I asked to be part of the iheartsl.com community blog, and when I was invited to it, I had no idea what to write for my first post. I knew I wanted to post a picture of me on there, but I didn't know what to wear, or what to portray, or anything. Then one day, I stopped worrying about it, and just wore what I wanted, and picked a pose that was like me - goofy, amusing, and totally dorky. This is the picture I came up with:

Sai Pennell - iheartsl.com

Fitting, no? I am glad and pleased it came out well... at least I think so. So, yesterday, I posted my first, introductory post on iheartsl.com. You can read it here, if you are interested. :D

Also, I realized my profile picture was out of date. It was taken back when Bats had his Dante skin, and I had my Last Call skin... which was a long time. Both him and I have changed our skins since then, and I wanted a new picture. So, I dragged him into the sphere with me to get a new one! And, here is the result:

Bats and Sai

Because the profile picture space is so darn small, I only wanted the detail in our faces, rather than the upper body. So, there it is! I like it, and I think it shows us well. ^.^


Ok, I apologize - but I am going to rant here for a minute. Let me start out by saying: It shocks me sometimes with how greedy people can be.

I consider myself to by very generous to my group members, because I really enjoy the people who support me and Imperial Elegance. Most of them are sweet, adorable people who this blog entry is NOT about. But, there are a select few who do not remember their Freebie Etiquette. As a designer, it is frustrating and makes me want to pull my hair out.

I woke up this morning and checked my email as I always do. I was greeted by two emails from people stating they did not receive the gift I sent out to my group yesterday (a $100L gift card). I checked the time they were sent - 5 minutes from each other. Already dreading logging in to Second Life, I did anyway.

I immediately checked the Subscriber Kiosk backup file I made right before I sent the gift out and seen that their names were, indeed, on the backup file (right after another, at that). So, they SHOULD have received it. SL is wonky, so I was once again generous and resent it to both of them.

Right after they thanked me (right after another, as well), I was again prompted with yet *ANOTHER* person telling me they didn't receive it. I sent it to them once AGAIN, with the warning to be more careful with declining things, and I won't send another one again.

Maybe I'm just so irritated because they were gift cards? I have to say, I have *NEVER* received an IM stating a person has not received a previous freebie I sent out. But because I sent out a transferable gift card, I had THREE people tell me they didn't get it. And the day is not over, either.

At what point does one stop giving free things away? However, on a lighter side - Yesterday, shortly after I sent out the gift, I did receive an IM from my most favorite designer (I'll refrain from saying her name here, in case she doesn't want to be recognized), thanking me for my gift. I was shocked that someone I admired so much was at my shop at one time and pleased that she took time out of her day to have a conversation with me. It had completely made my day and I was smiling from ear to ear for the rest of the day.

As I said before, the majority of my group members are thoughtful, thankful people who inspire me to go on and give away more things. But there are a select few who make me get in such a foul mood that I even wonder why I give things away. I have learned a few things here though. It is up to me now, how I will go about this the next time it happens. ^^

I'll end saying: Thank you to the people who are thankful for my gifts - I will continue to work hard for all of you :D


Ok, I'm loving these little meme things that Alicia at Ch'Know? is putting on. This time: 5 Things in Second Life That I Can't Live Without!

