So, 2 months ago, if you had asked me to change skins, I would have laughed and took it as a joke. I rarely change skins. I go through stages, only really updating my skin when something better comes out. I normally stay with only one skin for several months. However, I just changed my skin late last month.

I was doing a little organizing of my inventory, when I came across a folder from a popular skin store, with a group gift in it. I put it on - omg, LOVE. It makes me look more mature, more sexy, but still cute at the same time. I love it, and the body is soooo well done, with a bit of shininess to it too. And the boob shading. OMG, its perfect.


I think the skin is sooo Sai. And this HAIR. I love it, and I haven't taken it off since I bought it. I warned Jeffry that I might never take it off. I've been trying to get Jeffry and I into Octoberville, but it's been full, and I can never seem to TP there, so I have decided I will not change clothes until we go visit Octoberville together. XD Its the perfect outfit to run around a fall inspired sim in.


I've been playing around with Picnik too - its so great, you can upload a photo and do photoshop-like things to it, like add grain, tint, add blurs, soften the photo and all. I couldn't help not editing one of these photos, and I think it came out really interesting. Photo taken in our home, edited totally by Picnik (Go try it, its awesome!).


Its been a while, and yes, I still live! I've been getting a few curious IM's, notecards and such, with people asking if I am ok. Yes, I am. I've been dealing with RL, an Aion addiction, and a sudden illness that came over a close family member.

But, I've been moving into a new apartment, and settling into life there - which has been a bit of a challenge. I've pretty much gotten everything unpacked, and finally put my shelves and curtains up over the weekend. All I have left is to unload my books onto my shelves. :D I contemplated blogging about the new apartment for a while, even had a whole post written, but then deleted it. I decided that I don't want force my RL onto people. Instead, if people have interest, they can check out the Apartment flickr set I've created. :D

I've been slowly getting back the swing of SL. Jeffry and I gave up our sim, found new land, with the worst neighbors ever. But, its home, and affordable for the amount of time we are in SL lately. I did a new release for [ImpEle], the first one in about 2 months. I've been spending more time in SL, I actually went shopping this morning, and Jeffry bought a new bedroom set for us on Friday, and we watched a silly movie together on our beautiful new Loft bed.

As I said above, Jeffry and I got new land, and I plopped my old Pixel Mode house down. It fits the land really well, with some modding. The rooms are perfect for what we need - Jasmine's room, living room, foyer, kitchen, dining room and bedroom. The house isn't entirely done yet, so I'll hold off on posting pictures of the whole house. The husband doesn't really like to change houses often, so there's really no hurry to finish it.


But, I did decorate it for Halloween. I'm not fond of Halloween at all, in fact ... I believe its one of the worst holiday's ever, but I do like to decorate for the seasons, and I love these pumpkins too much to not use. And, they work well for Thanksgiving too. :D


The one thing I've always hated about this Pixel Mode house - is the textures. Or, lack of. The walls are flat, blinding white. So, I took some time to retexture every room... and am very happy with the result. I looooove aligning textures, and doing this house was so fun. Add in some m.fox accents, and some furniture picked up at the fri.day sale - you've got a win room. xD

OMG Exile Hair :O

And, I need to say something about this hair. I LOVE IT. Seriously. It's the Southern Belle from Exile, and I don't think I'm ever going to take it off. Ever. It's the first thing that I've actually left the house in search of in several weeks. I haven't really wanted anything lately, but when I seen this hair... I NEEDED.

After I grabbed this hair, I actually spent some time doing the Pieces of You hunt to grab that beautiful Evie's Closet gown... So, I'm returning little by little. ^^

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