So, I've been living in Harajukubox Town for a little over 10 days, and as of last night, my mailbox name still hasn't been changed. And~ when I went to pay an extra week of rent to my rental box, the cost for my extra prims hadn't been added to my total. I was frustrated, and suddenly set on moving out.

I started looking for home rentals and found a beautiful home, had its own island, 1000 prims, $2800L/week ... omg - it was amazing. And decided: if my mailbox isn't fixed by the end of the week, I was moving out.

So, this morning when I woke up, I immediately IM'ed the person who I rented at Hbox Town from about the prims, and they immediately fixed it. Ok, that made me a tad bit happier. I logged off for a while, then when I logged back on, I noticed someone on my mini-map, right outside my front door.

I cammed outside to see one of the sim admins (the person who fixed my rental box, and gave me the house tour) .... omg - as a guy. I swear this person was a female before. Shortly after, the other two admins came flying by, landing at my house. OMG, they were there to fix my mailbox! :D :D And! To make things even more awesome..... they were 3 handsome guys. *faints*

And omg - they were the most comical bunch I have ever seen in SL. from pushing each other around, to walking through prims... it was funny XD

Now, I know what you must be thinking: "OMG, calm down - its just a mailbox!" Hmm... no, not really. I found the mailboxes to be the cutest, most personable thing these homes offer. When walking through a normal residential sim, its usually "Oh, thats a house, and thats another house." Well, in Harajukubox Town, is like "Oh, Sai lives there, and so-and-so lives there". So, it becomes more of someone's home with a personality, rather than just 'another house'. With someone else's name on my mailbox, it was more like - "oh so-and-so lives there".... when, well.... they don't. I do. And it began to make me feel like I was living in someone else's home. Which is a feeling I dislike. Or perhaps I am thinking too much into it?

Either way - I got my mailbox fixed, and now with all the bugs worked out and squashed - I am loving this place once again :D


And because I don't want to give you just a wall of text without anything else to look at, here is a picture with my fixed mailbox! I'm sure you can't see it, and probably don't care - but I'm excited about it. I can finally say: "Dis ish meh home!" :D