  1. My AO. I use a Zhao II filled with almost every animation without head movement from Vista Animations. I love the Zhao, and love VA even more.
  2. My body light. I absolutely hate the horrid shadows that Second Life creates on the avatar, so I wear a body light. I used a combination of PixelSpa/RaC lights, but after reading Tymmerie's 5 things, I went out and got the Ayiki light. Definitely the best so far - can't live without it. And, omigosh - its free!
  3. Mystitool. Need I say anything more? This thing has it all - anti-griefing device, radar, TP History, flight assist... and so much more. One of the best purchases I've ever made. Seriously.
  4. My pose stand. A necessity for any person who wishes to make attachment editing much easier. You sit on it and it makes your avatar stand in the standard "T" position. I love that position much more easy to edit things than just with the "Edit Appearance" position like most pose stands have. If you would like a copy of my pose stand, send me an in-world notecard, and I'll drop it on you :D
  5. Tiny Empires. Yep, I play that addictive medieval game, and I can not live without it. Its fun, and a great thing to do while waiting for IMs to come in, or taking a tiny break from inventory organizing.
Since 5 was way to short to list all of my things I can't live without, Ill continue on:
  1. Prim Eyelashes. No matter how much I hate editing them, I do find them a necessary evil. I used to wear Lynnix lashes, but now I have switched to the Deviant lashes that came with a Vogue skin I purchased at Last Call (now found at Celestial Studios). I adore them to pieces.
  2. Tillie's Pose Stand. I've recently blogged this, and wasn't sure if I would like it. After using it for a few weeks, I have fallen in love with it. I did have an issue with the HUD moving itself back to default position, but Tillie was kind enough to tell me she is working on it for the next update ^^
  3. The Photosphere. OMG, this thing has made picture taking easy, and its such an ingenious creation.


Clothing Fair - 4 Sims!

OMG, the RFL Clothing Fair ended last night! I was lucky enough to get in there right when they opened last week - and braved the lag without my AO or prim attachments. It was a blast walking through the 4 season-themed sims. The horrible lag didn't even phase me as I gawked at all the stunning creations all the designers made for raising money for cancer. It was amazing, and I'm glad I was able to attend. :D

I went back a total of 4 times, to gather more items and take some pictures - and each time, I found something new I had to have. I am very happy with what I purchased, and I have many new favorite clothing items now ^^ I took quite a few pictures of some of my favorite shops/good builds on my flickr page that you can check out, if you'd like.

Store Card Vendor

Next - Store card update! I've finally finished the design of the kiosk, but unfortunately - the animation vendors really needed to be replaced. I love my current vendors, and I hoped I could make them work with the new store cards, but nope. Seems to be a no-go. I did modify the card compatible one to make it look the same, but I'm just not fond of how it works. I much prefer my notecard driven ones. Anyway - so there is the new card system, and the new animation vendor. I plan on testing them tomorrow, and hopefully drop them in the shop that night ^^


Imperial Elegance - Store Cards

Check out what I just bought! This will be the next thing to hit Imperial Elegance: Store Cards! Yay~ I'm so excited. I've had this idea in my head for a while, I'm just glad I finally got to see it happen. :D

The documentation for this... is very intimidating. OMG, its like a novel. However, after skimming through it, it seems extremely detailed. And, personally, I'd like novel documentation rather than none. O.o So, I will spend this week getting it ready, and going over the instructions.

One thing that I know will change - is the appearance of these. The card design will remain the same, but the kiosk thing, where you purchase the card - that will change. That will also be on my list of things to complete this week. ^^

But still, I am very excited about this system. The creator was helpful and professional when I wanted to purchase it, and didn't push me at all when I was just in the inquiry stage. I was quite impressed. ^^


As the Imperial Elegance sale comes to a close, I want to thank all of my customers who shared interest in it, purchased items, told their friends about it, congratulated me, and supported the successful move. Because I don't want to get all sappy and weird on the IE blog, I will do it here - because I know many customers read this blog as well.

When I first started SL, I looked at designers with envy, wondering how they can even afford a 512sq. meter plot of land. It seemed to be a dream that I would never be able to reach. However, I worked hard, attempting to reach that dream, and I am absolutely thrilled that I was able to gain ownership of a 2240 sq. meter piece of land (Thank you, Bats!). I do owe everything I have accomplished to the amazing customers that come into my shop, and my partner, Bats - who both inspire me to create, and try new things.

