How long has it been since my last profile photo? Too long? I thought so. I decided to play around and take some photos today, this one turned out fantastic, I think. Therefore, new profile photo! I love this hair, by the way.


In some real life news, it appears that it's becoming official: I'll be moving across the country to move in with the RL Jeffry in early January. 5 months. The long-distance thing can really difficult at times, and really taxing on the relationship. We both decided that it is time to get a place in RL together, so it is really exciting that we are actually going ahead now. :)


I find myself in the real life, knitting a lot more than I used to be. I've taken a liking to knitting socks lately, once I start one, I get on a mission to finish it and I don't think about much else. But, once in a while, I log in to SL and do something.


Usually, I do a little hunt - most recently, the Seasons Hunt, and I intend to do the Poupee Hunt (I always want to seem to want to pronounce it Poopie Hunt, I have no idea how to say Poupee). My husband and I do a date night in SL every Sunday, which is great because it feels good to go back to the time we were in SL all the time together.

I've been working on texturing a couple pieces of furniture from sculpt maps I purchased. It's fun, though I wish I had more of a sense of home style to work with. But oh well. I enjoy it.


I think about fashion blogging often. However, I don't shop much anymore, and I'm not in SL enough to really spend hours dressing up like I used to do.


But, I still love taking photos of myself. It is fun. :)


I never blogged about these guys, but I figured better late than never, right? Around St. Patrick's Day, my husband bought me a pair of Leprecats. They are adorable, I was whining that I wanted one for days, and I guess he finally got tired of listening to me. A late welcome to my Arthas and Jaina. :)


Also, both pairs have been past breeding age, and are now producing baby kitten boxesg, which is really exciting. I haven't gotten any fancy KittyCatS yet, but the excitement of waiting for them to breed is really great.


Oops. I forgot to mention that my second skybox was finished and put up on the Second Life Marketplace for purchase. This one has 2 rooms, for whatever purpose you want to use them for (I intended one to be a study, the other to be a living room), a kitchen/dining room area, a small patio, and a bedroom.

[ImpEle] The Abana

This skybox is pink and a little girly, but perfect for spring. I think it turned out pretty cute. I put sculpted doors and windows in this one, and my standard arches. I love doorway arches. I can't get enough of them.

And yes, I did turn on shadows to take these photos, they don't have that super-fancy baked lighting stuff. If you want to buy the skybox, it's here for a simple $40L. :)


You know it was only a matter of time. I love breedables in Second Life, so when these KittyCatS came out, I really, honestly, tried to resist them. As more and more bloggers showed photos of their kitties they were breeding, I wanted them even more. A couple days ago, I took myself to the KittyCatS store, and purchased a pair of kittens.

Sylvanas and Thrall

Meet Thrall and Sylvanas. They are so cute, I love them. They run around, play with butterflies, stick their tongues out, and clean their faces. It's adorable. I am logging in more often, going to check on them and end up standing in the house watching them. Yes, they are really that cute.


I really enjoy building. I like to get out a piece of paper, draw out a basic floor plan, label where windows, arches and doors will go, and then watch it come to life as I build it with prims. I love the small accomplishments that I do while building - the feeling of finishing the building, then the texturing, then the overall good feeling when I'm looking at the boxed up package. It's fantastic. That's probably why I'm building so much lately.


This skybox, I'm calling "The Abana". Will have a study, living room, small space for a washer and dryer, a large bedroom, a large joined kitchen / dining room space, and a cute little patio. I've just finished texturing it today, I'm currently working on scripting the doors, then I get to box it. I'm thinking, it should be up on the marketplace by tomorrow evening. I'm excited for it. :)

And yes, it is pink.


I've been spending a little more time in SL! I had kind of a realization once I brought myself back to SL - I am much too skinny. Really, did I really exist almost 4 years looking like this? So, I made the decision to put a little weight on. I had a little advice from a few people on Plurk, which really helped. I'm always nervous to edit my shape, I'm really bad with proportions (that's also probably why I could never draw very well).

Gaining Weight

I have to say, I'm quite pleased with it. It's probably not much of a difference to most people, but it is a huge difference to me. I am much happier with my shape, and I love it. I think eventually, I want to go a little larger, but for right now, I need to acclimate myself to the new shape.

After I took the Before and After photo though, I did notch my height down a little bit, so that was good.


I actually started created something again! No, not poses, but a prefab! Jeffry and I moved out of our parcel on Bluebonnet, we aren't in SL together much to really justify such a large chunk of land anymore... So, we got a smaller piece of land, and we needed a new house.

I couldn't find a prefab I really liked - so I made my own. I've been working on it on and off for the past couple weeks, and I finally finished it. I wasn't really intending to put it up for sale, but I was pleased with how it came out, so I thought I would share it. It's called "The Halona", and if you want to check it out, you can find it on the marketplace here. (By the way, it's only $40L!)

Also, in other news, I took the time last weekend to actually put my [ImpEle] poses on the marketplace. Because I don't have an in-world store anymore for people to try out the poses, they are super cheap! Only about $15L per pose pack. And yes, the free animation overrides are back.

But other than that, I have been switching back and forth between World of Warcraft and Second Life. Sometimes I can't decide which of the two I want to do, so I find myself logged into both at once, flipping back and forth. I'm skilled like that. Yep.


Hi there! My name is Sai, and this is (was?) my blog. I am still around, yes. In the past couple months, I've dealt with many things that has kept me away. I've had a death in the family a couple months ago, and he was very important to me. But he had major health problems, so his passing was coming closer, and we knew it. A couple weeks after he passed, we had to move from one apartment to smaller place. Then another family member got ill and was hospitalized. Now, I'm finding myself with health issues that need to be corrected ASAP. So, it's been crazy.

fri.day Varsity

With my crazy RL, my reasons for SL is changing. I closed [ImpEle], which has been my baby ever since I learned how to set something for sale in SL. My husband rarely logs in anymore, due to computer issues, but I'm still trying to find something to bring back the excitement in SL again. I took on building for now - building prefabs and houses is fun, it's keeping me logging in normally again. I even logged in over the weekend to do the Seasons Hunt, which was pretty amazing, being in SL for a extended period of time.

So, guys. I'm trying to come back, really, I am. I'm not going to say that I'm back yet - but I'm trying. :)

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