I bought the Rez-Faux system. Quite dumb really, considering I only need it once. I wanted to make dropping IE down easier when the time came, without losing pieces along the way. I searched around for a cheaper script system that does the same purpose... but came up empty handed.


This thing had the longest damn instruction notecard ever. -.- I don't think it could have been shorter and less complicated... but I hate reading instructions, and this was just insane. But - still, I think I have packaged my little store correctly... we will see in a few days (or maybe weeks? O.o;;) BTW, that is a new pose that is coming shortly :D

The notecard said they were going to have this sim change completed by the end of the month, but its already the 28th, and nothing much has been done to Glenn. However. I did take a glide around the surrounding sims, and it appears like the ugliness has already started.


Seriously. WTF IS THAT?! More importantly.... Why isn't there even a BUILDING?! *seethes* I don't even know what the hell those things were - looked like some rotating planets or something. -.-


Exhibit number 2. Anyone sensing a trend? -.- Put a freaking building on you land, people! I think no building at all is much uglier than some 89 story, neon purple monstrosity. -.- *fumes*

I think I am in a bad mood today. Maybe I should go back to bed.