You know it was only a matter of time. I love breedables in Second Life, so when these KittyCatS came out, I really, honestly, tried to resist them. As more and more bloggers showed photos of their kitties they were breeding, I wanted them even more. A couple days ago, I took myself to the KittyCatS store, and purchased a pair of kittens.

Sylvanas and Thrall

Meet Thrall and Sylvanas. They are so cute, I love them. They run around, play with butterflies, stick their tongues out, and clean their faces. It's adorable. I am logging in more often, going to check on them and end up standing in the house watching them. Yes, they are really that cute.


I really enjoy building. I like to get out a piece of paper, draw out a basic floor plan, label where windows, arches and doors will go, and then watch it come to life as I build it with prims. I love the small accomplishments that I do while building - the feeling of finishing the building, then the texturing, then the overall good feeling when I'm looking at the boxed up package. It's fantastic. That's probably why I'm building so much lately.


This skybox, I'm calling "The Abana". Will have a study, living room, small space for a washer and dryer, a large bedroom, a large joined kitchen / dining room space, and a cute little patio. I've just finished texturing it today, I'm currently working on scripting the doors, then I get to box it. I'm thinking, it should be up on the marketplace by tomorrow evening. I'm excited for it. :)

And yes, it is pink.


I've been spending a little more time in SL! I had kind of a realization once I brought myself back to SL - I am much too skinny. Really, did I really exist almost 4 years looking like this? So, I made the decision to put a little weight on. I had a little advice from a few people on Plurk, which really helped. I'm always nervous to edit my shape, I'm really bad with proportions (that's also probably why I could never draw very well).

Gaining Weight

I have to say, I'm quite pleased with it. It's probably not much of a difference to most people, but it is a huge difference to me. I am much happier with my shape, and I love it. I think eventually, I want to go a little larger, but for right now, I need to acclimate myself to the new shape.

After I took the Before and After photo though, I did notch my height down a little bit, so that was good.

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