Recently, Misty and I went on our fall vacation! Well, it was a winter wonderland in fall, anyway. We invited a family friend (who is pretty much family anyway), Liiani to come on vacation with us, as well! It was fun, we had such a great time! We didn't do nearly as much as I wanted to though, as Liiani had work some days, and I had RL obligations to tend to for several of the days. But, it was still a successful vacation! (This will be a image-heavy post, as I'm going to dump the week's worth of photos here!)

Naturally, we have to pack up! The three of us got our stuff together, packed up the car and away we went! We had to have warm blankets, heaters, and lots of pillows, because where we were going, I had heard it was going to be COLD!

[SRB] Pennell's Winter Wonderland Vacation - Packing

Once we got there, I made sure the kids were bundled up, everyone had long sleeves on, and we went exploring! Of course, once we were done, we had to stop and pose for a photo. They look tired after our explore adventure, don't they?

[SRB] Pennell's Winter Wonderland Vacation - Arrival

We also settled in the cabin for a movie night! I had put on Finding Dory for us, and we all really enjoyed it! It was great to bundle in the cabin on a winter day with a movie!

[SRB] Pennell's Winter Wonderland Vacation - Movie Night

Next activity on the list... snowman building! The best part of snow, is being able to play in it! There's no better way to play in snow than building a snowman, for sure!

[SRB] Pennell's Winter Wonderland Vacation - Building a Snowman

Of course, I definitely cherished my time with my favorite family member, my adorable daughter. I snapped this photo, and this is probably my most favorite of us right now! It came out so great, I knew it was going to be perfect even before I took it into Photoshop.

[SRB] Pennell's Winter Wonderland Vacation - Relaxing

What's a winter wonderland vacation without being able to stay in the cabin in your PJ's? To me, there's nothing better than spending time with loved ones, in your pajamas.

[SRB] Pennell's Winter Wonderland Vacation - Inside the Cabin

I had a lot of fun, and I was even more glad to hear that Liiani and Misty had fun as well. We're already looking forward to our next vacation together!