Hi there! My name is Sai, and this is (was?) my blog. I am still around, yes. In the past couple months, I've dealt with many things that has kept me away. I've had a death in the family a couple months ago, and he was very important to me. But he had major health problems, so his passing was coming closer, and we knew it. A couple weeks after he passed, we had to move from one apartment to smaller place. Then another family member got ill and was hospitalized. Now, I'm finding myself with health issues that need to be corrected ASAP. So, it's been crazy.

fri.day Varsity

With my crazy RL, my reasons for SL is changing. I closed [ImpEle], which has been my baby ever since I learned how to set something for sale in SL. My husband rarely logs in anymore, due to computer issues, but I'm still trying to find something to bring back the excitement in SL again. I took on building for now - building prefabs and houses is fun, it's keeping me logging in normally again. I even logged in over the weekend to do the Seasons Hunt, which was pretty amazing, being in SL for a extended period of time.

So, guys. I'm trying to come back, really, I am. I'm not going to say that I'm back yet - but I'm trying. :)