BBBC day 4 is: Where do you go to shop when you just need some retail therapy? Do you suffer from buyers remorse later? What is the most expensive thing in your inventory?

I am terrible with shopping. I usually get in a foul mood and need to shop.... anywhere. I will go out to my favorite stores like, Armidi, Illusions, Baiastice, PixelDolls, ETD, or Truth and buy pretty much random things without thinking. On a normal day, I'll see something I like, and mull it around it my head, thinking: "Do I really need that? What would I wear it to? When would I ever wear it? What would I wear with it?" And ultimately, talk myself out of it.

However. When I go on my bad-mood shopping sprees, I'll just buy stuff I don't really want... just to buy it. And, as you can imagine, when I come to my shopping senses a few hours later.... I feel like total crap that I bought all this stuff that I will never wear. So, I either find myself boxing it up or deleting it while crying at my $L balance.

Lately my bad-mood sprees have been at furniture stores. I recently moved in SL (yet again! - look for a upcoming blog about it), and most of my furniture wouldn't fit in my new, smaller home. I've been buying furniture, only to find that I didn't like how it looked.... so I've had to keep buying and buying and buying to find a living room set that I liked. I still haven't found one. TT_TT It sucks, and I might even have to think about having a SL furniture yard sale for all these extra housewares I have now. -.-

Anyway. I've had quite a few expensive purchases, most probably no where near as pricey as what other people bought. The most expensive thing I have is definitely the Alienbear Miss SL Universe jewelry set, ringing in at $6000L. I have several limited edtition jewelry and gowns that cost at least $2000L or more... but that item is definitely the most expensive thing. I also have a few in-world sculptie makers that were around $3000L each, and a in-world pose maker that was $5000L. I also have two RaC skin sets that I purchased for $4000L each set (back when they forced you to buy a fatpack). I swear, if SL burps on one of those items.... I will be having a serious chat with the lindens.