So, I have come to the realization that this craptastic thing with Glenn will be happening by the end of this month, at the latest - so I needed to get it done and finished. I rolled several ideas around in my head for countless hours, and I think I have come up with a reasonable, interesting prefab, and workable idea.

I started by rezzing a tiny prefab (by Barnesworth, and was originally 20m by 20m) on top of my land to get an idea of the size, and because my land was 4 times the size of one of them, I rezzed 4 in total, in a cute little square. It was ugly sitting on top of IE. Because I didn't want it directly above IE (omg - eww), I moved it 700 meters into the sky so I can work and edit it while I wait for the land conversions. I really don't want to wake up one morning and find my building absolutely gone - so I want to get something ready in advance so all I have to do is drop it down.

And actually.... I think I am pretty proud of the way it came out. In case you haven't noticed, when I have a vision and finally decide to do it, I work pretty fast. I actually become obsessed with finishing it as quick as possible. (I also get tunnel vision during this time - where I completely focus on finishing and IMs get ignored... so if you IM'ed me yesterday/last night, I apologize! I was in obsessive-mode!)


So, here is the semi-finished outline of it. I did change a few things, but the frame is still the same. So, there will be a bottom level and a top level - the bottom half will be down below ground, like a basement of sorts. I plan on putting non-poses down there, and keeping the poses on the top floor. Possibly putting couple's poses on the bottom floor as well. I dunno.


I am not sure what I can put in the windows just yet... but I think I will put a little sitting area or something in between the two door openings. :D

Even though I have found my alternative to this annoying change, I am still very ticked off about it. I think I will wait it out for a few weeks, see how things progress with the changes.... and then decide if I want to stay or leave. Luckily - people are only allowed to terraform *below* their store, so I won't have to worry about horrendous mountains or something. XD I am glad I had enough prims for an entire additional 205+ prim store build above IE, because I would have been extra pissed if customers had to see this mess I had putting 4 prefabricated stores together (thank you Barnesworth, for Mod/Copy prefabs!!!!).

*Sigh* But, I am glad it is done, and now I don't have to worry so much. Now all I can do is wait for an IM from Azure so I know when I can drop this down, and finish my layout.

[EDITED to Say] Sorry if this turns out to be a "I hate" rant post, but I'll be better tomorrow once I get some sleep :D