It really never occurred to me just how many people come to Imperial Elegance, and how many actually enjoy the things I put out - until I did this sale. I am sincerely grateful to you all, and I promise to keep working on putting out freebies and better items for you. *wipes tears away*

That said, once I re-price the vendors back to normal tonight, I will be going to bed - to prepare for a massively awesome day tomorrow. What happens, you ask?! OMG, two of the most amazing events happen tomorrow! ONE: The RFL Clothing Fair!!! *squees* zomg, I can not wait! TWO: OMG, the Sparkle Skye treasure hunt!!! I can not wait for this either - but... I hope the items are not too well hidden... because I do not do well with hunts, and I lose patience quickly. TT_TT


Ok, I'm going to rant about two things here for a second. Sorry if I offend anyone, but I'm just really irritated. Maybe I've been working on the new shop too much - I don't really know.

  1. People advertising their "new fashion blog" in Fashion Emergency. Like, omg. Get it added to Fashion Planet, like everyone else does, and people will come if they feel like it. Its not right to do some lame self-promotion in a chat channel. Its always like: "Hey! I started a new fashion blog! Come see it! [insert link here]" Irritating. Then, whats worse - a phrase like this usually follows: "If you want me to review anything, please send them to me!" Yah. Whatever. As a designer, things like that turn me off to their blog. If you advertise your blog in FE and beg for review copies, you sure as hell are not going to get my page hit, nor review copies of any of products. Also, as a blogger - I would like people to send me copies because they are readers of mine, like my blog style, and genuinely want me to blog them. I will never pathetically beg for copies like that, and I am irritated that other people have no shame.
  2. This one is a little more minor to the other one, but it still drives me nuts. DESIGNERS: PUT THE SLURL TO YOUR STORE IN YOUR BLOG POSTS! There is nothing more annoying than reading a blog post on Fashion Planet, really loving the product they are advertising, and not seeing a SLURL where I can go get it. I get incredibly frustrated, and because I'm lazy, I refuse to open my search box and search the shop name. So, I do not go to their shop, and I know several other people who do the same. Seriously though, designers - you need to make it easier for us shoppers to come to you.
Ok, I think I am done with my rant for the day. On a happier note, almost everything is completed for the new shop opening that is happening tomorrow!

IE - Done!

FashCon/Group notecards are made - ready to be sent out, group freebies have been made, lucky chair is ready to be put in, ads up - waiting to be priced... omg, I'm totally excited about it. :D I put tons of work into this, and I'm glad to finally see it all coming together. My last sale at Imperial Elegance failed horribly, so I am anxious to see how this will play out.


I've decided to hold a sale at Imperial Elegance for when it opens in its bigger shop. I am excited - the last time I had a sale was back in like, September... and it flopped miserably. But I'm totally ready to try again!


I made these late last night, one to go in the shop, announcing the sale for people who arrive, and the other to go into the older shop, giving a LM to those who touch it. ^^ I'll even be putting the new releases on sale. Crazy? Probably. I spent this morning repricing copies of the notecards for the pose vendors, so all poses will be only $25L each ^^ I've already made ads for Wednesday's release, so I can focus my energy on moving all the vendors to the new space this weekend. This madness will start Wednesday the 12th, and go on until the end of the weekend. :D


I spent last night toying with some design ideas with Bats for the new shop. He told me that with the brown and blue tones, it has an outdoor, park-ish feel. He suggested putting in a tree. But because the sakura I had in my inventory was too giant and distracting, that wouldn't work. So, we headed to the Heart Garden Centre and checked things out. I picked up a few flowers (I wanted to stay with a blue/yellow flower theme). I think the planter turned out nice, and I believe this will be the final layout of the new shop.

Bats wanted me to have a giant party for the opening of the new shop, but I was totally against it. He is very social, so those types of things appeal to him... but I have zero social skills, and am quite terrified of people.... so I'd have been miserable if I was to put on a party. So, 50% off sale it was! Gives me something to be excited about doing, as well as something to give back to the great customers who have supported me. ^^


After complaining to my partner, Bats, about how small my shop is getting, he got tired of listening to me and bought me a bigger shop in Glenn! This one is still in the same sim as where Imperial Elegance is located, but just down the street, and twice as big! O_O I've been eyeing it for a while, because my current space is running out of floor room. (I never thought I'd run out of space before I ran out of prims!)

