I have been trying to work on a couch for months. I originally wanted it for my Vancouver home because I couldn't find one I liked - but got frustrated and ended up buying one from The Loft. Its been sitting in my workspace skybox for months, just taking up space. With the new build down, I thought I'd try the furniture thing again to make my own personalized sitting area for it.


I originally started out with this, but I feared it was... well... to big. I asked in the Ch'Know group if anyone wanted to check it out for me, and tell me what they thought, and sent a copy to them. And, well.. yeah, it was too big. So, I made it smaller, went to pillow talk to grab a few full perm animations, and finished the couch. I asked if anyone of the Ch'Know group wanted the finished version, and sent it out to those who asked ^^


However, I came across a serious problem: once I started making them, I had so much fun, and couldn't stop! O.O;;; I found some really amazing textures for these, and I think they really make the couch look great. I am actually really impressed with myself for making these :D They look sooo cute! ^^


I even made a sofa, a chair, a table and a rug to match :D I think I will be selling these in sets - for like $500L or so. I bought a furniture rezzer/vendor thing a while ago, which I need to figure out how to use.

Oh. and best of all: this has *NO* ugly poseballs! I managed to find a free sitting helper script at the Rez-Faux place that is absolutely amazing. You put a script in the cushion you want to be the sit target, rezz a ball and put your animation in it, position the ball to the place you want to sit, click the cushion, copy and paste script, put in cushion and you are done. :D Sounds complicated - but omg, its totally not. I think more people should use this script to get rid of the poseball things, to make their furniture look cleaner. (and why not? Its FREE!)

Of course - since it has no poseballs - I will most likely be making these no mod, because you really don't need to edit and position poses. And, because I hate transfer furniture - these will be copy. :D

I'm extremely excited about them, and hope to do more furniture in the future. (The lack of quality furniture stores in SL makes a decorating Sai very sad. -.-) I also think that I will be making matching lamps, end tables, and a vase with roses for the coffee table ^^ It looks like an overwhelming mess right now, but I think it will turn out well in the end.