Bats asked me to do a picture for his Picks portion of his profile, so I dressed up in my most favorite outfit and started snapping pictures in the Photosphere. I took several shots, with a few of my favorite skins, but this picture is definitely my favorite.

I took the image, then edited it a bit in Photoshop. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I smoothed my skin out, sharpened my lips and eyes, and made the whites of the eyes a little whiter. I really enjoy editing pictures like this - sometimes I wish he would ask me for more pictures. O.o


O.O Whoa, where I have I been lately?! Well, lets see here. I've been struggling to get RL and SL Christmas shopping done, and frankly, I haven't even felt like building anything in SL. I've been going around from various shops daily to grab their free items each day (Ivalde, Second Mirage, Wrong, Reaction, among several others), and believe it or not, its very exhausting on the brain. Afterwards, I'm constantly thinking: "Did I grab the freebie from [insert shop name here]?". However, the most time consuming thing I am doing right now involves this thine here:

What is it, you ask? Its the Fashionista Filing Cabinet. Also known as the Fashionista Closet, but the closet was 10 prims, while this little thing was only 2. So, what does it do? Simple answer, but very complicated and time consuming process: It holds inventory items. You take pictures of your copyable items, put them in boxes, put a image of the outfit on the box, and store the box in the cabinet. My process is:
  1. Put clothing items on.
  2. Take pictures of it in the photosphere (repeat these two steps several times for several different outfits).
  3. Open Photoshop.
  4. Resize each image to 256x256.
  5. Put 16 of them on a 1024x1024 image.
  6. Upload to SL.
  7. Put clothing items in box.
  8. Retexture box and fiddle with texture settings until I see the image of the item in the box.
  9. Take box into inventory.
  10. Put in cabinet.
  11. Repeat.
I tell you, its a nightmare. Especially when I have over 20,000 items... this kills me. However - I have come across some interesting transferable items that I don't want anymore. I am thinking of either visiting a newbie sim and handing them out to new residents - or just attending a inventory swap. I am not social at all for any of these type of things. Both would be a terrible challenge for me, and I'll probably end up just keeping all my items. T_T

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