! It didn't seem like a club event to me - it was more like... a gathering of friends. Even if I don't really "know" any of the attendees, I almost felt like they were friends of mine, because I read most of their blogs all the time XD

They all kept the conversation interesting, fun, and comical - For the first time in the year that I've been in SL, I actually had a genuinely great time. :D I felt like I was part of the conversation there (because most of the time - my chat gets overlooked and ignored in most places) - which is a huge thing to me.


I took like, 35 pics - only a few of which I will show here. If you would like to see the rest of them, I have posted them on my Flickr page, where you can find them in their own set here.


I was actaully darn proud of my costume. The theme was "Fetish Fun" and my take on it was something other than leather, whips and latex. I dressed as a Japanese school girl! I debated either a school girl, or a french maid, but this outfit looked so much cuter :D


The adorable Alicia, and Cen :D They were so fun, and definitely the life of the party. ^^ (And Alicia - that skin looks soooo good on you! :D)


Aisuru definitely had the same idea as me! I think we were the only school girls there though. XD And she looked so darn cute ^^


I did my fair share of fangirl squealing though. Especially when I seen Elusyve pop in. OMG, she looked so cool. :P


And Meara - Sorry I couldn't get a proper picture of her in her fetish-wear! I was only able to grab a picture of her right before she left to go fishing XD (BTW - I need to learn how to do that game - I wonder if there is some kind of information around....)

So, this was my first time at one of these party things... and would I go again? Definitely! Actually... I've already got my outfit planned out for next Wednesday :D :D