Last week was my 3rd rezday.

Happy Late Rezday to Me

I can't believe its been 3 years already.


Hello! I'm alive, really. First to thank those who commented about my last post, gave me kind words in-world, and those who let me know I even got onto NWN about it. I had no idea my story would interest many people, but apparently it has even got the attention of a RL documentary. :P

Jeffry left California over a month ago, and things are much easier now. Life has somewhat returned to normal, and although I do miss him all the time, I'm not overly emotional and crying at every thought as I was right after he left. I am even able to watch a silly little video of him I took from my phone without crying too, which is great. My trip for July is coming together, and I'm really excited. He's looking at hotels around him, and I'm buying my plane ticket this coming Friday. I've never been out of California before, or ever been on plane... I'm incredibly nervous about the plane, but really still excited about seeing him again.

It's sometimes difficult to know what to call Jeffry here on the blog or plurk anymore. Is he my fiance? My husband? We are engaged in RL, married in SL, so sometimes the distinction isn't as easy as it would seem. With him, I call him my fiance on the phone, or texting, but when we both are logged in to SL, he changes to husband. But talking about him to other people via plurk and blog, its more difficult to label him as fiance or husband. It seems I just label him as "SL husband/RL fiance" when I don't know what to call him. xD

Coming Back

As for my SL and my blogs, I'm continuing to push myself back into SL, and continue blogging, making poses (I even have a new pose set in the works!), but lately I feel so out of touch with people, friends, fashion, blogging.... the SL world moves so fast, if you are away for a week, you miss everything. I keep wanting to blog more, but I can't really find anything of interest to blog. I spend most of my time on a pose stand lately, on a mission to completely organize my inventory. I haven't organized my inventory in over 2 years, I've found so many things I've bought, and totally forgot about. xD

But anyway, for those who are wondering - I am well, happy, and things are going wonderful for me. I love my SL, my WoW world, my life, and my fiance. Honestly, can life get any better?

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