Recently, Misty and I went on our fall vacation! Well, it was a winter wonderland in fall, anyway. We invited a family friend (who is pretty much family anyway), Liiani to come on vacation with us, as well! It was fun, we had such a great time! We didn't do nearly as much as I wanted to though, as Liiani had work some days, and I had RL obligations to tend to for several of the days. But, it was still a successful vacation! (This will be a image-heavy post, as I'm going to dump the week's worth of photos here!)

Naturally, we have to pack up! The three of us got our stuff together, packed up the car and away we went! We had to have warm blankets, heaters, and lots of pillows, because where we were going, I had heard it was going to be COLD!

[SRB] Pennell's Winter Wonderland Vacation - Packing

Once we got there, I made sure the kids were bundled up, everyone had long sleeves on, and we went exploring! Of course, once we were done, we had to stop and pose for a photo. They look tired after our explore adventure, don't they?

[SRB] Pennell's Winter Wonderland Vacation - Arrival

We also settled in the cabin for a movie night! I had put on Finding Dory for us, and we all really enjoyed it! It was great to bundle in the cabin on a winter day with a movie!

[SRB] Pennell's Winter Wonderland Vacation - Movie Night

Next activity on the list... snowman building! The best part of snow, is being able to play in it! There's no better way to play in snow than building a snowman, for sure!

[SRB] Pennell's Winter Wonderland Vacation - Building a Snowman

Of course, I definitely cherished my time with my favorite family member, my adorable daughter. I snapped this photo, and this is probably my most favorite of us right now! It came out so great, I knew it was going to be perfect even before I took it into Photoshop.

[SRB] Pennell's Winter Wonderland Vacation - Relaxing

What's a winter wonderland vacation without being able to stay in the cabin in your PJ's? To me, there's nothing better than spending time with loved ones, in your pajamas.

[SRB] Pennell's Winter Wonderland Vacation - Inside the Cabin

I had a lot of fun, and I was even more glad to hear that Liiani and Misty had fun as well. We're already looking forward to our next vacation together!


Halloween is quickly approaching us! Misty and I have been chugging away at a lot of the fun and scary events in SL lately! We did the Halloween Tour last week, watched the Nightmare before Christmas, and last night, we did the Trick or Treat Neighborhood! It's been fun!

I've also signed our house up to participate in the [free bird] Live Trick or Treating. I really enjoyed the House to House trick or treating last year, and I really hoped something similar would go on this year! This one seems more involved, as you have to be online and at your house when the trick or treaters come knocking. We're signed up for the 9-11 slot, so it should be awesome!

We dressed up as witches for this Halloween, and I think we look pretty adorable, if you ask me! (Well, Misty looks adorable, I look.... I dunno). So, here's our official Halloween photo!

[SRB] Halloween Dress Up

I did decide to start putting the poses I make for her and I on the marketplace, so if you're interested in purchasing this pose for you and your family, you can grab it here, for $10L. It even comes with mirrors!


For a little while now, I've been curious about making SL Youtube videos. Pretty much as soon as Alicia started doing it. It seems super-fun! I have been really wanting to do it as well. So, for the past 2 weeks or so, I've been prepping to do it. I've cleaned my inventory, ordered this super-fancy microphone, and a doodad called a phantom power supply to go with it. Finally, I had the hardware, the clean inventory, and gathered up the courage to do my first SL video!

It's just a basic video about my history in SL, Kind of introducing myself to the YouTube world. I hope you enjoy!


In my opinion, fall is the best time of the year! The gorgeous colors, the smells, the crisp air, but best of all, all the foods laced with pumpkin spice! I love the fall season sooo much! And, recently, we've been getting ready for our fall family photos.

[SRB] Fall Photo - Misty & Sai

First, I did one with just Misty and I. We had a visitor who was around exploring the sim we live on during this photo, and she came over to have a chat with us! Making friends everywhere we go!

[SRB] Official Fall Family Photo

And this, our official family photo. while Jeffry doesn't log in much anymore (other to buy me $Ls), he's still part of the family. So, he was forced to sit for a photo with us.