Imperial Elegance - 03.05.2008

So, last night after he logged off, I spent a lot of time trying to think of how I want to organize it. I think I came up with something, and started playing with it. This was how it looked last night before I went to bed. Uneven plywood all over the place! I wanted to get a basic idea of the layout and just how many prims would be necessary for the floors and walls.

Imperial Elegance - 03.06.2008

When I woke up this morning, I immediately tped back to the shop and worked on it a bit more. Looks a bit better, no? I evened the flooring, textured it all, and got the general layout worked out. OMG, the little gadget called the "Prim.Docker" was my best friend through all this. It aligned the prims perfectly, and even aligned the textures! Saved me from lots of giant swearing fits. O.o

New releases will go on the highest platform, poses will go on the lower platforms, and couples poses will go on the rack looking thing behind my head. Oh, and the other randomness I sell with go along the side walls, behind the rack-y thing.

Imperial Elegance - Lucky Chair

In addition to all that....! I am also putting in a lucky chair. This still needs work, and the prizes aren't even ready yet, but its coming along well ^^ I personally love the quality lucky chairs (not the BIAB crap ones), because it gives me an opportunity to get great things while being semi-productive. Its much better than sitting at the kotatsu in my skybox organizing - I get so bored doing that. I plan on giving my group members the prizes (a silver and a gold chain link necklace) that will go into this chair next week via Subscriber Kiosk, after that, the only way you would be able to get them is through the chair :D

ZOMG, speaking of my skybox. For those who read my blog often, you know I set up a skybox workspace above Bats' and my house several weeks ago. I do all my photography here, jewelry making, changing, and afk-ing (and I literally never log off, so I am in it ALL the time). Anyway, I was browsing SLX while SL was running in the background... when I came back to SL, I had noticed two people on radar, 13 meters away from me, 695 meters above our house. WTF?

Seriously, something like this has never happened before, so I was freaking out, wondering what was going on. I cammed out, and seen a man and a woman just hovering outside my skybox. O.o I tped out of my skybox, to the roof of it, and they both flew off. O.o Still curious, I did some investigating around the land on the sim.... to find they purchased land 1 parcel over from Bats and I last week. -.- I swear, if they continue peeping in my box, there will be a problem.

It took everything I had not to IM one of them and ask, "Did you read the covenant before you bought that land?" Because the covenant clearly states: No flying up to other resident's private rooms in the sky. !! Morons. -.-

Umm... ok, I guess thats my rant for the day. I am also considering having a 50% everything (well, minus new releases) sale at Imperial Elegance to celebrate the move to a bigger space. ^^ I'm just so excited to have the space, there is still tons to be done - moving vendors, making new signs, changing landmarks..... *sigh*


I've been tagged by ! Yay~ O.o So, here we go:

Meme Rules:

  1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
  2. Open the book to page 123.
  3. Find the fifth sentence.
  4. Post the next three sentences.
  5. Tag five people.
Hmm.... ok, from the latest book I'm reading, Rain Fall by Berry Eisler:

He was clawing ineffectually at his damaged throat, silent except for some clicking from his tongue and teeth. He started to stamp his left foot on the ground and contort his torso in what I recognized as the beginning of panic, the body moving of its own primitive accord to get air through the broken trachea and into the convulsing lungs. I knew it would take about thirty seconds for him to asphyxiate.

O.o;;; Umm... yeah. It sounds a little morbid from that... but its actually a good book! Anyway, this is the part where I break the rules. Since I am terrible at tagging and thinking of people from the top of my tiny head, I'm only going to tag my partner - Bats Mertel. If anyone else would like to do this - go on ahead ^^

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