They both turned out so beautifully, I'm so proud of my amazing family, who sits so patient during making poses, taking photos and holds smiles for what seems like forever. Well, except Jeffry, who's head makes him perma-mad.


It's been about 2 weeks now since I had asked Misty to be my daughter. Things are still going really, really wonderfully! I really found the connection with a child that I've been really striving for. She's much like a little compact version of myself. Very much my child, in many different ways. LOL!

[SRB] Misty & Sai - Exploring

When I first met her, I mentioned that I have many photo frames in my house that needs to be filled up. Well, Misty and I seem to have taken up the challenge to fill all those empty frames up. Of course, though.... I know we have a lifetime together to take ALL the photos together!

[SRB] Misty & Sai - Movie Watching

We've been doing all kinds of things, from exploring, shopping, PaleoQuest (even if we do get frustrated at it), to even watching more movies! Some days, it feels like I haven't only known her for three weeks, it feels like so much longer.

This one, I'm keeping forever, no matter what happens.


Over the course of about three months, I have had a panel up at Heritage. I've been really wanting to adopt a child, and it's been a heartbreaking process. It was the same the first time we adopted, but for some reason, it seemed harder this time. I have been on trials with great children, and met several more. Although it didn't work out with them, I still hoped for the best for them. I had decided, that once this last panel expired, I wasn't going to put up another one.

[SRB] Sai and Misty - Summer 2016

One night, I was standing at Heritage, when I was IM'ed by a special little girl. I felt that her and I instantly had a connection, which is what I really needed with a little girl. For the next week, we spent more and more time together. We killed zombies, watched a movie, went to Arcade yard sales, and I made her move in my house with me. Pretty much right away, I knew I wanted this adorable girl to be my child. I struggled to not call her my daughter during the trial, to try to hold off asking her to be my family!

[SRB] Sai and Misty - Adoption Photo

When I finally asked her, she said yes with no hesitation! I was so excited! So yesterday, she became my daughter, and a Pennell. Compared to other trials I have had, I've known her a short while, but it already feels like I've known her forever already, in a good way, of course! She changed the way I live my Secondlife already, in just the matter of a week. I wouldn't have it any other way! I adore my new daughter, and hope she sticks around with me for the rest of my SL existence!


Geez! Has it really been so long since my last blog post? Sometimes, I swear I forget I even have a blog! Anyway, a couple of months ago, I actually moved to a sim that I LOVE. It's a small, cozy, family sim that really just has one extended family living on it. I consider myself very, very lucky to have been chosen to live among them. Of course, as soon as I saw the opportunity to live there, I jumped on it. However, I never really posted about it, I'm not sure why. Even in my last blog post, where we are packing to go to Greece, I took the photo there. I didn't even mention it, oops!

While I have been living there, I haven't really put much effort into making it 'home' though. I had a house, furniture, and a little bit of landscaping, but eh. I was growing bored with the house, and decided to get a new one. Once I plopped the new house on the land, I really made an effort into making it feel like a place I will feel proud of. After all, I love living on this sim, I should show it!

I spent all weekend trying to figure out what I want to do with it, adding furniture, buying new furniture, landscaping it.... It's been rough! But, I finally got a result I am in love with!

[SRB] Coal Valley - 01

The front of the house. It's peaceful, happy, and looks like it belongs in a postcard, I think. LOL! I love the front of this house, cause of the front deck. I chose this house for fall, because of the decking. I LOVE to decorate for the seasons, and this will make a fantastic place for fall pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, and all the adorable Halloween things! I'm so hoping that the House To House Trick or Treating happens again, I loved it so much last year!

[SRB] Coal Valley - 02

The back of the house! I have a little pond area, and off to the left side of the photo is a little cinema/movie area. I do need to find some outdoor seating for it that I like, so that's a work in progress right now. Also, the upstairs deck is a work in progress as well, as I need even more outdoor seating up there! (Why are they so difficult to find?)

But, all in all, not bad! I'm really proud of it!

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